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(This was back on June 16.)

To expand a little on Ha-Neul’s family . . . I envisioned her as the older of two siblings. She and her brother are in charge of their grandparents’ company because their dad is not the number one son who did run the company. Why Number One Son stopped running it, and why Ha-Neul became CEO in his stead, does not have to be a big part of the story.

Dad is a renowned magician who has his own flourishing career. He specializes in tricks with scarves. Mom is a dietician with a show sort of like the “K-entertainment” show where famous folks have the contents of their refrigerators examined and assessed. They met when he was just starting to get magic gigs, and she was working on the staff of a hotel where he was performing.

So both Mom and Dad are well-known public figures, “beloved” in fact. Super-Wipe is a trusted, reliable company. Ha-Neul has her parents’ flair for being at ease in public and for doing things with flair, and she has a love of the family business because she spent a lot of childhood time hanging out there behind the scenes while Mom and Dad were out getting famous.

Ha-Neul, at the time of our story, is busy trying to make Super-Wipe even more relatable to her generation. I wear glasses and am always cleaning them with the cleaning spray I get free at the eye doctor’s office. I wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth. I thought maybe Super-Wipe could go a little high-end with a line of silk wiping cloths . . . or it could be silk something else.

Or she could be going to Japan to see about some other product.

At any rate, the idea is that she is smart, creative, a bit outspoken. She loves being part of a family that has brought a sense of order and happiness to people’s live. She feels a little burdened by being so responsible.

So when she meets Haruto (whose family has yet to be created, explored, explained), she is charmed by his quiet demeanor, happy to be able to talk to a man who is not intimidated by her, and won over by his quirky sense of humor.

She goes to Tokyo with the idea of spending a weekend on business; it turns into two weeks during which she falls in love, gets married, sends home a million excuses for the delay other than the real one; and when she goes home with a brand-new hubs, they both are alternately worried about her family’s response and a little over-confident that things will be just fine.

So that’s who Ha-Neul is. And, to a less clearly defined extent, that’s who Haruto is.


I’m just trying to make some semblance of a story from everyone’s contribution.

Actual scripting is too refined and detailed and will be the final product. It’s why I kept out running being chased around by miss willow with a roll of duct tape in an office coup and kept banging on about having a rough overall story arc, refining things as we go along developing an overall story.
Although I would have called time once we had a reasonably sketched out story, do we refine it further down to the dialogue level. (in script format) just to gauge if everyone was sick and tired of it or we’re really enthusiastic with what we hashed out and we continue to take to to full scripting level (as you have already started)

We’ve narrowed in to the start of the drama and seem to have an opening up to them landing,
We got which would best fit in after they land but before the surprise the parents bit.


We develop the surprise parent scenes/plot leading to

The 'mini series being a romance story where we get to develop a romance from nothing to all the way up to the wedding (since we already seen their wedding photos in the tablet)

with maybe pulling back to the main drama arc with Ha-Neul saying “…and the rest is history” flashing their wedding rings at the parents.
It will give us the opportunity to go all in with gooey romance development and macaroons.

You have a lot of questions and maybe a nagging doubt if it’s even a plausible route to take, but that’s the beauty of refining things down a bit first, we all get to sit down and come up with ideas, outlines or solutions first to explore if it’s even possible rather than writing in a linear fashion only to realise later on that it just doesn’t work and we end up having to roll back a large chunk of detailed hard work.

It is! I sometimes wonder why I even took on the role of PD!
I have hundreds of post-it notes floating about in my head, constantly being shuffled around, and more are being added each day!
But if we take a checkpoint here (just before the surprise the parents) and sketch out a rough for the romance I think that will give us all


Oh, Oh! How about Ha-Neul goes to the Mulberry farm to secure a contract of silk for the new line of silk eyeglass wiping cloths with the owners of the Mulberry farm, who are Haruto’s parents. Haruto being a graduate of Tokyo U doesn’t really want to take over the farm and wants to move to the city and work in a company instead. (Actual rural migration to cities problem) so when they fall in love and marry, Haruto is more than willing to go work at Ha-Neul’s company.
Negotiation of the contract is the excuse for repeatedly going to the farm.


BINGO! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: We finally made a connection!

Also, what is Haruto going to do at the company? What did he study? I feel like Super-Wipe is quite limiting in the variety of jobs he could do… Designer? R&D? Factory Manager? Publicity? Sales? Human resources?


