The Return of Superman 😍


Share your feelings about the Kshow Return of Superman!
How would you describe each child or your favorite child from the show?
What was the funniest scene from your pov? The cutest scene?
What did you learn from Tros?
& much more!! Just share whatever on Tros, your opinion on the last episodes, some clips, funny/cute pictures, last news that you want to share with us!

TROS channel on Viki:

Instagram (I think it is their official insta (photos posted by relatives / authorized by parents, correct me or share with us other accounts!):

:cherry_blossom: Lee Dong Gook family :cherry_blossom: Daebak, Sua, Seola, Jeah, Jessie

:boy: :girl: Daebak, Sua, Seola: jeshia2 (the most updated account)
:information_desk_person: Daughter Jessie Lee: model_jessie
:information_desk_person:Daughter Jeah Lee : tennis_jeah
:person_with_blond_hair: Father Lee Dong Gook: dglee20
:woman: Mother Lee Soo Jin: sian_family

:cherry_blossom: Lee Hwi Jae family :cherry_blossom: Seoeon, Seojun

:man: Father Lee Hwi Jae: leeyoungjae51
:woman: Mother Moon Jung Won: moonjungwon
[I don’t know whose account it is]: moondonghwan2

:cherry_blossom: Ki Tae Young family :cherry_blossom: Rohui

:person_with_blond_hair: Father Ki Tae Young: kitaeyoung
:woman: Mother Eugene: eugene810303

:cherry_blossom: Park Bum Soo family :cherry_blossom: Soeul, Daeul

:person_with_blond_hair: Father Bum Soo: bumsoo_official
:woman: Mother Yoon Jin Lee: yoonj.lee

:cherry_blossom: Sam Hammington family :cherry_blossom: William

:baby: Baby William: williamhammington
Father Sam Hammington: samhammington

:cherry_blossom:Ko Ji Yong family:cherry_blossom: Seungjae

Father Ko Ji Yong: ecojiyong
Mother Heo Yang Im: yangimhur

**Instagram of former families:**

:cherry_blossom:Song Il Kook family :cherry_blossom: Daehan, Minguk, Manse

Father Song Il Kook: songilkook

:cherry_blossom: Choo Sung Hoon family :cherry_blossom: Sarang

Father Choo Sung Hoon: choo_sunghoon
Mother Shiho Yano: shiho_style

Tablo family
Uhm Tae Woong family

I’ll update for the next days!

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I watch this show every week; I just love kids too much.

(I love how Daebak is your profile picture. :wink:)


Minguk’s great. Yes I have a thing for 2nd sons…


Manse manse manse! I miss this little mischievous baby. He’s a big boy now though… :frowning:

Ko Seung Jae is a recent fave.

And I love the twins Seo Eon and Seo Jun too.

I have a thing for mischievous kids! Hahaha


The Return of Superman is my favorite show.
I watch every episode at least 3 times, sometimes even more depending on the episode.
I learnt so many things while watching this show.
I am in love with Daebak and his sisters and I also like your profile pic’. :wink:

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When the triplets were part of the show, Minguk was my fav too ! He’s so gentle ! His cheeks O.O

Haha I see : ) Miss Manse too and when he was with Sarang, love story in the air xd
Seung Jae is so full of life ! He’s really social too for his age, I’m impressed !

3 times ! Are you sure you don’t want to translate in French this show ? Xd
I like to rewatch special moments of Tros on YT, the mini episodes : )

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Looool @piranna You definitely know how to tempt me. ^:^
To be honest, I thought about it once, but I would hate haunting the subbing team as a ghost… :joy:
Oh, I juste realized you have changed your profile picture. The new one is cute, but I loved the previous one. #Daebakisthecutest

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Hey Vee!

Lol, no worries, I think I counted more than 1 year for the team to be up to date if we subtitle 1 episode per week because subtitling one episode is really long, lol even one part! 2,000 subtitles & sometimes more! :laughing:
(You know, even 1 part when you have time, I think it’s okay, because we are not in a hurry like on-air dramas and to complete subtitles, it will take probably take more than 1 year, so each contribution counts on this channel, so yes, welcoming helping hands here and only Viki is providing subtitles for French audience! :slight_smile:)
But of course, just jump in the boat if you’re willing lol, I don’t want to force anyone, just showing you that I think it will be still okay :slight_smile:

Daebaaak’s smile always makes me smile, he’s so genuine and a nice baby! Yes, he’s really thoughtful with others for his age! I have a soft heart for children XD
I’m always changing pics because I like to feel at home or relaxed on Viki and some pictures, visuals have these effects on me :grin:

I love the triplets and Sarang the most…the triplets were very intelligent, adorable and hilarious…Loved Sarang and her father since he was so big and strong but he was really a teddy bear when it came to his daughter and she is adorable and can eat a ton of food

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