The South Korean Entertainment Industry Needs To Either Shape Up Or Ship Out



I knew Night of Hate Comments was going to be her death sentence.

Her facial expression was filled with pain, and when she laughed it was a laughter of wanting to cry and run away but you see someone controlling her every move as she looks to the front away from the camera.

They don’t use an audience in this shows that can be supportive, and can applaud and voice encouraging words also. The ones surrounding her were just as rude in their comments towards her.

A Psychology Professor said this show was a dangerous decision she made but I believe they FORCED her to do it. How? She was a weak child with no support so she basically had no control of her decision making.

Jimmy Kimmel: has a show about hate comments to actress/actor since 2017 but the audience laugh, applaud when the actor/actress insult the one who send them the message and that’s a way to let go of that insult by insulting them back. In the case of Sulli’s show even the male actor’s choked up or got teary eye when they read the hate comment. This show needed to include good comments not just hate comments. The whole idea of this show was absurd.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to be kind and forgiving with each other, both online and offline. Also, Yes, I also wish someone had taken her away from all the craziness, to a safe place where she could properly heal.


It did. At the end of each episode, everyone also had the chance to read genuinely good and positive comments about themselves. Please watch the first episode @53:08
This is why I never suspected anything, simply enjoying the show for what it was.


I really don’t want to see that show ever again, and I hope they cancel it forever. People like Sulli and I include myself, no matter how much they may praise us, we only remember the bad things they said about us, and we just ‘‘dwell’’ on the pain of that comment.

If you analyze this well, 7 or less minutes of praise after 50 something minutes of criticism and even other ppl. reading hate comments also, would never make up for the damage it was doing to her already broken soul.


Exactly! Sulli, for instance, started out as a child actress at the of 11. She didn’t know anything else. This was her entire Universe. Sadly, it was also a cold and uncaring Universe that ultimately led to her own demise.



When I first found out about what happened, I was suspecting murder framed as suicide. Her death seemed too out of the blue.

I thought the same thing since strangulation by hand and hanging themselves can be easily disguised. I feel they need to investigate her death more, and the autopsy results should be made public, but knowing that culture where everything is full of shame: ‘‘I know they can brush everything under the rugs.’’

This statement she made during one of those intro with staff of her ‘‘new movie’’ Maggie sounded very eerie and suspicious. I guess she read the script and knew something was off, too bad she wasn’t the type to voice things more openly/CLEAR like she should have done.

While sharing her thoughts after watching the film, Sulli shared during the talk, *“I’m the type of person to trust other people easily. But these days, the world is a place where it’s difficult to trust anyone. As someone who trusts others easily, after watching this film, I thought that maybe being more suspicious of others is the right thing to do.”

SBS’s ‘Night of TV Entertainment’ reveals footage of Sulli’s last press event before her passing



On the October 15 broadcast of SBS 's ’ Night of TV Entertainment ', the program discussed the sudden and shocking passing of singer/actress Sulli back on October 14.

According to ‘Night of TV Entertainment’, Sulli was seen attending a ’ Film Society Talk ’ event approximately 9 days before her passing, on October 5. During the event, Sulli appeared as a guest along with other film industry figures in order to discuss the film ’ Maggie ’ with audiences.



You’re probably right that this show was the last drop to tragedy.

When I saw the show’s banner at first on VIKI I thought it’s a satiric parody but then I read it is about real people and incidents so I never watched it.

Did she die at home by strangulation? It then depends how she did it if it is fake or not.

I know some people in real life who have family/friends that died by that too.

There was once a case with a judge who died by that (it was so odd the judge wanted to do something against foreign youth gang criminals and suddenly she commited suicide in the woods and it was said she was depressive, she also had 2 young kids…)

The question is why should someone kill a K-idol? And if she was killed it’s a different situation (not wanted by herself).


adrianmorales; go to facebook, I put something there, of what we are discussing, my sister even said something!I would have loved to cut & paste, but with this computer, not able to.


