"The Thousandth Man" on Viki!

Hello Guys!

Well, i’m writting this topic 'cuz i really love this k-drama ( The Thounsandth Man ) and i really wanted to see the drama here! If you like this drama too, pls support ! :slight_smile:


I hate heard of it, but I’ve never actually watched it. I hope it gets licensed soon! :slight_smile:

I have seen it before and is very good.And has kumiho in it.I love the dramas with gumiho,the last one was amazing(gu family book).

Is the drama you’re talking about the one where it has the gumiho family of a mother and her two daughters? The one where Hyomin from T-ara and Woohyun from INFINITE acts in?

Because I love that drama, especially the ending!
I hope it gets licensed really soon!

I really hope that the Viki’s Team could allow this dorama >.<

Kindly add The Thousandth Man to your drama roster