The review's system must be improved!

Since many years and especially in the last month’s the viewer misuse the review as if it’s something new. I REALLY hate to flag every few hours (after refreshing the page the flag icon is grey as if I didn’t flag it) if I am the channel manager or even a mod. :sweat:

Also new channels are having reviews even BEFORE it aired so the review is no longer credible and also (in the most cases) unreliable because some people abuse this system if they dont like a actor/actress to vent their anger or just because they an age gap (which is really stupid) or even bc they don’t like the story. That’s why I want to have a change here, I really do. I hope that all channel managers are able to delete any review’s who aren’t related to the story. If possible all mods would be able to flag the review and it saves this for 2 weeks or smth like that so the viki staff have enough time to check this. I really hope the you guys could take this to your heart, because the review system really need to change.

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(I am sorry if someone opened the same topic :sweat_smile:)


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