The problem is talking about it

Out of mind, out of sight goes a super famous expression. And it is famous for a reason: Everyone uses it. Why? Because we want to enjoy things and not feel guilty about it. We want to watch dramas. But we do not want to know that the actors are not being paid well or at all. We want to shake our posteriors on TikTok to the tune of a catchy Kpop song. But we do not want to know that the singers and dancers of that song were thrown out by their agency like yesterday’s trash. Because then we would have to confront the harsh reality that is staring at us dead in the eye. And these things exist solely to do the opposite, do they not?

So what do we do? Well, I personally wanted to talk about the numerous issues that plague the Kpop and Kdrama industry. I wanted to talk about other things too… Anyway, it was an experiment in futility. I had failed to see the point: Only what << I >> do matters. I can be complacent. Or I can make a difference. So from now on I am only going to support the shows and songs and products and governments and countries and you name it that actually give a damn! And so should you. And so should the Volunteers who are wasting their time on trashy dramas that VIKI keeps dumping. You deserve better, although I will admit that their line-up has improved.

PS: This is my final talking about problems that are not problems if you ignore them post. I will reply here and there. But I have other places that require my attention (my brother has hooked me up with a NX account :sweat_smile:).


But how do you decide, whether a show/song/movie/company is okay, worth your support? I think there aren’t many things without problematic parts, if there are at all.
Not criticising, just curious.
It would be great to make a world better place, it just isn’t realistic, that’s what I think.


Of course, I don’t know what the situation is in Korea and the media… I find it hard to imagine someone not getting paid for their work… When a company goes bust, clearly That it will be difficult to get your money… :thinking:
In my opinion, an actor wants and wants to be seen, Only this way he becomes famous, And can do something about low-paying jobs…
Of course, the actors have to be good, too… That’s just the way it is…
Therefore, the saying also fits :
One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow…
It is an uphill battle…
I guess it’s sad who loses out too :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s alright. I’m glad you asked. Umm… I don’t know, either. For instance, I love a certain idol. But I hate the agency that manages them. Supporting my favourite idol means supporting that company too. Fortunately, lots of artists have broken free and are working solo or with friends. But many are still trapped. And it’s not just South Korea. Daniel Dae Kim, the famous Lost actor, was also discriminated against, being paid less just because of his Asian roots. If the United States of America can’t control this evil, who can?

Ultimately, we as individuals just have to make an educated choice and support the companies and people that actually care. As the famous line goes, “Vote with your wallet.” I would also add, “Vote with your head and heart too.”