The Viki Advertisements

It used to work in the past, not now. Since maybe two years ago, all the streaming sites - including Viki and including all the illegal ones - ask to deactivate adblock before being able to watch a single video.

You made me curious. Is it working for you still? Maybe a question of your location?

I don’t think it works that way, the ads are likely generated and are not directly embedded in the video… I’m sure Viki wouldn’t want to leave such marketing decision to CMs… that is a business decision within Viki company, they work on ads contracts. I understand the frustration, but consider understanding that licenses have gotten very expensive, so if you don’t subscribe the ads pay a portion for your viewing, these days, it’s all about ads… I hate them just as much, another reason I gave up US TV watching… and I don’t buy magazines…

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It’s horrible.why can’t they fix the timing?