The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


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I think misswillowinlove is adding more to the mapped path. Hopefully we’ll all get back to it before discobot have her sitting in the hallway again!:rofl::joy::sob::joy:


I better put things in writing before I put things off yet again.
I can imagine the hotel bathrobe being as soft and fluffy as that pup! It’s quite the contrast of it being such a diminutive thing yet is able to wreak so much havoc later on as time passes. I did wonder how to get the Kami to being shape shifted into the bathrobe.
Where would this best be shown? I think if it was only revealed when the couple seek the help of the shamans and the shamans communicate from the Kami to the couple in an imagined scene (We could use this part to tell a little bit more about the Kami.) how it likes to curl up in a warm place with the Kami superimposed as a spirit over/in the bathrobe all cosy etc. This way it’s revealed to the viewer at the same time as it is revealed to the couple.
It will keep the start, the mini romance drama and all the subsequent events a mystery and intrigue as it is for the viewer and the couple at the same time during the drama up to the first appearance of the shamans.


For those needing inspiration, here is six :eyes: single digit posts in a thread. :wink: Yeea-yup! Thank me later!

lmao I knew that would happen, but just bc you all joined in to ‘‘write’’ the viki original. When it comes to writers even two (2) is way too many writers in ‘‘a drama script.’’

To tell you the truth, I’m amazed it got this far. I think the ending needs to be resolved, and then you can finally go back to resting. You can’t leave it as is…Find the ending; for closure.


Indeed, this is very experimental! Script writing by committee as I described it! :laughing:
But it actually works in sorts, already had some good ideas contributed towards the Kami story and a freestyle writing for the day to day goings on at Badger Productions simultaneously!

Definitely the ending needs resolving but I want to leave that until later for everyone to have a BIG discussion over it as that probably holds about a third of the weight of the whole drama going by the other topic

and since we’ll be in control of how we want it to end we shouldn’t end up having to rewrite it. I expect lots of fireworks :skull_and_crossbones::zap::anger: it’ll be fun! :laughing:


Looking forward to it and it better be bc you said it’s going to be fun. I expect no sad endings although I have to read again to keep track of where I was up to the last time.


I think that the title of our project and a synopsis would give away a bit to a potential audience right at the start. They would be expecting something. (Part of the comedy of a comedy is certain people being in on a joke or a secret and watching others deal well or badly with it.)

I think we need a scene with H and H having a frazzled conversation with the shamans. Maybe they went to school with each other or something. It could be a very funny encounter.


No sad endings, no surprise endings, no sucky endings. I see this as a rom-com.

Visually, I see the ending as our ML and FL sitting on a beach, looking in the direction of Japan, watching the sun come up.


Just had a thought, what if we only see it occasionally? So that most of the times when filmed from the couple’s view they don’t see anything but an immediate cut to a third persons/wide shot (from the viewers perspective) we see a transparent spirit of the Kami in various shape shifted form on or near the bathrobe. Even then it’s not always visible in every wide shot so that even the viewer isn’t privileged with the third eye ability of shamans and they are only given occasional glimpse into the ‘spirit realm’.
Not to mention it would be too distracting for the Kami to keep appearing/disappearing with every cut to scene. With perhaps the Kami is only always visible when the two shamans are present in the scene by way of the viewers see what the shamans see.

I’m thinking when the Kami is trying to get the couple’s attention that a calligraphy symbol for water, fire, air or earth emanates from the Kami like a paper seal/talisman with the corresponding element being affected in the surroundings. It would be a visual clue what power or element that kami is employing.


I like that. Maybe simply have the Kami as a little kid wearing an oversized red fleece jacket and pair of what we used to call “deely bobbers.”


(Wikipedia screen cap)

And what about the idea that he is visible to the shamans but not that interested in them . . . because they are not “his” people. But he is deeply attached to Ha-Neul and Haruto because they ARE “his” people.

It was either C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien (I think) who said that we no longer see magical creatures that our ancestors were familiar with because we don’t have our ancestors’ capacity for believing in or co-existing peaceably with them.

I’ve been thinking that it might actually make a lot of sense for Haruto’s family to own the ultra-super-swanky hotel where Ha-Neul and Haruto have their honeymoon.

Sort of In-House Marriage Honey. And maybe Haruto’s family way back in the Edo period did something creative and beautiful . . . maybe tended the Emperor’s bonsai?