Lets go with studied Business Management so doesn’t want to go back to farming. He’s made second assistant director to Ha-Neul as he learns the in’s and out’s of Super-Wipe.
Everyone knows he’s leap frogged to that high position just because he’s the husband and despite the Second in the job title everyone gossips in the staff canteen about how he’s closer to the CEO than the first assistant director.
I’d want to position Haruto quite high up for later when they battle to keep Super-Wipe afloat that they do so together. (maintaining the love/bond between the two under the surface)


Hmmm. . . seems that whole zoo in the office serves other purposes, ranging from running errands, to cleaning duties. And now there is the bright smile of Miss Quokka.

They had the idea to write a drama

I believe there are others, but these are what I came across. Pretty interesting!


Each time I check in to what I think of as the wackiest thread on the Discussion Board, I am seeing how different personalities, experiences, and educational backgrounds (plus snack preferences?) are interacting to create something unique.

It almost feels as if we are all in film school together and are on different campuses collaborating by long-distance learning.

Some of us are very visual in our approach to KSKA, and some of us are very verbal.

Some of us are very non-linear in our approach, bouncing from one idea to another, and some of us are very linear, going step by step.

Some of us care about nailing down the details first, and some of us want to get some broad concepts established in order to give the details plausibility.

My perception is that there is some fear of just getting something done . . . because it might not be good enough or might disappoint someone or might just be plain stupid.

The way I see it, every moment of thinking, planning, discussing, etc., keeps the old brain-ium ticking, develops interests and skills, and generates new neural connections.

And every moment of moving forward from a concept to a completed scene, completed bit of dialog, or a completed outline of a plot (however things sort themselves out) is a moment that is moving each contributor torward being a more thoughtful, creative, playful, and confident human being.

So I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to get from where we are to where we want to be.

Different folks have jokingly, sort of, taken on different roles based on their personalities, interests, etc. As time has gone on, those roles have seemed to fit very well. It might help boost confidence and enthusiasm to consider what different roles are in a film production company and how the people in those roles contribute to the success of the company.

The PDF file below breaks things down (and it takes ten single-spaced pages). It describes a complex web of relationships and schedules. From my perspective, even the “lowliest” job contributes to the end result, and no job is irrelevant.

Plus, the information is just fascinating.

As far as writing goes, the article below basically says to me that faithfulness in the small, ordinary things produces satisfying results.

Ultimately, for me, if something I commit myself to does not result in satisfaction, growth, or even joy on some level, it’s not worth doing.


This thread does give me a lot of good feelz.


:wink: :+1:t5: . . . and here is something I learned today, I think this is the place to share it. . .

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Thanks for the link!
I’ve always wanted to work in the film industry… I’m enjoying this entire venture thoroughly!

According to the PDF, I seem to be the Screenwriter and Script Supervisor/Co-ordinator, Miss WIllow is the Director, PD-nim is PD-nim, @leerla73 is our First Assistant Director and @kdrama2020ali is our Casting Director, @my_happy_place and @porkypine90_261 can choose which department to join. So we do have quite the team!

This is a good idea… I also had the idea to put Haruto in the enemy company. Since no one really knows him in SK, he’s a good spy candidate. Since he’s a Tokyo U graduate, he should be able to enter the middle levels of the company, and we could put him in a good position with a three-to-five-month time skip.


And the BEST CAST There Will BE

Where is my Portfolio -My purple pen💜 - My Glasses - And My Hottie’s Head Shots!
My Monogrammed Tote is Around Here Somewhere!!! Whose Desk Did I Leave It On
When We Went to Lunch! :wink:

I have slots open!


Are you sure you want Miss Willow to be able to shout “CUT!”


(USA Today)

Some BP associates might not like the idea of Miss Willow’s inflluence in even more areas.

[Below, the office security camera captures Niles the koala responding to being “volunteered” by the casting director for a non-speaking role as a panda.]



Can there be an idea board of some sort? To save certain potentially useful ideas for later? Whether they have to do with character development or dialog or anything else?

Character development over time: I am in awe of how K-drama scriptwriters do that. Details of who characters are in K-dramas can be revealed in a complex backstory that takes many episodes (family dramas) BEFORE the story itself starts to unfold.

Or details emerge in flashbacks scattered through out the entire story.

Or the details of important things emerge in character dialog.

I don’t think it matters at this point exactly which company Haruto works for, or what his “true” position is, or what his motive for getting familiar with Super-Wipe is.

