The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


Since kami shape-shift, what would you think about a kami who . . . looks almost like a humming bird but with that weird quality (maybe it talks like Fran Drescher)?

Then it shape-shifts into a woman who has an obsession with . . . really blingy and really unsubtle clothing in street markets? Has REALLY blue hair? Chain smokes? Talks with her hands? Drives a scooter over the speed limit?


I realize this contradicts the bonsai kami idea, but hey, consistency is not my strongest point.


Vivi threw her Lee Do Hyun cut-out onto the floor in frustration, then picked it up and apologized to him before continuing her frustration rampage. “See, THIS is why we never get anywhere!! Happy had a wonderful idea but I think we’ll have to put it on hold. Porky just destroyed our newly constructed, beautiful, production office with a White Truck that came out of NOWEHERE, but Miss Willow is chasing PD-nim around the office with duct tape and calling @kdrama2020ali names like nothing has happened! And PD-nim chose to do a remake/parody of ‘I’m Not A Robot’ but he suddenly started going on and on about shamans and ugly ducklings. My Kim Min Kyu is NOT a shaman. I will not sign any warlord pacts if you insist on having them disrupt the peace at his beautiful mansion! As for Kami, since they seem to be a crowd favorite, we might as well add them. WHAT IS GOING ON?? In Rebecca Dew’s words, “This IS the last straw!””

Vivi realized that Cutout Lee Do Hyun was the only one patiently listening to her. Miss Willow was delivering a lecture on the Kami as everyone swept up the shards of glass and straightened the curtains. The Badgers’ Production Office was built of titanium, so there wasn’t much damage done.


Miss Willow held back a yawn as OSPD-nim rattled on with a thousand ideas (and STILL not a meaningful snak to fulfill his constant promise to bring really good ones back from the convenience store where he went to get his lottery tickets).

“Since Niles the koala turns out to be an ancient aboriginal Australian spirit being and not just some cute little stuffed toy, Badger Productions can foment an office revolution in five minutes tops, and then you’d be part of a kami conspiracy of a different type, wouldn’t you?”

OSPD-nim was not good at word play; he looked puzzled. Niles the koala sat on OSPD-nim’s desk, tapping his claws impatiently. In a voice not unlike that of country singer Keith Urban, he snapped, “Where are my shrimp crisps, mate? I’d rather be napping right now with my Hello Kitty stuffed toy, but if I have to sit on you to get what I want, I will.”


Miss Willow smiled a sarcastic smile in OSPD-nim’s direction. "Sad, so sad that you cannot keep track of the simplest aspect of Badger Production’s work. It feels as if @porkypine90_261 and I have been hashing over the kami angle for weeks now.

Miss Willow and @porkypine90_261 smiled at each other. “Pine-sama,” Miss Willow said, “would you care to enlighten our director?”

Pine-sama turned to explain the details of her idea to OSPDN-nim and stopped. She pointed and whispered, "I think OSPD-nim brought back a whole new batch of kami when he went out to get his lottery ticket at the convenience store.

"You have little pink kami about the size of a shrimp curled up and nesting in your hair. No, don’t move and disturb them. They are especially sensitive kami and might chew all your hair off if you make them nervous!

“You didn’t accidentally bump into any Japanese tourists or anything, did you?”

“I don’t know,” whispered OSPD-nim. “How would I know?”

Pine-Sama rolled her eyes. “Um . . . you would feel yourself jostled by . . . people . . . who look like . . . me?”

“Sorry,” whispered OSPD-nim. “I was hungry and thinking about whether or not I had enough money for four bags of shrimp crisps instead of two.”

“Somebody give me the word,” said Niles from the top of OSPD-nim’s desk, “and I’ll sit on him just because he’s an idiot.”

“Don’t tempt me,” yawned Miss Willow. “Don’t tempt me.”


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I LOVE your koala print!


Perhaps, if it was an excellent bonsai.

Since Hummingbirds are North/South American creatures, the humanoid form should be hispanic. Oh! kdramagirl eats TEX-MEX! Does that qualify? She has blue hair reflective of her brilliant plumage.

"Sorry! 미안에요! porky apologized. "I saw that truck hurtling through the air and just went into emergency mode and wanted to make sure everyone got out in time!

She paused, thinking. "Oh! Built of titanium?.. Does that mean I can plant a rooftop garden? I think we can do it as long as we can keep the hotties from trampling the yard during their frequent, dissolute parties with… ahem… that blue-haired party girl! Porky exclaimed while giving @kdrama2020ali a sideways, dismissive, albeit jealous, glance.