And what if the family crest is some representation of a kitsune?

The kami absolutely LOVES his people and is majorly frustrated that they are not aware of him; he’s absolutely bored to tears with the shamans because they spend more time quarreling and fussing with each other than they do trying to convince Ha-Neul and Haruto that he IS real and DOES belong in his Special Place in Tokyo.

And maybe . . . what if he has to convince Ha-Neul and Haruto of his reality and get them to take him back within a time frame . . . or he will cease to exist, the hotel guarden will die, and the hotel (all 100 stories/storeys) will collapse into rubble . . . ???


I take it the little kid is a representation of an attention seeking child? Certainly that would work for the last element, Earth. The child stamps her foot down in a bratty manner on the floor, the character word for Earth emanates from under her foot and like a shockwave from an explosion ripples out in all direction and triggers the earth subsidence from under Ha-Neul’s house, localised to where the foot stomped.
We can use the Kami taking this form for the other element/events too if we don’t want to make work for ourselves thinking up other shape shifted form for those scenes.

Not too sure about the idea that the swanky hotel is owned by Haruto’s family. It would detract from the the willingness for Haruto to take off in a heartbeat with Ha-Neul to Korea if there’s a lot to leave behind.
That’s not to say that the hotel and the Kami can’t feature quite a bit in the drama, in fact it adds to the peril and doubles the urgency when the Kami is accidentally removed. Currently, with only misfortune being wrought upon Super-wipe as a form of protest to be returned.
Ha-Neul goes to Japan to secure the silk contract. She’s staying at this swanky hotel. Visits the Mulberry farm to negotiate contract with Haruto’s parent. Meets and falls in love with Haruto at the farm.
When the shaman relays the Kami’s story to the couple, as you suggested

The Kami says it naturally permeates the gardens of the imperial palace next to the Aman Hotel
Kokyo Gaien National Garden
Imperial palace east garden
When Ha-Neul and Haruto both show up at the hotel together on their short honeymoon they are so intensely in love they are like beacons and their love drew the attention of the Kami who liked being in the presence of the couple in the form of cutesy, fluffy foxes and puppies.
We could have a parallel when the couple are fending off the rivals to keep Super-wipe afloat, the prosperity of the hotel, previously through the benevolence of the Kami’s presence in the area, is slowly diminishing because it’s no longer there, with maybe less and less room bookings as time passes. With the hotel owner repeatedly going to the local Shinto shrine to frantically pray but not realising the Kami he thinks he’s praying to isn’t around at the moment.


My response to your concept is: precisely. The aerial view of the Aman Tokyo is a “kami paradise” (and I wonder how much it cost to develop THAT).

And the relationship energy like a beacon of light–very good IMHO.

Regarding Super-Wipe, If Haruto is the son of the hotel, then perhaps he and Ha-Neul have a natural connection through their parents. Hotels need cleaning, right?

A social connection, not a personal one. No growing up together, no going to the same schools. Seeing each other a couple of times a year for various reasons. Maybe meeting at various conferences while getting MBAs. Chatting over drinks at parties with envious dates hovering in the background.

The Aman Tokyo and its location is fascinating to me.

The word “Aman” is apparently the Sanskrit word for “peace.” According to Wikipedia, “Aman Resorts is the trading entity of Aman Group Sarl, a Swiss-headquartered multinational hospitality company. Founded by Indonesian hotelier Adrian Zecha in 1988, the company operates 34 properties in 20 countries. Vladislav Doronin is the Chief executive officer, chairman, and owner.”

I’m willing to bet that, when someone came up with the idea of an Aman hotel that could give pampered rich people the soul of Japan on a platter, there was a lot of careful and nervous negotiation about the location.

The Emperor of Japan is no longer considered a descendant of the kami, but WAAAAY back in the early days of Japan and Shintoism . . .

“Neither the Emperor nor most of his people ever thought that the Emperor was a God in the sense of being a supernatural supreme being. From the 6th century onwards it was accepted that the Emperor was descended from the kami (in this context gods), was in contact with them, and often inspired by them.”

After WWII, “The Emperor continued to claim direct descent from Amaterasu and the priestly status that this inheritance gave him, but his ritual functions ceased being National tasks and became (as they had been through most of Japanese history) private Shinto devotions designed to preserve the good fortune of Japan, and the continuity of the Imperial line.”

