The Segmenter101 Project

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As some of you may have noticed or not,
But it was decided by the Viki Team, to archive The Segmenter101 Project Channel. So we have moved over to our Secondary channel here:


Thank you for this post! Since the link to Segmenting 101 in the Community Resources category ( is not working (“Oops! Page not found!”) because it’s probably still for the archived channel it took me a long time to find the other one (Seg 101 + other helpful links) & to be able to tell it’s part of the offical Segmenting 101 project. Also I noticed the registration is (still) on hold and I was wondering if there was any information about when (or if?) people will be able to register again as many of us are looking forward to the re-opening. I just couldn’t really find an answer to that question neither on The Segmenter 101 website, nor on the Seg101Viki Facebook Page nor in the Discussions on Viki. I really hope you can help.


The Segmenter101 Project website:

The segmenter101 Project Registration:


Wow! This must be a popular course. Message says not recruiting due to an overwhelming overflow of applicants. It looks like I will need to wait…

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~ Welcome ~

Check out the current contributors page for the current status.

Are you looking to join the Viki contribution community but do not know where to start? You have come to the right place!! Please note, you should always receive permission from the Channel Manager (segmenters) or appropriate language Moderator (subtitlers) prior to working on a project.

First, a brief explanation of the contribution roles available for new contributors:

Segmenters – Time-setters who set the foundation for subtitles to be inserted into the channels (pages) on Viki. You do not need to know more than one language to segment on Viki.

To segment in channels as a newcomer, we encourage you to first sign-up to complete a segmenting course on Ninja Academy or teach yourself to segment using their informative guide. We also have a video on our VikiU page.



Thank you very much for pointing me in the right spot. Yes, I would like to become a contributor without knowing where to start. I have started episode 1 of the ninja academy so I see how I go. What an exciting hobby, I look forward to being apart of this industry of volunteers :heart:

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Segmenter101 is not active anymore. Nowadays, we only have the Ninja Academy (NSSA). You need to graduate from there to be accepted as a segmenter on shows.

Just watching the videos is not enough. You need to do the entire course, existing of the “Sandbox” (introduction) plus 5 levels, each with a different sensei (teacher), and then the final exams. There are waitlists before and in between so the whole process will take quite a while, months or even a year. But once you are graduated, you are a qualified segmenter and you can work on dramas and movies.
You can apply for the NSSA here: Ninja Academy Segmenting Student Application Form


Understood. Thank you for including the link. I’ve enrolled and have started reading the guide. I appreciate your knowledge.

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