The Segmenter101 Project

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may have noticed or not,
But it was decided by the Viki Team, to archive The Segmenter101 Project Channel. So we have moved over to our Secondary channel here:


Thank you for this post! Since the link to Segmenting 101 in the Community Resources category ( is not working (“Oops! Page not found!”) because it’s probably still for the archived channel it took me a long time to find the other one (Seg 101 + other helpful links) & to be able to tell it’s part of the offical Segmenting 101 project. Also I noticed the registration is (still) on hold and I was wondering if there was any information about when (or if?) people will be able to register again as many of us are looking forward to the re-opening. I just couldn’t really find an answer to that question neither on The Segmenter 101 website, nor on the Seg101Viki Facebook Page nor in the Discussions on Viki. I really hope you can help.


The Segmenter101 Project website:

The segmenter101 Project Registration: