The South Korean Entertainment Industry Needs To Either Shape Up Or Ship Out


It was just a preview. According to Soompi, “The next episode of “Master in the House” will air on February 7 at 6:25 p.m.”


Also, it’s true that Koreans, in general, are very sentimental. The evil International press often claims that they’re being paid to cry at national funerals, but that’s not true at all. Umm… I’m watching this historical Kdrama, and during one episode, the king died, leaving everyone in tears, royalty and commoners alike. That’s how they are. And I know they’re not the only ones. As tough as the Americans portray themselves to be, when JFK suddenly died, I know for a fact that many cried and were heartbroken.


Omg I cried every time I watched the documentary of JFK assassination. I think they always kill the Presidents/ Public figures that could have done so much for this country. Player and all, he had a gift to be one step ahead of the enemy. But he had one enemy that for once was ahead of him…:cry:

About them Korean male crying so easily it never stops to shock me how sentimental they are. I don’t know how they can handle their mandatory army enlistment for 2 years. I wonder if they cry like that in there too. My ex (first husband ugh) went to the marines and all he did was crying bc the training was harder in the marines so both of his feet caught some kind of disease while training in dirty water and he was honorably discharged but was not eligible to receive money. Well, I had the devil back home after a few months my freedom and happiness didn’t last long lol


Don’t quote me or anything, but I personally believe that God is phasing out all these “macho manly men” in favour of caring people who aren’t afraid to share their feelings. Umm… My father never had a heart-to-heart conversation with me. I don’t think he even had any feelings. He was just a big brute. I’m ashamed to say that, for a short period, I thought I had to be just like him. I’ll never ever be like him! As men, our sole purpose is to take care of others, not hurt them with our aggression. So I’m glad God is phasing us out. :heartpulse:


PS: It’s good you got rid of him. I hope you’re happy now. You deserve to be happy. :grin:


Thank you so much sweet angel @adrianmorales. That’s the best thing that can happen to anyone; I chose the: ‘‘It’s better to be alone than in bad company.’’ But I’m already over the hill, and I did tried a second time to find happiness (it was good while it lasted 17 yrs around) so I’m very happy in my life although going through hurdles that come along the way…:wink: