The Refreshing Look of Kim Yoo-Jung

I have watching been watching Love In the Moonlight here in Viki and have suddenly struck on Kim Yoo-Jung’s refreshing face as a Laneige beauty ambassador. She has been absent from the K-Drama scenes for quite some time now. I have heard about the news that she have to temporarily stop acting due to her illness. Kim was diagnosed and suffering from hypothyroidism. Does anybody know how she was doing?

I’m excited to hear that she was now preparing for a come back drama series soon with another favorite actor Ji Chang Wook of the famed Empress Ki and Suspicious Partner TV series…


She’s my favorite young actress and I always noticed that she looked very tired and sad so when I heard she was sick i was so worried but thankfully that explained what i saw all along *(her obvious tiredness and sadness). This

Found on time this condition improves with hormonal pills, and she might not need to take it for long (praying she recovers soon and don’t need medicine for life). I have a cousin who suffers from that and after years of treatment she no longer needs to be on meds. Ironically, those hormone treatments can be dangerous too.

I will be praying for her but I hope she’s more careful and takes regular check ups from now on. Have you seen ‘‘because I love you’’ and her masterpiece work MAY QUEEN? I admire/loved her acting mainly bc of May Queen in the first episodes as a child which was the best part of the drama after ‘‘the grown up’’ actress take over it goes downhill…

Kim Yoo Jung Announces Hiatus After Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism

Kim Yoo Jung In Talks For Upcoming Drama From “The Fiery Priest” PD (I didn’t see her in that drama so I’m assuming she’s still not doing well) Prayers for her please, join me:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

I am curious, that was 2 years ago, so is there an update??

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@frustratedwriter This one is from January 25,2020

Oops! wrong actress my bad…:slight_smile:

ok got it, thanks. she is cute sure wsh the best for he

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Sorry…:frowning: I got the wrong link bc this actress (Kim So Hyun) was a while back sick too, and had to take a break also. They were both born in the same year and acted together in ‘‘Moon Embracing the Sun’’ Did you see that one?

As a matter of fact, Kim So Hyun as far as I know was ONLY suffering from exhaustion and had to take a break unlike Kim Yoo Jung, who was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism that needs medical treatment and i haven’t seen her in new dramas (correct me if I’m wrong) while Kim So Hyun lll, just needed some rest.

Child Actress Kim So Hyun Ill, Cancels Two Days of Filming

“After finishing filming for the current SBS drama ‘ [The Strange Housekeeper] , she became ill continues the agency representative. “It seems like the condition is an accumulation of fatigue due. We’ve decided that she won’t attend her schedules today and tomorrow.”
I started watching her new drama: ‘‘The Tale from Nokdu.’’ Check it out it’s a really good one! She’s very spunky here too. I like that in her acting. I hope we see Kim Yoo Jung in dramas again.