The ten most romantic gesture in Korean dramas

The 10 surest sign of male affection:

1. If he grabs your wrist:

2. He hugs you from behind:

3. He wipe your tears:

And two-handed solution:

4. Sleep with clothes on

5. You can sleep leaning against his shoulder

6. You can be his nurse when he leans bed:

7. He ties your shoelaces:

8. He takes you in the trunk of the bike:

9. He protects you with his body, if there are many people on the bus.:

10. He gives you a piggyback:

Oops, sorry, it’s a different genre … :laughing:

And finally, all the evidence kiss:

Opps, sorry it isn’t that :flushed: This is:

And of course, do not forget about his opponent!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do :slight_smile:


all is true but the last part. I’d rather them have their clothes on.