The Terrible Wildfires That Laid Waste To South Korea 😰

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the terrible wildfires that engulfed South Korea last week.
Huge areas were affected, including the city of Sokcho, where the 2018 Winter Olympics took place. Entire villages were destroyed and thousands were forced to evacuate. :fearful:

Apparently, a malfunctioning transformer was the cause for the destruction, but it’s actually the erratic weather that triggered the disaster. The dry air and strong winds damaged the transformer and then carried the flames across the forested land.

It’s a Natural disaster then… The biggest in South Korea. It’s man-made too, you’ll discover, in the sense that mankind itself has played the lead role in this drama. Global Warming – which is constantly fueled by Pollution and a general lack of care for the Natural Environment – is a planetary threat. From the floodings in India and the United States to the wildfires in South Korea, Global Warming is very real, and it doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. Sadly, even though millions are suffering from it, little is done to remedy the situation.

What will it take then to realise that something has to be done now, not later, now?! :fearful:

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