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I agree with @my_happy_place’s suggestion of starting with the airport. That way, we have more settings and opportunities for unusual events to happen. And the Kami should start acting up from the time they get trapped in the couple’s suitcase.

Miss Willow:

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If Kami-sama Kickass is to have an international flavor, of COURSE an airport must feature prominently. I love airports. I have not flown anywhere in a while, but I love being in an airport for a really early flight.

Arriving two hours before take-off so I am not at the back of the ticket line, traveling in the dark by taxi, and chatting with the driver pleasantly on the way, checking my big bags in, wandering down a (relatively) quiet concourse, stopping at a kiosk for . . . you got it . . . bags o’ snax, bottles o’ juice, magazines, a paperback novel.

Sitting quietly at the departure gate alternately snoozing, snacking, reading, watching the sky lighten and the clouds brighten. Watching other folks–individuals and families–arrive. Listening to conversations around me.

(This is sort of tangential, but one of the best comments I ever heard a person make about himself or herself was a beauty pageant winner who said, “When I open my mouth, I prove why I deserve my face.”)

That old English play writer guy said “All the world’s a stage,” and an airport is a mini-stage for sure.

And both dramatic and comedic unexpected events that can happen at an airport provide many possibilities for plot twists and introduction of characters.

  • Flight delays due to bad weather
  • Luggage misplaced or arriving on another flight
  • Air sickness
  • Spilled coffee
  • Tripping on the way to or from the “little room”
  • Exhaustedly slipping into a vacant (and wrong) seat
  • Enduring someone else’s boring but harmless chatter
  • Sitting on a wad of gum overlooked by cleaners
  • Suffering through small children kicking the back of a seat
  • Puzzling over "this is your captain [crackle, crackle, crackle]"
  • Dropping a pen or packet of peanuts and having to retrieve it
  • Fussing with the seat light, the seat air nozzle, the seat belt
  • Struggling to get the seat belt to fit
  • Falling asleep and missing the beverage cart

The possibilities are seemingly endless for KSKA inspiration.

Question: might Ha-neul be a licensed pilot more used to airplane travel than her new hubs? Might it turn out that the kami [just one unhappy and misplaced kami], shares Haruto’s uneasiness about airplanes? Could be a funny scene involving the disappearance of parts of the airplane’s liquor stash because the kami is trying to ramp down its nervousness . . . though obviously nobody would know at that point that a kami is en route to Seoul.


So she’s a licensed pilot AND a business owner?

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Why not? :rofl: Let her talents shine!

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My next-to-youngest aunt who passed away about ten years ago, was involved in nursing (I forget exactly how at the moment). She lived for most of MY adult life in a rural part of North Carolina and traveled the US, for both business and pleasure, by means of her very own small airplane. A Cessna, if I remember correctly.

Flying a plane AND flying in a plane are both, in actuality, a bit tricky these days. However, “our Ha-Neul” is young, brilliant, and super-accomplished, which is why being a pilot would fit her accomplishment profile, don’t you think?


I had the exact same thought and came up with this. [Kami affecting one of the elements Earth]

Haruto is standing, waiting patiently next to hotel bed, on it is Ha-Neul’s open suitcase.
Ha-Neul is in the bathroom hurriedly grabbing all her belongings off the sink top and dumping them into a large washbag.
Haruto notices the bathrobe and shouts towards the bathroom “Are you taking the robe?” to hurry things along.
Ha-Neul is busy and not paying attention “Yes, yes, everything!” as she makes one last scan around the bathroom for anything she may have missed.
Haruto flops the bathrobe onto the pile in Ha-Neul’s suitcase just as Ha-Neul comes rushing out the bathroom to throw the washbag on to the robe.
[slow motion] slams the suitcase lid shut with a slow muffles ‘puuum’ sound effect as the lid slams shut.
The room starts to shake, glasses and lights rattle, Ha-Neul freezes in place eyes darting around.
Haruto is poised to grab Ha-Neul and evacuate if it things intensifies. but then the shaking starts to die down.
“Oh, that was probably just a small earth tremor.” dismissed Haruto “We have quite a few of them in Japan. They’re not as bad as the big earthquakes and not anything to worry about.”
Cut to suitcase being loading into the boot/trunk of waiting taxi. Begin slow zoom into towards the suitcase.
Transition to cargo hold to continue zoom towards Ha-Neul’s suitcase and the slow intro of engine noise {continue with previous opening}