In my country this is called child exploitation and abuse. With or without the parents’ consent.


So you don’t have child actors or musicians in your country?


We do have, but they don’t live like inmates in forced labour camps that supposedly train them on how to become K-idols.

Child labour is heavily regulated and even if the parents consent, the law forbits them from passing their parental/guardian rights to agencies or companies, as it is allowed to happen in S.Korea.

The minimum years of obligatory education are 12 and so even the most well known of the child actors or musicians are obliged to attend their school every day and work only if their parents’ consent and only if their parents’ are present, for maximum 4 hours only during their free time, usually on weekends.

Something that is not, as it seems, the case in SK .

I’m not impressed at all that young artists like Sulli and other like her are somehow trapped by their agencies without having alternatives to get employed somewhere else. Neither that they feel isolated by the time that are not allowed to be in contact with their parents and friends, date and even go out without the consent of their agent.



It’s a normal ‘‘grieving stage’’ process for me to think that something else must’ve happened to the person that died. In her case, she tried to commit suicide before, and was already showing thoughts of suicide by expressing through social media all her frustrations. She was even saying that she ‘‘was very tired’’ with her life and the pain of the never ending injustice towards her from the netizen, and her Agency/Agent.

She just got tired of feeling unhappy and seeing no way out of her unhappiness, so she chose the only exit that guaranteed that her demise would be highly effective: hanging. She already survived taking pills and cutting her veins.

I myself have known of other ppl that hanged themselves ( very commonly used in the old times in my country). I never knew of anyone surviving that, and if they did, it would be with severe brain damage, due to lack of oxygen in the brain. If they didn’t die from hanging, eventually they would die due to the consequences of their action that would eventually end up in them having a slower death.

We also have this belief in my country that ppl that commit suicide can’t go to heaven, but God forgives those who like Angel Sulli, had so many ppl surrounding her and tormenting her to the point of driving her to commit suicide. I know 100% that she’s in HEAVEN, and finally resting in peace.


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39 NIV)



BEAUTIFUL! just like you are, Adrian Morales. A beautiful soul with a good heart, that I know will help others with their pain through your beautiful short stories and poems. You will be that
beacon of light in their darkness. I will miss you the most from here. Thanks for sharing your work with me. I loved these so much;


By simply gazing at this colourful square, I feel as though I have already been there. On those cobbled stairs, I noticed a cute pair. The lovers were sharing sweet nothings without a single care. The young boy picked up a flower and put it in the girl’s hair. I tried not to stare. Oh, I remember the large fair. Many people had gathered in all the fun to share. The children were running around faster than a mare. I was also among them, enjoying a delicious eclair. The scent of Spring could be felt in the air. At night, the bright lights from the many fireworks filled up the square. I wish you could have been there. But do not despair. Just take a quick look at this colourful square, and you’ll soon be there, I do declare. :sparkler::sparkler::sparkler:


On a bright sunny day, during the warm month of May, I decided to leave the house and not be such an indoor mouse. “Everything is so pretty,” I would often remark, while I strolled through the flowery park. I sat on a bench and opened the book that I took to improve my French. Delicately, a little bird alighted on the dew-soaked grass. I made no sudden moves, so it could freely pass. It jumped from blade to blade, looking for food, I naturally assumed. I turned to my book and my reading I resumed. The little bird unexpectedly looked at me. I pretended I did not see. I had no food, no water to give. The little bird would just have to leave. “Well met!” said the little bird in a manner so concise. I simply stood there, frozen like a block of ice. Was I imagining this? Was there something amiss? I could see the little bird, but how could I hear its each and every word? Then it continued: “For you, I have a story.” I gathered there was nothing to worry. “Please go ahead,” I told the little bird. “But only for a piece of bread.” Where would I even get some food? Around me, there was nothing but hardwood. I quickly sprinted to a local shop, returning with delicious treats faster than a bellhop.
The little bird began: “During our flight, my friends and I saw a golden field. Lots of yummy things we knew it would yield.” The little bird then looked down, as if to frown. “We made quite the fuss, so we did not notice black shadows had surrounded us. Thundering noises followed, and my friends fell to the ground. None would give out a single sound. I flew away so that I would not end up as prey.”
I wept at the story told by the little bird. It was the saddest thing I had ever heard. I wiped my tears and made a promise: “Each day I will come and feed you, so you will never feel blue.” “Thank you, but feed my brothers and sisters too.” :bird:



