Let's RE-WRITE those horrible sucky endings of shows

Ok… We all have those shows that we liked which were ok until the END!

First off, we are firing the perverse scriptwriters who create such sucky endings for good dramas. They are all in heart-jail pending further investigation.

The White Truck of Doom is awaiting any who attempt to break out of jail.


And for historical shows, the palanquin carriers will run them over leaving tire tracks behind.

So, Visitors! Re-write your preferred ending for a show ending that had an ending you absolutely hated. Perhaps the scriptwriters will take heed.

This thread HAS SPOILERS so be aware.

Remember to put your dramas’ title in your comment so people know which show you are re-writing.


Sucky Ending Re-writes - I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

First off, we fired the perverse writers who wrote such a sucky ending for a cute drama. They are all in heart-jail pending further justice. The White Truck of Doom is awaiting any who attempt to break out of jail.

Now, for a re-write of the ending of Dali Temple:

As Ru Xiao Lan disintegrates in Qing Mo Yan’s arms, we close in to see him screaming in anguish over losing his beloved one.
Scene slowly fades out.

A year later, a mournful and depressed Qing Mo Yan turns in his Dali Temple resignation to the Emperor and Journeys to the West, chasing the sunset.

We see Ru Xiao Lan asleep in bed. Suddenly she wakes, clutching her heart. She shoots straight up into a sitting position, gasping for breath. Desperately looking around her room, she finally realizes it was just dream. An impossible dream of a love whom she shall never meet in this lifetime.

Grief slams into her as if a sledgehammer hit her square in the heart. Overwhelmed with sadness about her lost love… a fantasy love… she drags herself out of bed and gets ready for class.

The scene changes to find her forlornly waiting for the bus. The bus comes and she stumbles awkwardly to get on. Later she exits near the school and goes to get coffee before class starts.

Coming out of the coffee shop she sees a man standing in the middle of the plaza – his hands held slightly out, looking around in confusion. She walks toward him listlessly.

He turns.

She looks up and drops her coffee in shock.




A year later, a mournful and depressed HOTTIE turns in his resignation to the Emperor and heads off to the West -
He is thrust forward into the future threw a worm-hole
His gorgeous self stands up in the middle of the plaza where he turns to see his beloved - confused that he is there but she gazes into his eyes and touches his cheeks and says
“It took you long enough”



Heart jail!


My Love From the Stars - REWRITE - I will be working on this one.


Meow the Secret Boy

I will I have to think on these two just FYI - I’m working on them

Bride Water God is one other one I’ll work on

I have to go back and rewatch the ending to make a good re-write - give me a few days!!! :smile:

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Put each re-write in their own comment. :smiley:

I have to figure out the name of that show that had that wedding ending I hated…


Obviously I have a show or two for which I’d love to rewrite the ending. My dilemma is that I don’t remember the actual ending well enough to know how to rewrite it with detail, and I don’t really want to go back and watch it because, well, I hated it in the first place. :rofl: I’ll try to find some recaps online to refresh my memory.


I know. I really hated the ending of that one wedding scene but I need to figure out the name to get the title.


Was it a Cdrama?


yes, it was. I will look it up and bring a better ending here. It’s on my history somewhere.

I need to go find dinner. chili-lime Corn nuts along with cappuccino are not the best if that’s all you’ve eaten today. :laughing:


I always though Goblin’s ending was pretty sucky because nothing changes… he’s still immortal and she has like two or three lives to reincarnate, be with him, and die again.

My idea:
He’s wandering around in that snow-filled weird place. She’s forgotten him and then she suddenly remembers him in Canada and blows out that candle. He appears and they kiss. (all this was already in the drama).
Now my part:
He returns without his immortality, He’s a normal human and they’re already married anyway. They live their life together. DONE.

If you really want something tragic, kill both of them in an accident as soon as he comes back as a human. Poor Grim Reaper has to reap both his friends’ souls. Lots of crying. Fast forward 50-100 years(however long it takes for everyone to reincarnate). Same scene with GR and Sunny meeting as actors(or we could make GR a lawyer so they’re definitely from Touch Your Heart).

