The rise of Korean webdrama and shorter kdrama?

Maybe it’s just me but I noticed that there are more and more Korean webdrama and other short kdrama such as “How to be thirty”, “Must you go?”, “Replay” on Viki.

Did webdrama really become more popular in Korea and is on the rise? Or is it just Viki licensing more webdrama and shorter kdrama?

What do you think of this ‘new trend’?


I did notice that there has been a gradual shift from 20 to 16 to 12 or less episodes for K-dramas, and waaaaaaaay too many web or idol dramas that are less than 30 minutes per episode on Viki. I don’t think that web dramas are necessarily on the rise in Korea. I don’t see any of these short web dramas on NF, or Amazon. I think that Viki is just responding to the demands of its viewers. Personally, there are very few dramas that interest me on Viki anymore.

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I think that Viki is desperate for any Korean content because, between KW and NF, there is a great scarcity. So it has to make do with old films, web dramas and about anything available. Often of very low quality, with idols trying acting for the first time with usually disastrous results.
It’s sad, my heart goes out to them because I know they are with their back to the wall, but as a viewer I feel very disappointed.


Maybe that’s why indeed. Maybe the others are not interested in webdrama so Viki does license them. I also noticed quite a few are containing the boys love theme. Nothing wrong with that but maybe the bigger companies have no interest in that kind of drama.

And yes I’m not a fan of webdrama, some are cute but most are lacking in a good storyline due the lack of time. And for the ones I did like I’m annoyed it’s so short and not finished. Like then it suddenly ends and you are like but what happened to that situation or that side story?!