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Look up Shinto belief


Just enjoyed this video again. :blush: Such a fun, and innocent time. :blush::blush::blush:

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Sounds like you are favoring a “cold opening” with a brief bit of back story.


(Gimp did this for me . . .)

Since we are doing this for fun, short and sweet (a la an itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot Bikini Bottoms meme), packing in major backstory via webtoon visuals (and not via saeguk wordiness) would be advantageous, would it not?

I could see this as a sort of five-episode PSA for human kindness. There is a recent very short K-drama which does something similar, essentially saying that its not good to run over people in your car. (Duh.)

Kami-Sama Kick Ass essentially says its very good to be clean, warm, loved, and safe in a familiar place. (Super-duh.)

(And you know, I’ve been thinking that, since we are so amazing :blush: :blush: :blush:, we could actually share what we create via a Facebook Page. “Gimbap and Bebop, a Viki a page for folks who think Viki is too cool for school.” Something like that. Of course disclaimers would be nice, even though none of our characters originate anywhere within the actual Viki structure.

And light (and possibly refreshing) warnings that, if people claim any of our hard work is theirs and we hear about it, kimchi slaps will be publicly administered. Viki-ites understand this respect for creativity well, but people who aren’t Viki-ites don’t.

I think that sharing what we do for others to see outside our own little Viki world would certainly give us incentive to take ourselves and our creativity seriously.

Fun worth having is fun worth doing well and sharing widely . . . and by gum, we are some of the most astute observers of what makes Viki tick that I know of.

The famous joke in English: “Be astute . . . we need more stutes.”


Flashbacks aren’t a problem. Since it’s a second-chance-ish drama, when they argue or have a falling out, we can slip in flashbacks of “when life was better” — how they met and all that good stuff.


Nicely put misswillowinlove, there are a few K-Dramas I’ve watched that were as much as two episodes, and like you said, they were,

I must decry any cogs in the wheel though, because I think the enthusiasm, and proof too, shows, this unique production company, :writing_hand: :fountain_pen: more than has what it takes for a 16 episode drama! :page_with_curl: :scroll: :memo:

Here is something I just read, posted on, and by Asian Wiki, Badger Productions might find it useful!
Filming begins in August, 2013.
First script reading took place August 2, 2013 at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul.
Early working title was “Kokoomacheorum Saenggin Kamjabyeol 2013QR3” (literally “Potato Star 2013QR3 That Looks Like A Sweet Potato”).”,A%20Sweet%20Potato").


An excellent idea! When you mentioned webtoon I thought you meant having that part animated!
(I read that A few days,weeks, months or whatevs earlier… in that French accent :laughing:)
In Bloody Romance they used animated storyboards to backfill some of the plot.

or does webtoon visuals refer to what I call cartoony/augmented reality bits?
SK1 SK2 sk4

Not a fan of Facebook ever since our fisticuff with Mr Zuckerberg’s minions. :rofl: :-1: but don’t let that stop you or the others.


My primary concern is not losing the laughter, lightness, and playfulness.

I absolutely have proof that all of us have the intellect, focus, interest, and knowledge to knock out a Very Viki script of almost any kind you care to name (except of course those with stupid, almost brain-dead second leads and passive-aggressive leads).

When I learned that Maknae Vivi was keeping track of the sections of this thread that were really moving ideas forward, I was Blown Away. And everybody else’s writing abilities (especially those who are “learned” multi-lingual or bi-lingual and not “borned” multi-lingual or bi-lingual) is so mature and astonishing to me, and the ideas are so sophisticated that I really do at times feel the weight of having to catch up.

The amount of research I have had to do in the past three months regarding the Korean language and alphabet, names of k-pop groups, names of K-pop group members, genres and tropes. It may seem like I’m just being flippant and tossing off whatever comes to mind.

I mean, I watched the original Red Dwarf episodes twenty-five years ago (due to the process of my local public TV station having to wait for the various RD series to conclude and then negotiate licenses). And I loved every single one. They were shown in the wee hours on weekends because they were so weird but had such a devoted following. For three or four years, I practically slept through church every Sunday.

And trying to mesh the imaginary OSPD-nim with @ninjas_with_onions AND thinking of Dave Lister as the perfect visual based on lots of descriptions AND looking for AND mystically finding the right graphic images . . . wow. The equivalent of a two-page single-spaced essay can take me five hours of hunting.

Oh, we have the grit, we have the heart, we have the joy.

However, just one two-hour movie script is an average of one hundred and twenty pages long. Text is single-spaced, but the format is very specific.

