The most iconic side characters that stole the show?!

What are some of your favorite side characters that stole the show for you? They don’t necessarily need to be someone “good” either! Ghosts, animals, and other creatures are welcome. :wink:

I’ll start by mentioning certified-fairy Namgoong (Go Woo Jin) from “Light on Me.” He was such a pure-hearted friend and a goofball. He really knew everything about everyone like he wrote the drama himself, lol.

I also can’t forget my favorite resurrected girl, Richie (Lee Se Young), in “A Korean Odyssey.” I just loved her and how she unintentionally became someone the character’s cared for, despite being dead.


The kids playing the young leads in the drama Come and Hug Me. All of them were good, but I was especially impressed with Nam Da Reum (who is no longer a child and completed his military service last year)