I would say that, if he is revealed at some point to be a bad guy who cold-bloodedly marries Ha-Neul as a means of conducting industrial espionage, that has the potential to make things messy.

At the point he is revealed to be a bad guy (which of course won’t be apparent at the start), then there have to be flashbacks to reframe certain innocuous scenes (GASP, I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING) as obvious clues to Haruto’s malicious intent.

At that point . . . outraged timed comments. Frustration among those who love sweet, simple romances and rom-coms that don’t jerk folks’ emotions around. Negative reviews.

And then there has to be a process of Haruto coming to a point of repentance and restoration in his relationship with Ha-Neul.

It seems to me that would create more difficulties if it were not a very believable process. It also would, IMHO, require reframing of certain previous scenes to show that, despite his apparent selfish, materialistic behavior, he really does love her after all.

That would throw KSKA into the Devil Judge camp. And DJ is in no way a fluffy, feel-good rom-com.


no no no no :astonished:
What I actually meant was for Haruto to go to the enemy company as a spy FOR Super-Wipe. Help Super-Wipe and Ha-Neul while he acts like an unassuming person there. Like a milder version of Healer and Bong whatever his name was.


Miss Willow obvs pulled the wrong pair of eyeglasses out of the desk drawer.

And maybe, even there, our poor Kami could create some interesting mayhem.

Sort of like a Rottweiler going after anyone posing a threat to its people.


I’ll have to admit I totally read it the wrong way too!


I gotta give it to misswillowinlove you do know how to reverse smooth. :wink::+1:t5:

Well, now that Miss Willow’s dear cousin is the owner/operator of the two most popular restaurant/bar venues in downtown Seoul, to which her dear cousin can carry her piggy back, Miss Willow is nothing if not supportive. Family must stick together, oui?


zyxw just decided to take a vacant spot and observe the bizzare surrounding to somehow blend in. Others seemed to be really friendly and welcoming. At least that was the first sight.
She tried to organise the stuff on her new table, nodding to the ideas and words that were thrown at her.


Miss Willow brought the new kid in the office a mug of hot chocolate from the electronic hot chocolate dispenser installed just a few minutes previous to @zyxw arriving on scene.

She delicately sniffed the aroma wafting from the mug. “Perfect,” she said, handing the mug over. "The Hottie U Culinary Cuteness program just recently graduated a stellar class of baristas, and I think they have outdone themselves. When they are not busy carving attractive statues of Hottie U’s founder and ornamenting them with wild ivy, the barista class of 2021 travels the length and breadth of Seoul installing hot chocolate dispensers out of pure love.

“Your arrival was perfectly timed. Would you care for a slice of cheesecake with crushed Oreo crust to go with your hot chocolate? No, what was I thinking? It’s your first day on the job!”

Miss Willow set the hot chocolate mug down and hurried back to the dispenser, next to which was a shiny new LG refrigerator sparkling with the glow which product-placement always gives new appliances. She opened the refrigerator door, took out a large square box with a cellophane window in the top, and returned to @zyxw’s desk.

“Have a whole cheesecake, dear. Made by Culinary Cuteness students just this morning. I understand that there is a secret step in the process that renders all calories null and void.”

“Wow,” said @zyxw, accepting the box with both hands. “Are you sure? The amount of cream cheese in this has got to be . . .” She closed her eyes and felt the cool container’s weight on her palms, then opened her eyes in astonishment. "How can this be? This weighs at least three times what a cheese cake this size should weigh.

"If we assume one block of cream cheese weighs approximately eight ounces or .23 kilograms and contains approximately 800 calories per block . . . and if we assume a deluxe recipe using two blocks of cream cheese . . . and if we additionally factor in calories from sugar, sour cream, heavy cream, eggs, butter, and crushed Oreo cookies . . .

“This box should contain 6,000 calories’ worth of cheese cake. It feels as if it should contain 18,000 calories’ worth. Yet you say this cheese cake effectively contains NO calories whatsoever?” @zyxw set the cheesecake box on her desk and grinned from ear to ear. “No wonder nobody ever goes home.”

“Help yourself to as many cheesecakes as you like,” said Miss Willow. “Just make sure that you save the one marked ‘popcorn and chocolate chip’ for Greta the Gazelle.”

“I’ll do that,” said @zyxw, tasting a fingerful of cheesecake, “I know she likes her fiber.”



Bo Yummy is vying for a part!!

Would you like some porridge PD-nim???