Thanks for the explanation. Hanging is such a cruel death that was used as death penalty so it is as if they execute themselves.

Do you plan to leave VIKI?


I read a biography of Elizabeth Taylor and the kind of life she had as a child actress in the early 1940s seemed very similar to what happens in South Korea today, 80 years later! Seven-year contracts, teachers in the studio, tiger mom.
From Wikipedia

Taylor later stated that her childhood ended when she became a star, as MGM started to control every aspect of her life. She described the studio as a “big extended factory” where she was required to adhere to a strict daily schedule. Days were spent attending school and filming at the studio lot, and evenings in dancing and singing classes and in practising the following day’s scenes.

From her interview:

Someone once said that the old Hollywood studio was a kind of extended family.
It was like a big extended factory , I’m sorry to say. But if you like being smothered, I guess it was a very productive family. I was nine when I made my first films in Hollywood. I was used from the day I was a child, and utilized by the studio. I was promoted for their pockets. I never felt that they were a haven.

Not to mention sexual harrassment by executives (now Shirley Temple comes to mind, to whom an MGM executive showed his private parts when she was 11)


USA has still abusive entertainment productions with kids, best example is Dance Mom’s. Several years ago Youtube put such a video in the auto-playlist because it fits to the music genre I was listening to at that time (Kpop…) and then this US show had 4-5 year old girls, dressed, make up, moves like prostitutes/strip dancers…

Neither the show nor the videos are banned yet (in this one video the girl kid ‘danced’ with a boy kid, both around age 4-5 in a completely sexualized way and the Korean audience in that studio went crazy because they liked it so much… Most viewers in that studio seemed to be females…).

The origin Kpop song (including the live performances) by the adult Korean singers used to be quite hot but that song with kids is just perv.



I never saw it that way but you’re right, it used to be a form of execution for criminals.

Yes, I am leaving viki bc I no longer want to be part of a world that destroys so many young people. I feel I will be supporting all those corrupted Agencies/ppl. that exploit these young singers/ actors/actress. It was nice knowing/writing to you. Take care.


I saw that video too the little girl is half korean (father) and African American (mother), and the boy dancing with her, is 100% Korean. The mother is raising the little girl in South Korea, and she’s also a professional dancer. I blame the mother there bc was the one who taught her daughter the dancing moves. I saw the interview.


Ah, you should see Russian and Chinese little girls in bellydance competitions. Sometimes the costumes and makeup are very inappropriate (with bras etc.) and sometimes the movements are suggestive. It’s okay and fun for children to learn and perform oriental dance as a hobby, but it’s the teacher’s job to keep everything appropriate to their age.

More shocking still are the US glitz child beauty pageants (there are thousands of them apparently every year). And when I say “child”, we’re talking of age 3,4, 5. Heavy make-up, adult hairdos, elaborate gestures and poufy, rhinestone-studded dresses and often-times provocative poses.

There’s a show called Divas and Tiaras about those unnatural kids.
(So, Wanda, are you also going to stop watching American television shows because of the TV production companies which allow this?)

Paedophile heaven!
And to think that it’s the parents who encourage this.

Here is a documentary about what happened to two of them, twelve years later.

In Europe, this type of child beauty pageant is not common. I read somewhere that in France they are forbidden for children under 16.

And of course there is more. Dance Moms, the talent shows etc…