OSPD-nim blinking confusedly since outwardly, porkypine was disguised as a Danish person.

Realizing what was causing the confusion, porky babbled, “Ask the director who insisted on speaking Danish to me even though I pleaded that him with I was not Danish, never had been Danish, Didn’t even know any Danish people! He refused to believe me so I had to bring out my DNA report! That stupid guy! and since when was the liking of danish pastries equivalent with parentage?”


@vivi_1485, You are a genius! Whaow!

:raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ I’m listening. . .


This happened to me on the bus :joy: just yesterday :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: all I was trying to do, was pass this dude in a wheelchair after getting on the bus :rofl::joy: next thing I knew :rofl: I’m all held back :rofl::rofl: I turned giving off all my NY 'tude, only to see him repeatedly fixing his ball cap :billed_cap: on his head. A few stops after, he’s getting off, he did a funny thing, :thinking: he gets up out of his wheel chair, and pushes it off the bus! :joy::rofl::rofl: that was one nutty kami 🦧 go figure! :woman_shrugging:t5:!

How will you live this down? (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;) Watch your back :rofl: @porkypine90_261, @kdrama2020ali’s hair is purple 🟣 :purple_heart: 🟪 in any sphere :grin::laughing::grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Vivi paused Episode 19 of her cdrama and peeked over the general mess of her desk to watch Miss Willow, Porky, and OSPD-nim, once again, talk about everything BUT their ongoing project. She was rather annoyed over the fact that Miss Willow was using her infinite creative juices to invent disputes with their all-wise OSPD-nim instead of using them to get their project going. They were probably going to have to rely on OSPD-nim’s unusual luck with lottery tickets to pay this month’s bills, too, if things went on like this.

She got out of her comfortable chair and handed Miss Willow her clipboard. Let’s agree to remake/do a parody on one popular drama. Which of these have you watched? Goblin, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Descendants of the Sun, W, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, My Love from the Stars, Healer, The Legend of the Blue Sea, I’m Not a Robot… PICK ONE, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! We’ll insert the Kami somewhere, don’t you worry.”

Miss Willow stopped chewing her Bikkie Stick and took the clipboard.

Vivi walked back to her desk after one last death-stare in Miss Willow’s general direction. She picked up @kdrama2020ali’s unfinished designs and started planning out a Welcome-Home party for the return of the Baby Bird Supreme Chancellor. She suddenly remembered that she and the Cutie Posse would have to take down the loudspeakers and clear up the remains of the huge festival they had hosted at the University in the Chancellor’s absence.

“I’ve got to leave!” she yelled, as she ran towards the door. Feeling like a rather spoilt Evil Maknae after being so rude to her honorable Sunbaes, she promised to work extra hard and sponsor the Badgers’ next meal as compensation.


Ducks the razors and arrows cascading upon her head. OOps! I wasn’t quick enough to catch that wavelength! Stealthily, porky pushes over a few new sample photos of potential hotties for @kdrama2020ali 's Chippendale harem… um… collection of fine upstanding, teenagers… um. Grown men.

No! The title says, “The Viki original you haven’t seen yet! I’ve seen them all!” Porkyine wailed. “It would be a lie because I’ve seen them all! We have to do something no one has seen yet or our whole mission statement is misdirected!” All the while tossing purple dye packets at kdramagirls desk.


Pay attention to the writings on the wall you’all :laughing::joy::rofl::rofl::sob::rofl: “If you got it. . .Flaunt it!”


Porky? Danish? Are you going to let the boss’s obsession with food dictate how things get done around the office? And as for DNA, what’s a few chromosomes here and there? Some scientists have suggested that, in prehistoric times, Northern European sorts actually migrated to some interesting places.

Which is why the Ainu are in Japan. Which is why some Uighurs have blonde or red hair and blue or green eyes.

As for a kami in human form, this Northern European business seems to understand the concept of bright and natural.

As for other human-form kami dressed in other types of ethnic garb, it would mean more purses! More shoes! More excuses for dinners out at more restaurants! More product placements for great cologne and perfume! More security guards for the University of Hotness!