Software that does the formatting without a lot of problems is very pricey, and collaborative script-writing software that allows people in different cities, states/provinces, or countries to interact usefully . . . is even pricier.

Script-writing software that is free and open source comes with detailed instruction manuals that have a steep learning curve.

Even a thirty-minute TV show using professional script has those same economic constraints.

Now imagine everyone participating here, in different parts of the world, with different types of daily schedules, with different types of responsibilities . . . and think about how the creative process of collaborating on sixteen well-done “Viki Original” scripts would fit into those schedules.

From my perspective of thirty-five years of writing . . . they wouldn’t. And trying to go that route would shut down this thread permanently in less than a week.

My creativity mantra (from the Joni Mitchell song All I Want is “I want to have fun, I want to shine like the sun.” That doesn’t mean I avoid the challenging, but it certainly means I avoid the impossible.

Creating, producing, promoting, collaborating, and enjoying the heck out of this thread (given the nature of “real reality”) is a challenge that certainly can be met, but what that needs to look like is a bit trickier to deal with.


If you want collaboration, I can just add y’all as Editors onto the Doc I made. You can edit the doc however you want and comment on whatever lines you want. I think that works quite well… I’ve written skit scripts like that for Christmas with my cousins in Canada and the US. We wrote everything together and assigned responsibilities. Then I wrote out the screenplay and tagged everyone who was involved in that scene.
Then everyone sent in their videos and I edited it up to make it look like one skit.


Please add some Editors. But not OSPD-nim. Everytime Badger Productions’ head honcho gets an idea, and then says, in effect, let’s make it simpler, things get more complicated.

Miss Willow would love editing privileges since her latest hare-brained scheme (er, interesting idea) is to write dialog in the form of haiku . . . which would make the entire series about twenty minutes long.


I’m sorry, I’d really like to join you as it seems really fun, but I have absolutely no clue what to do, who to ask etc… Can someone guide me? Am I needed somewhere? Is there a position that needs help? :smiley:


TAP-TAP-TAP! That is PD-nim tapping his conducting baton and signalling for the noisy, out of sync orchestra to stop what they’re doing and be quiet for a sec.

The objective is not to make it simpler, it’s to take the rough overall story arc and slowly refine it one level at a time.
I have considered right from the outset just how serious or how deep down we take whatever Badger Production chooses to try and have a go at bringing to production, but without knowing if PD-nim can coaxe a drama out of everyone so that we all get to contribute to producing something resembling a K-drama that we all love/hate.
Seeing what is starting to take form. I’ve been encouraging people to develop the story themselves. Taking in every and any scrap of ideas and seeing if we can really do dramas by committee and integrating them into whatever the overall story arc is.
Once we have a reasonably detailed drama from beginning to end then we can all decide if that is satisfactory as being “fully developed” we stop developing the Kami drama to the next level of details such as actual dialogue, which as you say will be incredibly difficult and time consuming. Then we can all move on to the next Badger Production and maybe give

a go or @vivi_1485 redo an existing show.

And all this alongside the day to day madness at Badger Production (I’m very aware that PD-nim is still sitting on the ground in his parking space and has not done anything with his lottery win) but I’m busy trying to get Kami to a point where we can make the decision that we are happy with what we have and move on in shortest amount of time possible.


Welcome! Do join in the madness! Basically there is a drama production company called Badger Production, the staff of which are the likes of you and me.
The objective is to have fun and integrate yourself into the Badger Production story with your imagination and creative writing. If you read @vivi_1485 google doc she has gathered up the Badger Production story so far Badgers’ Production We’re in the middle of trying to bring a drama called Kami-sama Kickass to full production at the moment which we take a little more serious as we try our hand at developing an actual K-drama. (your input to which is more than welcome)


Yes, I agree. As a matter of fact! I found your post lightened the load, and carved out a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Quite a bit off the shoulders of everyone involved.
I just wanted to shout out the high aspiration, and enthusiasm I saw in the works. :wink:

After we successfully do the five episodes, we can do two even, wouldn’t it be wild if we got tagged to do a full blown 16 or 20 episodes? All participants traveling to collab in the real-verse for something that started in Viki-verse? ! !

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This is simply amazing! The things that today’s technology allow us to accomplish is pretty mind boggling.


