The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 / Innkeeper / Jang Hyuk

There seems to have been a lot of confusion about the name of this new show staring Jang Hyuk. It has at one time or another been called The Inn, God of Trade and The Innkeeper. Here on Viki it is The Innkeeper but according to KBS, they are calling it The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.

Scheduled to start 9/30 after The Assembly.

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Oh WOW am I looking forward to this one? ABSOLUTLY!!!

It won’t play on the channel yet but the first teaser is out"

Instagram: Jang Hyuk: ajincome

Looking forward to this!

For more pics and discussion go to Soompi!

Well,it won’t be long now. It looks like this drama will attract more people back to the sageuks as it isn’t all about kings and royal family infighting. All of the teasers and lots of pics and info about the filming can be found on Soompi.

The license is in! Only for The Americas but at least for QCs worldwide.

1 week!

The license has been expanded. Now licensed for The Americas, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Finland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran … and QCs worldwide.

Only 2 more days!

There is so much great information on the Soompi site … discussions, pics, videos…장사의-신-객주-2015-premieres-sep-23/?page=2#comment-19220928

We could use few more Ko-En translators. Please get in touch!


This one has been extended to 41 episodes.

We cold still use a little more help on the Ko-En translation. Don’t worry if you En i perfect or not … that’s why we have En editors.

Oh thank you for that information I hadn’t realised they extended it. Can’t see why they’d need to. I wish I could volunteer but alas I’m dependent on others with that ability.