PD-nim looked up to see the commotion in the writers dept. As Vivi went out the door, PD-nim was glad he had tried to form a strategic alliance earlier, “She turned out to be quite a rebel character” he thought to himself. All of which reminded him about the Kami-sama draft and called in @misswillowinlove and @porkypine90_261 the Kami knowledgeable ones.
As MissWillow sat down she placed a roll of duct tape on the desk as a reminder to PD-nim to choose his words wisely.
“Ahem” coughed PD-nim with a slight crack in his voice. “About the Kami-sama draft. We’re still at the draft level and it seems quite feasible so far from what I can see. So to refine it down a bit more, I came up with some ideas about how the Kami would manifest in protest at being removed and to get the attention of the couple.
For the initial part when they don’t know about the Kami, it would start off mild, and would involve the four elements somehow. Such as a [water] tap being left on, which they dismiss as being forgetful. Then the [air] conditioner being screwy, blowing cold, then hot, then cold again.
To food catching on [fire] when cooking, clumsy. Then a burst [water] pipe. These events build up in intensity until the ground [earth] underneath a corner of the house suffers subsidence and a massive crack appears in one of the inside wall.
At which point the couple seek the help of the shamans. Who are able to communicate with the Kami and explain the need to return it to Japan, but the couple can’t yet and so it continues.
But the couple are not land owners, the ruling elite or warlords of a prefecture, so what would have been the general failure of crops in the land or the losing of a battle and subsequent invasion of a neighboring warlord resulting in hardship of the people. (flashbacks to explain this)
now translate to the Super-Wipe business that they own, the slow failure of the company from one disaster to the next (the agriculture/prosperity of the land) and the losing out to a rival cleaning product company (the battle with a neighboring warlord) highlighting the similar power/effect of the Kami both in ancient and modern times.”
PD-nim picked up the document holder for the Kami-sama project and pretends to offer it to MissWillow as he continued about the draft “The only thing is I have not been able to work in the shape shifting ability of the Kami as that is something I’m not familiar with being an aspect of Kamis” as he surreptitiously uses the far edge of the holder to slow shove the roll of duct tape off his desk. “Maybe that’s something others can work on developing to fill in more air time. Since the shamans are starting to be fixed in place we really need to give them names and develop their personalities, do you still have that list of Korean names?”


Kudos! My hat’s off to you! 화이팅! :fist:t5:!

:raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ Leave the Kami to @porkypine90_261, and @vivi_1485, who does better with them than she realizes, even if it’s expressing her opposition, dislike :wink::+1:t5: oh! @my_happy_place does an awesome job too!


Okay Badger Productions.


Our currently featured Viki Original is :drum: :drum: :drum:
(*❛‿❛)→ Tada!!


We’ll have that too! !

Belowヘ(๑╹◡╹๑ヘ) they have their script readings, and Viki shout out! We will too! !

SBS aired it in S.Korea.

Which major network will pick up this "Original ! ?"


:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:Oh Supreme Chancellor & Hottie Posse Overlord is somehow being tossed around like a bounce dryer sheet in Viki Original-
Purple Hair - Yes It’s Purple! And people are redesigning my university & having festivals & sticking chocolate abs on girls in my Hottie Posse. Me thinks I need to be leaving on a jet plane. Cuz I left you guys to your own devices WAY too long!:desert_island::sailboat::flight_departure::airplane::small_airplane:


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Stepping out of character for a moment . . .

As someone who is truly a right-brained, big-picture thinker and not a left-brained, linear thinker, I am seeing some real flow develop.

My guess is that we are all less self-conscious and more relaxed than we were at the start of this imaginative adventure. The result is a unique combination of pure insanity, love of humanity and snacks, and genuine ability to communicate well over, around, and through very interesting cultural differences. And now, stepping back in character . . .

Miss Willow was alert despite the grueling 24/7 schedule that Badger Productions seemed to have in place.

“Are my dog-whistle sensitive ears deceiving me, or have I just heard OSPD-nim’s brilliant but irrational thoughts explained and expressed in an actually rational, comprehensible form by @leerla73?” She flailed her arms in an unnecessarily melodramatic gesture. “Oh, my goodness! There is a God! Miracles do happen!”

She had just finished consuming a quart of coffee ice cream, five cups of yerba mate, three small bottles of Mountain Dew, and twenty-five bags of Caffeine Crisps that she had ordered online.

Flashback: “Nobody will touch any of these EVER,” she had announced when the box arrived courtesy of the Cuties In Training Delivery Service. "Or I will quit. I have my limits!"