All this is from:

A luxury hotel in the heart of Tokyo . . . not exactly a case of desecrating sacred burial grounds, just something to carry out with a sense of being respectful of, essentially, the heart of the Shinto religion.


Here are some screen caps with information about the planning and building of Aman Tokyo:


A big deal!

The history that the hotel has to be respectful of . . . pretty complicated!

Apparently before 1868, the Emperor was a puppet of the shoguns. So much for being a descendant of Amaterasu, the kami of the sun and the head honcho on the kami org chart.

Shinto as it is currently practiced is a blend of animism and Buddhism.

All of this information is WAY more than could ever be usefully explained or portrayed to try and create “verisimilitude” or (according to Encyclopedia Britannica, “the semblance of reality in dramatic or nondramatic fiction.”

But it helps to know this because no one can draw creative water from an empty well.


Is this the relationship vibe KSKA needs, or is it not?

Even watching “Episode Zero,” I thought : BINGO.

Am I onto something, or do I need to go take a nap?

The details of family relationships aren’t exactly right, but ML/FL Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn comic snarkiness, filtered through the ancient limestone encrusted history of Eastern Asian . . . ??? Maybe???


Guess I’ll have to watch it for “scriptwriter homework” :joy:


Hard work, but someone has to make the sacrifice!

Plus, look at this screen shot I got just now (plane headed for the Netherlands, not for Tokyo, afternoon sun, not morning sun). I think we all need to become a bit Korea-boo-ish about Dali and Cocky Prince.

I love the title. Isn’t it something former art and music students would come up with? How can you mistake it for a thriller or a police procedural?

Given the evolution of personal names in Korean culture over several hundred years, I hesitate to guess what “Dali” means, but obviously somebody writing the script knows about the work of Salvador Dali.

And Cocky Prince. Well, clearly he is the Pork Bone Soup Prince. And “cocky” in the sense of being “out there” with his public persona and trying to hide his insecurities and lack of sophistication.

But also, this is a Korean rom-com, and the blatant appeal to the younger generations to get busy and deal with the replenishing of the Korean population probably has something to do with him being a cocky prince in loud suits with knock-your-eyes-out patterns rather than a sophisticated idol in a bespoke Italian pinstripe suit with subtle colors and textures.

Also, what Dali and Cocky Prince helps me with is understanding parent-child dynamics better.

Plus the English language being well-used by the main characters is quite charming. And how relieved must subbers be NOT to have to screw around too much with English subs!

(And how weird it also must be to have English dialog with Korean hard subs overlaid by English subs.)

My concept of Haneul is more along the lines of this woman at time-stamp 17:29. As focused and self-assured as DL&CP’s FL, but just a bit older. And Ha-Neul is not a “pink” person; she definitely rocks red, navy, black, white.



As a former art major turned English major, I think I am really going to like DL&CP for a number of reasons.


Your description is reminding me of Kim Ha-Neul in 18 Again now.
I was thinking of a younger woman since they were newlyweds… a young entrepreneur chaebol like Veronica Park :joy:
Young, classy, smart with a very goofy side.


From Haruto’s back story, he reminds me of Octogenarians and the 90s’ ML. Street smart. Hard worker, easygoing, natural leader who works well with people(which will help him if he goes to spy on the enemy company).

Not sure about him, though. More suggestions are welcome, everyone!


Wow, regarding a “Han-Neul type,” yes!

I think what we have here is a difference without a distinction in describing the character of Ha-Neul as a newlywed. Newlywed means, obvs, very recently married. I think the American view of being newly wed is that the two people, whoever they are and however old they are, have been married less than six months.

I think it’s worth noting that Dali gets involved with Pork Bone Soup Prince Moo Hak by mistake, thinking that he is Korean-Japanese art collecor Jin Hitonari when she goes to pick up Hitonari-san at the airport.

It is interesting to me that none of the “non-Korean” characters in DL&CP are mentioned anywhere that I can see. Mrs. Koch, who is the director of the art gallery owned by Dali’s father, plays pretty prominent roll in at least getting the story off the ground, but I have not yet found a reference to the actress who plays her. And since there are only two episodes up so far, I have no way of knowing if the Japanese art collector is someone who makes any significant appeearance at all . . . BUT!

The story line has Hitonari-san down as being “Korean-Japanese.” So what do you want to bet the actor is a Korean playing the part of a snooty Japanese art collector?

Don’t have a clue about the inspiration for Haruto you are suggesting. Who is he?