The Viki Advertisements I Mean… 5 ads in a time.
For 1 ep… more or less 15 ads video… are u serious? if i use adblock the video doesn’t start… it’s impossibile … 5 ads in a time.
For 1 ep… more or less 15 ads video… are u serious? if i use adblock the video doesn’t start… it’s impossibile going this way

Yes it’s awful!! Does anyone know if they plan on making any changes whatsoever on this issue? I’m going crazy; I’ll stick with it for another week but after that I’m definitely changing to another website. I agree I hate it when the ads interrupt the whole screen and rather the website be plastered with ads than these stupid pop-ups. Also why tf do we have to watch the SAME ad five times after each other. It’s just ridiculous!!

I hate the ads. I pay for Vikipass and still have to deal with crazy running ads on bottom the page. Also all the stupid crazy over the top pictures and animation. All these factors lag down my page and video is constantly lagging. Not everyone has blazing fast internet speed. So Viki, please stop with all your mini ads on the bottom of the page b/c i pay not to see them anywhere on my account!!!

I am sorry, but Viki Pass will only get you an add-free video in drama-channels. Advertisement is still in so called fan-channels and on the pages.
That’s all.
If you are still experiencing ads in videos, despite it being a not a fan-channel. You need to contact Viki directly via Help-Center or per e-mail.

That’s what I thought he was talking about at first, but I think he means the ads on the sidebar (when you scroll down from the video). But at the same time, I’m not really sure what he means by “crazy running ads” and “stupid crazy over the top pictures and animation.”

Or maybe I’m wrong and he should just read the terms more carefully. I dunno.

kdramas please!

A place to vent your anger at the noisy advertisements. Whyyyy must they come on so often? They take away from our precious emotional feelings for the dramas!

I am sorry but i want to know why i must see so many advertisements while watching an episode. … 5 Advertisements in a time.
In one episode i must watch more or less 15-20 ads video… it’s impossibile going this way… adblock now is totally useless, if i use adblock the video doesn’t start… so… if i’m forced to see video ads at least please… not 15-20 video ads at episode… i can’t deal with that.

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Sitting through 5 ads every break is killing me. What’s worse is the fact of the 5 ads, they’re repeats of the same 2 ads. This is not worth the aggravation for me. Bye.

i know! it used to be just two ads and now five! what’s up with that???

We actually have a business class internet account because my husband works from home and it still lags so bad for me too. I don’t think it’s an internet speed issue, it’s those ads mucking everything up. I am seriously getting sick of it! I don’t understand why it’s necessary for the paying customers to still have to deal with the ads. It’s kind of shady how they sneak them in at the bottom of the page too. I don’t know if you have had this issue, but the mini advertisements will randomly come on while I’m watching my drama. I have to scroll down and pause it. I hope they fix this issue or I’m gone.

Just at the moment where there is something interessant what appears ? AN AD which last 5 minutes.

Sick and tired of getting blasted by high-volume ads when I’ve paid monthly to eliminate them. Cache is cleared, machine rebooted, signed out and back in, ran over my laptop with my truck a few times AND THE STUPID ADS KEEP HARASSING ME!!! VIKI, WILL YOU PLEASE STOP MISINFORMING US ABOUT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUBSCRIPTIONS JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A FEW MORE ADVERTISING BUCKS? If you are going to do this anyway, why don’t you just come out and say it up front? Something like this: Hey, if you join at the $3.99 level we will promise to stop the ads, but in reality we will stick them in your ear at the most inconvenient times at volume levels high enough to break every window in your house! HOWEVER, if you agree to pay a little more, we promise not to screw you over that way. Maybe. Well, then again we might, but it would probably be an accident. Or not. Anyway, the more you pay, the more we will like you! And, that’s what really counts! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!
Seriously, I don’t think this is a VIKISPIRACY, but it sure is aggravating. Can it be corrected? Will someone create a K-Drama about this? Seems like fair game material to me.

Buy the membership. It is worth your sanity.

This isn’t about advertisements but I don’t know where else I should post this to try to get feedback from Viki users.

Hello Viki community. I am doing a survey for my communications class on a few aspects of Viki. If you are 18 years or older and a Viki user please feel free to participate. This survey is completely anonymous.

The ads is just too often and it cause the video to not working correctly if you need to pause the video and resume later and just not working very well.

Is the ads happen on all video or only on certain video?


Viki should have the CM or a main moderator to pick when the ads should go. For example, you know how CMs can add virtual parts to video by picking an “empty” scene and etc.? That’s why Viki should have a CM/moderator do; add the ads at appropriate parts instead of in the smack dab middle of a great scene.

So true, I was about to create a topic for this but I saw there were topics made before.
I take double the time or even more to watch a single episode because It’s soooo annoying that I considering seeing dramas in another sites in english rader than watch it in my mothertongue here in viki because everytime an advertisement appears I just lose interest,

I go to instagram on my phone, I go get some food or just go do nothing! I like to watch dramas episode after episode but this makes it impossible. Why can’t viki just post advertisements like youtube? Why must I watch 4 advertisements in a row, this like 4 or 5 times in an episode? I don’t have the possibility to buy the premium membership. Are the licenses so expensive?

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I don’t mind the ads there’s just one that I think is just dum ,why ,would anyone care about what a cat poops in ,you think ?