This cuts out the airport at the start of this drama that we’re all currently talking about but I’ll expand on why in another post to @entwyfhasbeenfound.


Are all the Kami trapped in the bathrobe or just one? If it’s just one, then how do we get the others in and what powers does Bathrobe Kami have?


I think it’s one kami, affecting all the elements.


I’m pretty sure PD-nim said there are four for earth, water, wind and fire…


Here is what I found in bold below, I think we’ve been a bit careless, I went back and singularized my pluralization of the kami.


Yes, airports are fascinating places to observe people. I’m not a well traveled person myself but my parents are frequently travelling between the UK/HK and guess who has to play chauffeur and do the airport runs every time?!
Often waiting for them to pass the Departures point or waiting ages at Arrivals cordoned area (Time really slooooooows from “Landed” on the board to them actually coming through those doors :persevere:)

Seeing the uncontrollable happiness of some people running into cordon area as soon as they see the long awaited person(s) come through the doors and not able to wait even the last few seconds it’ takes to reach the wider area at the cordons end, entertaining the onlooking waiting people and drivers with cardboard signs with hand scrawled name and company, congregated on the other side of the fence.

Contrasted with the range of emotions at Departures. From the happy, have a nice trip, energetic hand waving send off. The tried not to cry tearful, long hugging send off. To my bored o.k. they’ve not missed their flight I can go home now send off. (father insist on having a 3 hour ‘just in case’ buffer to departure time :expressionless::sleeping:)


All this leads me to the role of the airport setting in the Kami drama. Since they are leaving together, I feel there is less importance to any airport scenes in this part of the story.

Before @vivi_1485 diverted our attention to the opening of the drama, I was trying to get ideas for what kind of incidents could beset Super-Wipe as the story heads to a time limited outcome.
What will happen? The kami is not returned for too long and Super-Wipe finally goes under -or- the Kami is returned, Super-Wipe is saved, Hooray!

So how will that path work? Somehow the time peril needs to stop. We could quickly conclude it with a simple Japan relaxes the lockdown, return the Kami, job done.
But that’s a bit dull so I thought of this.
Japan relaxes the lockdown rules BUT only allowing Japanese nationals to return to Japan. Haruto being Japanese is then able to return the Kami but not Ha-Neul.
This serves many purposes:
I see it as an opportunity for us all to have a go at doing a tearjerker.
In the struggle to keep Super-Wipe afloat, they became less and less lovey-dovey as worry and anxiety became more pervasive.
Just when the light was beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel, they are forced to part [for a duration of time].
This is where I feel the airport setting will be most effective. Haruto passing through the Departures gate that the crying Ha-Neul can’t. etc
The level of sadness of the two reflecting that their love for each other was there all along, being able to be expressed just when they actually can’t.

My ending would be maybe an episode of Haruto with the aide of a Shinto priest returns the Kami.
Subtitle: [Duration of time] later…
Haruto coming through the Arrivals gate, Ha-Neul running towards Haruto, leaping up,
Freeze frame end with Haruto smiling, arms out stretched ready to catch Ha-Neul, Ha-Neul in mid leap with the biggest smile on her face.
-or- on completion of the leap, freeze frame on the kissing couple.

But that’s only my idea and I’d like a discussion on endings later.


I did only have one in mind but allowed it to be able to affect the four usual elements that is common in pop culture, simply for the fact that I would quickly run out of ideas of what sort of phenomena could occur if I restricted it to only be associated with one element. :stuck_out_tongue:


Zyxw just nods. “I can lend you something that will help” says while pointing at a huge bag. After a few seconds takes out a measuring tape.
“I think it will come in handy, saved my life when I was moving out.” It’s apparent she had some troubles before as her clothes still have some paint spots and there is a loose spider web hanging from her sleeve. The bag seems to be filled with many different tools.
“Can I… just go there?” points awkwardly at the derection that the path goes into and follows the new, mysterious producer.


“Oh, most definitely you can just go there, security there is a bit lax with anyone can just show up and no one would bat an eyelid. Just find an empty desk and pretend you work there seems to be how you get a job there!”

“You wouldn’t believe what I saw in the breakroom the other day, a gazelle had somehow wandered in off the streets, made it’s way all the way up to the breakroom and had helped itself to a bowl of popcorn that someone had left uneaten, a GAZZELLE! I’m not certain, I’ll have to check but I think it might even still be there since no one bothered to shoo it away.”


EXCELLENT! Excellent! Everything rushed. Oh, no, gonna miss the plane! What is it that makes that type of scene so foundational for a K-drama?

By the by, my “fun facts” email from says today is the birthday of Elizabeth I of England. The perfect excuse for trifle! Any kind, with booze or without. The best use of stale cake ever.

Miss Willow feels a pang of remorse that she has utterly failed to develop back-door connections with pastry and cake makers in downtown Seoul . . .


I like it! :rofl::rofl::rofl: A Gazzelle, so that’s what that was, I know nothing! I saw nothing! I had nothing to do with it being smuggled in to do cleaning duties. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Vivi slammed her file on her desk, trying to make the sound as loud and annoying as the screaming in her head.
“roMANCE? You won’t give us roMANCE? What’s the use of watching a couple struggle if we don’t get roMANCE? I’d rate it a 6 on MDL just because of the ending! I’d let them be happy together for some time and THEN have to part with each other. We could raise the tension by using a whole other array of plot devices.”

She stopped in the middle of her rant, realizing no one was listening. She sighed as she started building her box pyramid again. She hoped it would hold her this time.
“ALL RIGHT! So I’ve been watching a drama where one of the plot arcs revolves around a married couple. The FL wants to emigrate to the US but ML doesn’t because he’s raised his three siblings like his own children so he obviously won’t leave them. However, FL is used to doing whatever she wants while ML is used to letting FL have her way. So he agrees to go abroad after she settles in the US and gets things ready. They part at the airport. She doesn’t let him get out of the car because she doesn’t want to have a sad goodbye. She goes in and looks back at him while in the queue. I love the way that scene was shot. The scene is shot with her looking at him through all the various glass walls while he watches from his half-opened car window. The viewer immediately realizes that he isn’t going to go after her and she is never coming back. No words were spoken, but we all knew the marriage was over— Niles, COME BACK HERE!”

Niles turned around and stretched his hand out.

“I already paid you! I bribed both you and Greta the Gazelle with the same amount of food!”

Niles didn’t budge. He wasn’t going to let Vivi destroy so many of his brain cells with her neverending lectures without ample compensation. He gave her his Most Annoyed Look and tapped his foot, mimicking Miss Willow.

“All right.” Vivi said, giving up. She pulled out another bunch of eucalyptus leaves and handed it over.

Niles sat. Greta looked slightly annoyed. Vivi gave her more grass to prevent another mutiny.

“So where was I? What was I trying to get at? I forgot. Anyway, PD-nim wants us to discuss the ending later, so we’ll leave it there. Let’s go back to the airport at the beginning. Haruto and Ha Neul are… on the plane or off it? Does the whole family come to welcome them home? Do they go out to eat and have the Kami wreak havoc at home while they’re out?”


Miss Willow walked over to Maknae Vivi’s desk to hand her a stack of flattened snak boxes for her to fold and use as needed. She absently patted the Gazelle that had wandered in, undoubtedly one of the poor transmogrified Moorim School first-years who failed her transmogrification exam and would have to wait a whole year before being able to retake it in hopes of passing.

Miss Willow took off her platinum-frame reading glasses, briefly rubbed the bridge of her nose, and gave Niles a cool stare. “Two thousand year old balls of koala lint in need of a constant supply of eucalyptus pesto should remember who their betters are. If it were not for Miss Willow, you would be washing dishes at the Italian Stallion Ristorante and Wine Bar for stubbies and sangas and begging Aussie tourists on the street for a different kind of ready green.”

Miss Willow gestured toward Maknae Vivi. “And you would not now have a job as a consultant if our staff members were not sticklers for detail.”

"This poor child . . . " She patted Greta’s head gently, "cannot help her circumstances. She is studying one of the more difficult subjects Moorim school offers and is toughing it out. It’s a good thing she has her Badger Productions internship to fall back on.

“Who knew that transmogrified gazelles have the metabolism of a gnat and require a diet of heirloom Aztec popcorn tthat must be flown in daily from Mexico City? Not I.”

Niles held up a paw. “Talk to the paw. I am going out to the back parking lot to take a meditation break with my friend OSPD-nim.” And he slowly climbed down from Maknae Vivi’s desk and slowly ambled down the hall toward the back door of the office, whistling “Waltzing Matilda” in three-part harmony.

Miss Willow called after Niles. “Smug indifference is not a good look on you, in case you don’t know!”

She continued to stroke Greta’s head gently. “Don’t worry dear, it’s not always this bad. I know things seem unfair and terribly annoying at the moment, but they will get better. We will do everything to help you in your time of need.”

Miss Willow looked at Maknae Vivi and shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what to say about OSPD-nim other than to point out he needs to find a source of Ritalin-flavored crisps.”

Greta the Gazelle gently licked Miss Willow’s hand and began to eat the cuff of her cashmere cardigan.


PD-nim enter the foyer of the tall building near the car park closely followed by @zyxw. they breeze pass the front desk receptionists who are busy scrolling through their phones, flanked by a burly security guard who is fast asleep. They head to the elevator lobby. PD-nim presses the call button and after a few seconds an up arrow above a set of doors light up accompanied by a ping. They position themselves in front of it and watch the door slide apart to an empty lift. PD-nim glanced down to see Nigel was actual the lone occupant of the lift. PD-nim and Nigel’s eyes locked in a short staring contest. Nigel, a little bit fed up, walked round PD-nim and headed out towards the carpark even though PD-nim was headed back in.
He ushered zyxw to enter the lift quickly, pressed the top button frantically to initiate the doors to close, watching to the very end for the doors to close should the tiny paws of a Koala jam itself into the gap to cause the doors to reopen.
The lift began to rise. PD-nim breathed a sigh of relief.
“These are high tech drama lifts.” he explained to zyxw “Whenever you get in one and start a conversation, they will slow down and let you have an entire conversation even if you only go a few floors up or down. Watch.” and began to make up a long conversation “Badger Productions is a relatively new start up in the drama production field, we occupy the top five floors of this building with the rest rented out to other companies. We did sustain a slight bit of damage the building the other day and we are also in the process of getting some structural engineers in to survey the roof to see if it was feasible to have a roof garden kitted out there.” and with that, stopped talking, puckered his lips and placed a finger over them to indicate keep quiet.
Immediately, the elevator came to a stop, pinged and the doors slid open.“See! high tech! The longest I’ve ever taken to go from the top to the ground floor was six minutes and 29 seconds when it usually takes 43 seconds!”
They head towards the writers dept, where upon seeing Greta the Gazelle. PD-nim exclaimed towards zyxw “See! See! a GAZELLE!” as if vindicated that he was not imagining things, completely ignoring the fact that there was a gazelle in the middle of a modern office was such a normal thing to expect.