"Really?" OSPD-nim had whispered to @leerla73. "What limits are those? The ‘Outer Limits’?"

Despite Miss Willow’s ability to generate occasionally useful ideas AND her usefulness as a living calendar and clock (“time for lunch, time to go home, National Liberation Day is August 15, and I am going to be out of the office that whole week”), she had managed, in her brief time as Badger Productions’ office manager and receptionist, to turn a struggling but organized small office space into a processed-food madhouse.

OSPD-nim and @leerla73 had done well as founding partners struggling to actualize their life-long dreams of creating meaningful content for fans of Asian visual entertainment.

@kdrama2020ali had come along later and added significance to Badger Productions’ activities by providing connections to the incredible number of talents she had saved in her smartphone contact list.

@vivi_1485, @my_happy_place, @porkypine90_261, @shraddhasingh, @padmalayag, @mas4, and others showed up and stayed or showed up and visited as the fortunes of Badger Productions changed over time. Now good, now bad. Now exciting, now boring. But generally steady and useful until . . .

Miss Willow had shown up in response to an ad: “Receptionist wanted. Temp to perm. Part-time.” She had come with a coffee mug the size of a bathtub, a snak-filled tote bag the size of a sofa, and a wall calendar the size of a wall. And from the day she had come merely to inquire about a job, she had never been known to actually go home and had been dominating and dictating ever since, sometimes from out of a snak-induced sugar coma, sometimes from a caffeinated psychotic state.


Miss Willow seemed alert and quite rational. “Things seem to be falling into place.”

She opened her desk drawer and took out a small glass jar of American-style freeze-dried coffee and twelve packets of sugar. She opened the jar and, one by one, tore open the sugar packets and dumped their contents into the jar. Taking a pencil from her pencil can, she stirred the contents of the freeze-dried coffee jar and poured the result into her mouth in between comments.

“Emotional tone of our production established. Intense, mysterious. Comedy relief applied liberally. Classic character pairings with modern twists. Names with symbolic meaning. Beloved tropes in abundance. Impressive locations just a stone’s throw from our front door. Talent willing to work for scale due to truly positive professional and personal relationships. Possibilities for sets and costumes developing. Our pool of writers on point every time.”

She finished shaking coffee granules into her mouth, licked her lips, and nodded. “Yes, it seems from my vantage point that this is no longer theoretical. I never thought I’d say this, but Onion-Sama, it’s going to happen. It’s got to. It’s that simple.”

And as suddenly as she had sat up and made the most coherent speech anyone could remember in a long time, Miss Willow lay her head back on her desk and started snoring.

“Wow,” said Maknae Vivi. “She ingested all that caffeine and stuff, and she still fell asleep. That’s scary.”

“Not as scary,” said @my_happy_place, “as it’s gonna be when it really kicks in and she has to go to the . . . you know.”

Los servicios,” said @natyh, walking in from a trip to the convenience store for toilet paper. “it is a lovely euphemism, is it not?”

Miss Willow started singing in her sleep: “Yo soy un hombre sincero, de donde crece la palma . . .


@leerla73 is officially the Badger Productions’ Senior Editor, Veteran Encourager and Voice of Reason, encouraging us to stick to the right path and persevere on this promising venture! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, I found the perfect video to show exactly how our Production Office usually works. I relate to No Ji Wook on a personal level now. And I’m sure Mr. Byun knows who she is :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy felt like she was a spectator in the front row of a tennis match as she watched the back-and-forth between the ‘big guns’ of Badger Productions (which is fitting because, shockingly, she’d been watching early rounds of the U.S. Open tennis tournament on her computer today instead of Viki). ‘I know I don’t always give my undivided attention around here, but I’m really confused,’ she thought to herself. ‘Are they or are they not following Vivi’s suggestion to write a new story within the familiar setting of a previous drama? And did I hear something about a couple bringing a Kami back from Japan? Does that mean the couple in the story is already together? Is this not a story about two people meeting and falling in love? Do these higher-ups realize that the shenanigans in their office would make for a great drama all on their own, full of quirky but lovable characters, workplace tension, and complete with an in-house Kami?’

Happy shakes her head and puts her earbuds back in, turning back to the high-intensity match that’s on her screen. ‘It’s a good thing I’m only here on a voluntary basis,’ she reminds herself. ‘I’m of no use. Thankfully they let me freeload from their wi-fi in exchange for goodies from my Segue Cafe, and this way at least I can be front row center as this drama takes shape.’