Plot/Storyline Idea for Potential Korean Drama

Does anyone know if any Korean television networks (or even Viki) accepts ideas from viewers to be made into potential shows? I enjoy making my own plots or stories in my mind, and hope that I discover a drama with a similar plot, or even get the chance to inspire or give an idea of mine to people who can possibly make it a show or movie.

It’s a slice of life story about teenagers, while struggling with stress of the upcoming college entrance exam, try to discover who they are and grow despite feeling controlled by adults and their school system and other issues that may come their way.

It’s about a girl named Somi who wakes from a 3 month long coma who goes back to school feeling alone since she doesn’t remember anyone. She knows that she’ll have to try even harder at her studies, more than she did in the past to gain the love of her father. She meets the school’s trouble maker with a past he tries to fix himself from. He manages to be the top student in his class, and he begins to tutor her to catch her up on all the time she missed. They grow closer as friends despite her contemplating being around him due to his sarcastic, cocky, and teasing personality. She also befriends the school’s most loved boy, who is dating a girl he doesn’t love because it was arranged by his parents who give no thought to how he feels. Somi is unsure of her feelings when she develops a crush for both boys who seemingly have a hatred for one another. As time passes, and the more she’s around the boys, she discovers one of them was the cause of her amnesia.

It’s pretty straightforward, and there is a lot more to that, but I’m unsure how to fit all I have in mind in this post. I really love this story though.

Please comment if you know the answer whether or not korean television networks allow unsolicited submissions, and what you would like to see as a plot in a kdrama! I really enjoy the creativity of others.


sorry I don’t know, but thats an awesome idea! I’d like to find out too!

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Is there anything on Viki that was inspired by you? :open_mouth:

Thanks for your information! If you don’t mind me asking, how do you find the Director’s page?

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another one is research, archelolgists, people looking into history of Korea, China and other places(don’t forget I am a genealogist nut, and note my name a frustrated writer to boot!)

and the story line that there were no evidence till the discovery

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If I am the one writing a K-DRAMA, I’ll just make The Happiness: School 2015 with Lee Eun Bi and Gong Tae Kwong together.

I am still suffering :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


awwww don’t remind me i still cry buckets of tears when i see the thumbnail on Viki! :flushed::confounded:

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Hi! So I have an idea for a k-drama. Let me know if how it sounds.
*Kwon Ah-ri is a female lawyer. She has a personality that is cold and she likes to work alone. Jang Min Jae is head detective of the police. When a woman becomes a victim to attempted murder, Ah-ri starts investigating the case with the police because she wants justice for the victim. Ah-ri and Min-jae work together, but Ah-ri feels contempt towards him. They had gone to the same middle school and were friends for a short time before Min-jae betrayed Ah-ri. Min-jae starts to find out about Ah-ri’s family life and childhood trauma while they work together

You are making the same mistake the Asian writers always make here in the dramas. What need is there that they met in the past during middle school year? This thing about fate in dramas are so unreal, especially in a country where they have a population of 51.64 million (2018). The odds of finding each other again is like a needle in a haystack.

The less the characters know each other in the past, the more secrets can be found out through the growth of their relationship.

You can change the story to the fact that the almost ‘‘murderer’’ has an obsession with Kwon Ah/Ri and try to murder that woman to get her close to him.


I like the name Somi. It could work as a Webdrama. They’re really popular these days.


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Thank you so much for your feedback! I think it will work better with the storyline!

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