PD-nim is dazed and confused. One minute he is busy reading the blank papers at his desk, the next he is in the parking lot at his space, sat upon an empty pallet still with the plastic wrap flopped around it and the remains of the despatch note for Light Nautical Bikki Stix stuck to it. Did he just suffer temporary amnesia and had just instantly recovered having wandered all the way out here?
@zyxw who was looking for a particular building was taken aback by the sight of a man sitting on a pallet in the parking lot between two black Range Rovers.
PD-nim is a little embarrassed, thinks quickly to try to explain away something that he is not sure of himself, “Oh, Ha Ha, I’m… I’m just checking that the Maserati I’m thinking of buying will fit in this space… Bruuuuummmmmm Bruuuummmmmmmmmm, Urrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk. Beeeep ,beeep, beeeep” as he pretends to reverse his imaginary car in place.
@zyxw still a little concerned, asks, “Er… I picked up this flyer that had been appearing all over the place and it says there may be openings at a place called Badger Productions, which should be around here somewhere, do you know wh-”.
PD-nim interrupted, “Badger Productions!” and gets up off the pallet to dust the wood splints off the seat of his pants “I work there! I’m the producer there! I’m about to go back in …again. Let me take you there.” and using his hands traces an imaginary path in front of zyxw towards the Badger Production building.


“Agh! You guys have been BUSY! I am so far behind!” porky exclaimed while busily pushing a bunch of loose memos and goulish treats that Stray Kids left behind into the round file. “Don’t we get holidays off?” She looked around quickly, “Is it Halloween already?”

Naughty Ghouls… wearing shoes in the house. :upside_down_face:

할아버지! 어디에 있나요? :scream: :blossom:

This is why I don’t stick my feet out of the blankets. :rofl:


Tears to my eyes, every word of this post, the comeback, or clapback, everything so alive! You should be paid for this in real life!! Everyone of you really! The talent here is heavenly entertaining. Hmmm

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I had an idea to expand on the proposed opening. I’d love to put this in story form, but I’m not really in the frame of mind thanks to a late-night tripping incident that has left me stiff and sore. :grimacing:

If we are going to go with the idea that we open with the couple returning from their trip, having married in a bit of a haste, we could have them either waiting at the airport for their flight, or actually be on the flight to open, and they take some of that time to scroll through the photos on their phones or whatever of their time together during their short courtship and subsequent marriage. This stroll down memory lane would lead into some of the first flashbacks that let us know how we have reached the current state.

I like the idea of opening with them already on the plane, but I thought maybe including their arrival at the airport would allow for more opportunities for the Kami to interfere. I am leaving any Kami related content to those of you who know more and who seem to have more ideas about that already formulated in your minds.


Here is my idea for the opening.


Opening shot: Cargo hold of a plane, rumble of engine noise in the background. Slow, steady zoom in to a set of luggage, closing in on one in particular. Camera shake to indicate air turbulence and slight metallic creak of fuselage.
Cut to cockpit, one pilot with arms folded head leaning forward and sleeping (arms folded indicate he is supposed to be resting)
Pan over to co-pilot, clipboard in one hand, pen in the other but he is also asleep! Mouth open catching flies! (comedy) Second heavy air turbulence causes him to snort and suddenly wake up, quickly resume writing, notices increase in turbulence. takes steps to resume manual flight control.
Cut to couple: hands clasped, Ha-Neul is sleeping using Haruto’s shoulder as pillow. Haruto is watch inflight movie. more air turbulence jolts of the camera.
Cut to pilot wakes resting pilot, warns there is a lot of unusually heavy air turbulence.
Return to seat, fasten seatbelt sign comes on.
More turbulence shakes, Pilot reassures passengers over PA of unusually high turbulence but nothing to worry about. Couple are anxious but not panicked holding hands, reassuring each other.
Rests of journey to Korea is bumpy, some passengers throw up.
Landing is equally bumpy due to sudden unexpected strong crosswind but not unheard of, pilots are trained to deal with this.

Unusual events involving air (air, water, fire, earth) caused by Kami as it gets further away from Japan.
(Scrapped one engine catches [Fire] too dramatic causing panic. Need couple (and pilots) to find highly unusual but readily dismissible.)

Move on to surprise parents and flashback plots.

Your idea of them looking at their wedding photos as a sort of backstory flashback works a lot better than my lazy picturesque lovebird/disruption scene. It also highlights my rush to get to the surprised parent & flashback plot to do all of the heavy work of how they came to be married.

Nervous flyers should give this a miss :scream:
@leerla73 probably seen it all before :smile:

That I have, :airplane: :flight_departure: :flight_arrival: They get so low too, and that engine noise is awefully loud! :airplane: :flight_departure: :flight_arrival: