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@vivi_1485 upon hearing PD-nim’s voice. Immediacy sat upright and began to pat her palms quietly on her desk and begain a slow quiet chant.
“Row… mance. row… mance. row… mance. row… mance” gradually building a crescendo “ro-mance, romance Romance, ROMANCE, ROMANCE!” but then suddenly stopped when she realised that yet again no one was listening to join in her mini protest and she was the only one in the rally.
PD-nim looked on with a puzzled look on his face. Just how long was that bout of amnisia? he wondered.
Unfazed by the lack of participation in her rallying chant, she picked up the document holder for the Kami project like a lawyer in a court room drama, held it up and showed it to to others who were busy with their work and still not taking any notice.
“I’ve had a sneaky peek at what happens to Ha-Neul and Haruto, and I don’t like it one bit! JUSTICE FOR HA-NEUL and HARUTO!” as she continues to wave the folder in the air “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there should be only verdict here today and that is GUILTY! PD-nim is guilty of being heartless for not giving them time together.”
Upon which the penny dropped as to what was happening.
"Most definitely they have to spend time together before they part. In fact, it’s essential that they do or the tearjerker doesn’t work at all giving the airport location with it’s Departure and Arrivals gates feature it’s impact on the couples emotion, more so than say that of a train station location.
Compare that with when they head over together as the happily married couple, the Departure gate has zero significance on the couple and is nothing more that a transition from A to B.
As for when they land in Korea, do the family greet them at the airport, I’d say no, there may be more opportunities to write more story in regards to the return, like not telling the family that she had returned (surprise number 1)

as it could make the return more fractious in a private setting when surprise number 2 is sprung upon them.
Depending on how we develop the story, if they accept Haruto with open arms or reject him, I feel a Kimchi slap level of response coming! :rofl:


The chant begins to build: “Kimchi! Kimchi! Kimchi!” But who will actually experience direct contact with it as just retribution for his or her sins? And in what quantity? And with what amount of impact?

Is that Miss Willow holding a jar of said precious food aloft in her hand? Is she about to take revenge for having to wait three hours on Christmas ever for the discussion-sensitive elevator to arrive so she could leave for the holidays?

Is that Greta the Gazelle eagerly homing in on OSPD-nim’s uncut corduroy jacket which holds the smell of five years’ worth of white cheddar popcorn?

Is that Badger Productions’ writing staff and casting director pushing furniture to the wall and getting out their own jars of kimchi?

Are those the building secretaries peering in the office front door and chattering excitedly on their phones as they take bets?

Have things gone horribly wrong again for OSPD-nim? Is there no white knight to come to the rescue? No master of ancient martial arts, no culinary genius to distract and pacify the ferrmented-food obsessed rabble?

“Beats me. I personally think it builds character to get a few kimchi slaps now and then.”

(Fan Girl Verdict)

In an unusual cinematic flash-forward . . .

“Think Niles will mind paying for me? I could use some soothing snax.”
“I mind anybody paying for you, you freeloader, but Niles has OSPD-nim’s card.”
“That’s good to know, you wishy-washy Momma’s boy . . .”



This reminds me of the drama Touch.

Here’s a clip of Touch’s hidden romance.

Romance in Rakshasa is, mixed with misfortune, but, also fantasy.

Niles has the disposition of a cat! :smiley_cat::smile_cat::joy_cat:


You may have noted some strange shifting of text and images as the entire BP building prepares for a betting frenzy. Miss Willow cannot eat snax, get a good aim with a jar of kimchi, and type at the same time. She is easily overwhelmed by strong positive emotions . . .


Miss Willow stood on her desk and waved a piece of poster board she had taken from under her desk blotter. "Before we commence to giving OSPD-nim an opportunity for extreme self-reflection, why don’t we take a few moments to consider one of the . . . ahem . . . most touching hidden romance scenes I can recall.

@leerla73 reminded me of it while she was putting her scrapbook of “Lesser-Known Nothing Going On Romance Moments” out of harm’s way. Since its use of macarons is so delicate and memorable, I feel we must act fast to place it correctly in the story arc so that we are not too tired AFTER giving our dear leader an opportunity to revisit and revise his inadequate theories of romantic involvement.”

"Tha-that sounds like a splendid idea, " quavered Badger Productions’ most flexible thinker. “And, just so none of us gets dehydrated in the meantime . . .”

He closed his eyes and put his hands over his head in a defensive posture. “Maybe I could use my newly acquired “Friends of Hottie U Top Tier Donator Platinum Sky’s The Limit” credit card to . . . I don’t know . . . buy the bar and grill of your choosing and establish a permanent tab for . . . for any living being that eats snax?”

“Wow,” said Miss Willow, feeling slightly awe-struck. “I’ve only read about people gaining immense wisdom in an instant, but it seems that an adrenaline rush of sufficient intensity can produce that experience in some people. I know just the restaurant for you to purchase, and its atmosphere is most conducive to creative thought and communication. Let me go call the maitre’d who is a personal friend.”

OSPD-nim collapsed on the floor.


“You do that,” he sighed. You know where to find me."


PD-nim is flat on his back looking up at the ceiling, a little fed up. No sooner had he come into possession of a credit card, it seems there is always someone or something stealing it from him. He has lost count of the number of times just one card had been stolen. “Well, at least this time I’ll get something out of it.” he thought to himself as he began to fantasise about the bar and grill he is about to purchase.
He pictures a nice little place that the common Korean frequents, the grass root people, the common man, not the social elites PD-nim usually rub shoulders with and begins to picture a very idealistic little place.

“Just think, when I walk in, the staff will call me ‘building owner’ just like in all the dramas!” he muttered to himself and starts grinning, but the grin disappeared as fast as it had appeared when a thought crossed his mind. PD-nim got up, hurries to his desk and quickly wakes his PC.
“What was that name she said again? Pierre Cardin? Garnier? Doesn’t sound very Korean to me… Gargnaire! That’s it…” and does a quick search for info and pictures of the place and screams


That’s what I said! :rofl::rofl::joy::rofl: It’s FRENCH! :rofl:

Hmmm. . . I guess the chant vivi thought no one was listening to got through somehow . . .


Vivi was rudely awakened from her family-drama watching trance by the piercing scream. She wondered whether someone had added a rooster to the Badgers’ Production Zoo. However,from the way it had screamed Miss Willow’s name, she was sure it was near death’s door. Poor thing would need a nice burial since it probably died of shock over the mess in the office.

She looked over at Miss Willow’s and PD-nim’s desks, hoping she hadn’t missed anything important. Miss Willow still had her snack packets strewn all over the table, but PD-nim’s script files had been pushed away to make way for his Bar-and-Grill construction blueprints. Vivi briefly regretted not donating to the Hottie U when @kdrama2020ali had come knocking on everybody’s desks. Who knew those who donated would get shiny credit cards?

“So how do we get to the kimchi slapping and parents-meeting? Shall we pick up from @ninjas_with_onions ‘s drama beginning? Of all the beginnings written here, it seems to fit best with the discussions we’ve had.”

Vivi leafed through the files she had on her desk, frustrated. “I’m SURE I saw an excerpt about the scene where they stuff the Kami in their suitcase here, but I can’t seem to find it! I really should create an organized file of ONLY our Kami-Same Kickass drafts and manuscripts. Good thing my first dream kdrama job was to be a secretary…”
she flung yet another Bikkie Stix picture out of the way.

“AHH, here it is! Thank God for in-thread searches!”

Haruto is standing, waiting patiently next to hotel bed, on it is Ha-Neul’s open suitcase.
Ha-Neul is in the bathroom hurriedly grabbing all her belongings off the sink top and dumping them into a large washbag.
Haruto notices the bathrobe and shouts towards the bathroom “Are you taking the robe?” to hurry things along.
Ha-Neul is busy and not paying attention “Yes, yes, everything!” as she makes one last scan around the bathroom for anything she may have missed.
Haruto flops the bathrobe onto the pile in Ha-Neul’s suitcase just as Ha-Neul comes rushing out the bathroom to throw the washbag on to the robe.
[slow motion] slams the suitcase lid shut with a slow muffles ‘puuum’ sound effect as the lid slams shut.
The room starts to shake, glasses and lights rattle, Ha-Neul freezes in place eyes darting around.
Haruto is poised to grab Ha-Neul and evacuate if it things intensifies. but then the shaking starts to die down.
“Oh, that was probably just a small earth tremor.” dismissed Haruto “We have quite a few of them in Japan. They’re not as bad as the big earthquakes and not anything to worry about.”
Cut to suitcase being loading into the boot/trunk of waiting taxi. Begin slow zoom into towards the suitcase.
Transition to cargo hold to continue zoom towards Ha-Neul’s suitcase and the slow intro of engine noise

Cargo hold of a plane, rumble of engine noise in the background. Slow, steady zoom in to a set of luggage, closing in on one in particular. Camera shake to indicate air turbulence and slight metallic creak of fuselage.

Cut to cockpit, one pilot with arms folded head leaning forward and sleeping (arms folded indicate he is supposed to be resting)

Pan over to co-pilot, clipboard in one hand, pen in the other but he is also asleep! Mouth open catching flies! (comedy) Second heavy air turbulence causes him to snort and suddenly wake up, quickly resume writing, notices increase in turbulence. takes steps to resume manual flight control.

Cut to couple: hands clasped, Ha-Neul is sleeping using Haruto’s shoulder as pillow. Haruto is watch inflight movie. more air turbulence jolts of the camera.

Cut to pilot wakes resting pilot, warns there is a lot of unusually heavy air turbulence.

Return to seat, fasten seatbelt sign comes on.

More turbulence shakes, Pilot reassures passengers over PA of unusually high turbulence but nothing to worry about. Couple are anxious but not panicked holding hands, reassuring each other.

Rests of journey to Korea is bumpy, some passengers throw up.

Landing is equally bumpy due to sudden unexpected strong crosswind but not unheard of, pilots are trained to deal with this.



@vivi_1485 but you can come have a cup of cocoa on me at Segue Cafe!!!



Really, such a fuss about nothing. Buy a restaurant and a bar. Go big or go back to the back parking lot.

Put Niles the koala in charge of the restaurant and Greta the gazelle in charge of the bar. The one has super-refined taste when it comes to haute cuisine; the other knows popcorn and beer like the back of her hand (when she has hands).

Enhanced OSPD-nim reputation, extra and guaranteed income stream, two great and essential locations for dramas, PSAs, OSTs.

You’re welcome.

Now, back to “the story.”

Is it airport first, couple at home second, flashback to hotel third . . .

Or couple at home, flashback to hotel, second flashback to airport . . .

Or maybe couple at home, hotel, airport, and back to couple at restaurant (or bar) making small talk with parents . . .

Do we need a poll, or can we just pick one concept and run with it?

The screenwriting video was very helpful to me in terms of how to get some aspects of the story organized. As things stand, we have a lot of story to play with, and some aspects of it will shine more clearly once they move past the idea stage.


Thank you for this!! It was so helpful, I can’t believe I didn’t search it up! What could this absentminded, family-drama-and-EXO obsessed screenwriter do with you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Vivi spent the next half an hour procrastinating. An outsider would think she was being paid for all the time she wastes on the Badgers. But it’s another experience, nonetheless, and she might as well do it. It’s the alternative to getting hypnotized by Seventeen’s new variety show.

“I’m done!” she announced triumphantly.

The printer began spitting copies of the first two pages of the script. Everyone in the office ran to grab the papers as they flew to join the general mess of the room. Only Niles sat grumpily, waiting for someone to hand him more leaves.

“Let’s celebrate! Since PD-nim’s restaurant is still under construction and too many snacks really aren’t good for everyone here, I decided to bring a quokka to keep Niles company.”

Niles didn’t look too happy over the fact that he would have to share food with another animal. He gave the little quokka his best Most Annoyed Look. Miss Quokka gave everyone her nicest smile.


Awww! Such a nice thing to say maknae vive, glad you found it a help! And so did misswillowinlove!


It’s was late and I didn’t really make it clear I was writing with miss willow had already gone off to buy a ‘bar and grill’ in mind. PD-nim has all these humble ideals then finds out miss willows standard for a ‘bar and grill’ is a posh one star MICHELIN hotel!


This is great, very professional! This is (or will be) the end result of all this chaos! :rofl:

I would like to amend the
Couple with hands clasped. Ha-Neul is sleeping using Haruto’s shoulder as pillow. Haruto is watching inflight movie.


the couple flicking through wedding photos on a tablet, giving the viewers a first hint that they are newly weds and maybe some kind of dialogue along the lines of
Haruto: Are your parents going to kill us when they find out about this?
Ha-Neul: Well it’s too late to go back now, they’re just going to have to accept it.
to drop hints that the parents do not know about the wedding.


Waaaait… they didn’t tell their PARENTS that they got married??! :scream::scream: I just realized this and WOW it doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t they want to have their parents witness their once-in-a-lifetime wedding? All this time, I was under the impression that the parents knew about the wedding but weren’t able to make it to Japan, so they were waiting for the newlyweds at home in Korea. Haruto’s family hosted the Japan wedding and once they land in Korea, Ha-Neul’s parents will give them a banquet or something. The two families should at least know each other. Isn’t that the way things usually work? Even though it was a whirlwind wedding(that we still haven’t devised a cause for without bringing a baby into the picture), the families should know.

The only marriages I’ve witnessed in dramas without the parents knowing were contract marriages that would cease to exist after a certain time period. Since it’s too scandalous for traditional parents, they keep it a secret. When the two finally fall for each other, the parents find out and they have a nice big banquet.
These two are in love. Why on earth would they secretly marry each other??? Even the strictest parents back down in the end. And Haruto is a nice guy. And their parents are also geared to be good people since we’re going to be defending them.

If we truly want to go down that route, we’d have to decide on a really good reason. Ha-Neul is a strong-willed daughter who misunderstands that her parents don’t care for her and favor her two other siblings more. Or Ha-Neul’s parents are forcing her to marry the young CEO of a car wash company. Instead of putting her foot down and talking everything out with her parents, she picks the first guy she likes on her business trip and marries him.
Apparently Haruto’s parents don’t care about Haruto, either, because they let him marry a stranger just because she’s nice. Or maybe Haruto’s mom is on her deathbed and just wants to see her beloved son marry somebody. Ha-Neul cared for her at the hospital when she sprained her ankle while walking down the street so MIL approves of woman and gets Haruto to marry her. Haruto doesn’t care much and agrees to marry her.

But we decided that Haruto and Ha-Neul fell in love. So that story doesn’t work. Maybe Haruto also fell in love with her during the brief time she cared for his mom. There. One knot tied.

Now why was Ha-Neul on a business trip in the first place? She’s about to take over Super-Wipe so she could have gone to Japan on a sales/R&D venture. So what does Haruto do for a living? Is he also in the cleaning business? If so, why would he drop his business to come with runaway Ha-Neul to SK? I don’t want him to be another accessory ML. So he should have a job that not only allows him to move around but also allows him to work with Ha-Neul in her company struggle. He can’t be a government worker(detective/policeman) because they’re moving to Korea. Journalist? PD?

Or is Haruto half Korean? He lives in SK but went to Japan for… a holiday? A business trip? And I just untied the only knot I tied in this post. :woman_facepalming:

Wow it’s hard to write a drama.


(This was back on June 16.)

To expand a little on Ha-Neul’s family . . . I envisioned her as the older of two siblings. She and her brother are in charge of their grandparents’ company because their dad is not the number one son who did run the company. Why Number One Son stopped running it, and why Ha-Neul became CEO in his stead, does not have to be a big part of the story.

Dad is a renowned magician who has his own flourishing career. He specializes in tricks with scarves. Mom is a dietician with a show sort of like the “K-entertainment” show where famous folks have the contents of their refrigerators examined and assessed. They met when he was just starting to get magic gigs, and she was working on the staff of a hotel where he was performing.

So both Mom and Dad are well-known public figures, “beloved” in fact. Super-Wipe is a trusted, reliable company. Ha-Neul has her parents’ flair for being at ease in public and for doing things with flair, and she has a love of the family business because she spent a lot of childhood time hanging out there behind the scenes while Mom and Dad were out getting famous.

Ha-Neul, at the time of our story, is busy trying to make Super-Wipe even more relatable to her generation. I wear glasses and am always cleaning them with the cleaning spray I get free at the eye doctor’s office. I wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth. I thought maybe Super-Wipe could go a little high-end with a line of silk wiping cloths . . . or it could be silk something else.

Or she could be going to Japan to see about some other product.

At any rate, the idea is that she is smart, creative, a bit outspoken. She loves being part of a family that has brought a sense of order and happiness to people’s live. She feels a little burdened by being so responsible.

So when she meets Haruto (whose family has yet to be created, explored, explained), she is charmed by his quiet demeanor, happy to be able to talk to a man who is not intimidated by her, and won over by his quirky sense of humor.

She goes to Tokyo with the idea of spending a weekend on business; it turns into two weeks during which she falls in love, gets married, sends home a million excuses for the delay other than the real one; and when she goes home with a brand-new hubs, they both are alternately worried about her family’s response and a little over-confident that things will be just fine.

So that’s who Ha-Neul is. And, to a less clearly defined extent, that’s who Haruto is.


I’m just trying to make some semblance of a story from everyone’s contribution.

Actual scripting is too refined and detailed and will be the final product. It’s why I kept out running being chased around by miss willow with a roll of duct tape in an office coup and kept banging on about having a rough overall story arc, refining things as we go along developing an overall story.
Although I would have called time once we had a reasonably sketched out story, do we refine it further down to the dialogue level. (in script format) just to gauge if everyone was sick and tired of it or we’re really enthusiastic with what we hashed out and we continue to take to to full scripting level (as you have already started)

We’ve narrowed in to the start of the drama and seem to have an opening up to them landing,
We got which would best fit in after they land but before the surprise the parents bit.


We develop the surprise parent scenes/plot leading to

The 'mini series being a romance story where we get to develop a romance from nothing to all the way up to the wedding (since we already seen their wedding photos in the tablet)

with maybe pulling back to the main drama arc with Ha-Neul saying “…and the rest is history” flashing their wedding rings at the parents.
It will give us the opportunity to go all in with gooey romance development and macaroons.

You have a lot of questions and maybe a nagging doubt if it’s even a plausible route to take, but that’s the beauty of refining things down a bit first, we all get to sit down and come up with ideas, outlines or solutions first to explore if it’s even possible rather than writing in a linear fashion only to realise later on that it just doesn’t work and we end up having to roll back a large chunk of detailed hard work.

It is! I sometimes wonder why I even took on the role of PD!
I have hundreds of post-it notes floating about in my head, constantly being shuffled around, and more are being added each day!
But if we take a checkpoint here (just before the surprise the parents) and sketch out a rough for the romance I think that will give us all


Oh, Oh! How about Ha-Neul goes to the Mulberry farm to secure a contract of silk for the new line of silk eyeglass wiping cloths with the owners of the Mulberry farm, who are Haruto’s parents. Haruto being a graduate of Tokyo U doesn’t really want to take over the farm and wants to move to the city and work in a company instead. (Actual rural migration to cities problem) so when they fall in love and marry, Haruto is more than willing to go work at Ha-Neul’s company.
Negotiation of the contract is the excuse for repeatedly going to the farm.


BINGO! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: We finally made a connection!

Also, what is Haruto going to do at the company? What did he study? I feel like Super-Wipe is quite limiting in the variety of jobs he could do… Designer? R&D? Factory Manager? Publicity? Sales? Human resources?