Because of all the tragedy that happened, Goblin is reincarnated as Sunny’s brother again. Eun Tak works on the film crew. Everyone is filming some scene on that iconic pier. Sunny’s bro comes to the filming site for some reason. Things are going on just fine until it suddenly starts raining. The entire cast and crew start running around, collecting their equipment and dashing for shelter. Eun Tak struggles with some piece of equipment and gets slightly left behind.
The rain is pounding on her back and she’s trying to keep the equipment safe from the rain. She tries to push her hair away from her eyes but it’s stuck to her forehead.
Suddenly, she isn’t getting drenched anymore! She lifts her eyes to see a handsome guy holding an umbrella over her.


Waaahh, tumara imagination bahut bahut bahut acha hai.


I guess “frustrated writer” has to come into the works!! I hated the ending of goblin and love from the stars, and that other one um starry night, starry sea and the other lee min ho , legand of the blue sea

sorry some of the titles drifted away, maybe some of you younger ones could help me on that. yes want better endings, think this was mentioned months ago~!!

oh another, loved the drama till reaching ending, oh I know it had to happen “Kill it” to be sure there had to be a better ending!! there’s more but that’s a start, and you want me to do the ending??

  1. Goblin the “wife” took out the knife/sword, so yeah reincarnation at least 100 years, maybe a detective, but he reverts to these images, doesn’;t know why, course a psychologist comes into play, tries to find out the reasons for his images, sunny is the psy… she also still has memories
    and the"wife" has nightmares of a scene, and cant get it out of her mind, so she is in sunnys care,
    the guy that was the grim reaper, hes the only ongoing one, years old now, has his memories intact, even remembering he was the king that cursed the goblin

so many titles to work on, Bride of the water God, oh that could have been a neat ending, the love knot, ridiculous ending, hydeJeklle and me, horrible! , rich man poor woman. oh well, like my name says “frustrated writer” what do I know?


Dance Of The Phoenix by any chance? Man, that wedding ending pee’d off a lot of viewers! :laughing:
Didn’t bother me that much as I pretty much expected them to die all of a sudden because reasons. Hey, it was a C-Drama, it’s pretty much part of the course!


is THAT the one I’m thinking of?? Dance of the Phoenix? I’ll have to go look. If so, It’s the one I will re-write and post here!

added: That’s the one! What a ROTTEN ENDING! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :unamused:

I will DEFINITELY re-write that one! B B Later :sunglasses:


ooh yes, I wasn’t very happy with this one, either… but My Love From Another Star was worse :flushed:


yes was a rotten ending could have been done a lot better. vivi yes they were also bad endings


I don’t find endings bad when they make sense throughout the story in [My Love from the Star] the guy was an alien, that was his planet, that was his destiny that couldn’t be changed. At least he was able to come and see her and give us that spectacular kiss. Some destinies can’t be changed bc we want to, and his destiny was unchangeable.

[The Legend of the Blue Sea]

She was a mermaid nothing could change her destiny. In order for her to become human a life still had to be sacrificed, and unconditional love means sacrificing our wants and needs, in this case, in order to keep them both alive she had to sacrificed herself for him. By doing that she also had to return to the sea in order to stop the hardening of her heart (her own death).

When she returns to see him, it was obvious that he had recorded their time together so he wouldn’t forget her; so at least they can meet this way (although he will eventually grow old and die, and she won’t bc she’s a mermaid). We don’t need season 2 unless they can work it out so that she becomes human, when he falls in love with her all over again in his other resurrection…:heart_eyes:

Everyone seems to forget that Asian writers/Directors/Producers; are driven to write what they know Asian people love to see in dramas. They see that for centuries they haven’t stop watching those kind of dramas/movies, and they cry and accept this constant tragic endings.

In my case, I stopped watching dramas that will have a tragic ending bc I refuse to give in to this RIDICULOUS tragic ending. I can accept most endings, but when it comes to seeing ML/FL deaths in an ending, I will avoid it and I don’t care if the rest of the story is great. They don’t want to change their way of writing, and I won’t change my thinking about tragic endings that make no sense in the story bc it could’ve had a great ending for a change.


But isn’t that kind of the point of this thread? The writers of these fictional stories are the ones who are creating that destiny, so if they wanted it to be different, it could be different. And even if an ending theoretically makes sense, it doesn’t mean we, as viewers, are obligated to like it, especially if we envision a way of writing it differently. So that’s all we are doing - taking the opportunity to write the endings in the way we would have wanted them to play out.


We’ll end up with Damos, and those historical
pi investigating, :wink: and we know our Damo is good.