The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


Below is why we will succeed, however modestly.

We ABSOLUTELY embody un-boringness based on a VERY significant trope in Backstreet Wookie.


It’s a trope that is so fundamental. Life around Mom and Dad’s dinner table is richer, funnier, and happier than life around the table in the chaebol board room OR around the arranged marriage table OR around the “I have to impress you to get you to love me” table.


Get out the Go Stop cards, the gimbap, the celery soda . . . and prepare to have some fun. :slight_smile: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :rofl:


Hello, Smarties at the Best Virtual Karaoke Bar in the Viki-verse.

  • Because I’m a Boomer . . .
  • Because I need to hear and see living, talking beings to feel that I’m really interacting with other people . . .
  • Because I am already a heavy Facebook user (I’ve been posting about social and political and who knows what else kinds of topics in my area for at least ten years) . . .
  • Because I have been doing mini-videos on different topics for three months now . . .
  • Because I know there’s no chance of all of Badger Productions ever seamlessly and perfectly organizing schedules so we can meet and eat in a Chinese take-away shop in London . . .

I want to post a video of ME saying hello TO you.

I posted it to Facebook. Those of you who do Facebook can sign in:

Those of you who do not pay homage to Marky-Mark Zuckerberg . . . can someone tell me how to use Google photos to create a link to the video that is even now sitting and twiddling its thumbs in my Google Photos account?


Basically it’s the same way you did the script post up.


I wrote out the instructions and followed them. You have to create a link, copy it, and then go to another Google page where you paste the link and make it “embed-able.”

The two options are a “direct link” to my video and an “HTML link” to my video. When I pasted both links in a message here and tested them, the page I ended up on showed a still image from the video with a “play” button in the middle.


Make sure the link is clean, sometimes fat fingers, or auto correct gets in the way. They’ll add or take away essential coding.
@vivi_1485, @sweetybirdtoo he-l-l-l-p!

  1. Go to your video in Google photos. Click on the “Share” icon at the top of the page.
  2. This is the pop-up
    Click on “Create Link”
  3. That should make this pop up, so click on Create Link again
  4. Google immediately generates a link
  5. Click “Copy” and then paste it here!


감사 해요! @vivi_1485,
When I read misswillowinlove’s quirey, I was in a different frame of mind. :laughing: Fat fingers was all I could think of, :smile: I’m still at work, and my frame of mind is still in a different place, it’s not obliging.


Aww it happens sometimes :sweat_smile: Hope you have a nice day at work!


15 minutes more to go, and I’m headed in :house_with_garden::blush:


Okay. I’ll give it a go.

It’s always possible that it’s my ISP . . . again. There has been a lot of new 5G cable installed in my area since the summer, and the situation reminds me of the old poem that says: “When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid.”


Just FYI, @vivi_1485, I am STILL not doing any sharing of anything on a phone. My layout in Google Photos is for a desktop computer and does not resemble the layout screen cap you have provided.

Regarding sharing from a desktop computer . . .

Things look much different.


So, let’s see how this works. I created a link and copied and cut and pasted it. It’s just over two minutes.

Anybody? Below is the plain link, FWIW . . .

And below is the link as generated by Viki.

Edit: the plain link works for me. The "Viki’ link does not.


You are a very good Artist, you’re as sweet as your postings :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

I think it’s a minor error, I’ve had this troubles too, but my thought process is all a web, so I can only encourage you to keep trying.


The plain link worked! It was nice to see you^^ I totally agree about how much better it is to talk face to face. I wish we could meet in real life!


We gotta play the lottery every day and win that big prize!

Here is a “coincidence” that I think was divinely orchestrated. Last year about this time, a friend who wanted to make some informational videos got me all excited, and to revive my dormant dialog writing skills, I signed up for a 50% off year’s subscription to Celtx, an online scriptwriting program that really, really makes writing scripts AND collaboration the biggest duh.

Then COVID edicts in New York State got particularly crazy, the weather got bad, I spent October to April crying because any small hope I had of possibly seeing family for a holiday . . . was toast.

Fast forward to this past Friday when I discovered my account was mysteriously overdrawn . . . because Celtex automatically charged me for another year at (gulp) full price.

The open source script template I found and mentioned is great but has a really looong learning curve. Celtex allows online creation of a variety of scripts, uploading of very basic scripts, and actual collaboration between stakeholders in a project.

Anyone who is still truly interested at this point in pursuing KSKA can be added to the “studio” I set up as collaborators if I send an email invite.

Again, I understand that, with time differences and schedules and reticence about sharing personal information and all that . . . some people may not feel comfortable participating, but if you are, PM me and let me know if you want to give it a go.

You have to bring your own snax for sure this time. No, seriously. This time for sure!



No more lottery winnings! Let’s smartly invest, and get great returns :wink::+1:t5: it’s all imaginary anyways, we can invest with a win. A’hem! Good return, :money_mouth_face:mullah!


My days have been rather hectic for the past few months… I’ve been justifying my drama desires by doing embroidery while watching so at least I’m using the time to produce something “useful” :sweat_smile: I don’t think I’ll be able to actively involve myself in the KSKA, just a visit now and then!


This is the "sample cold open for Episode One of Kami-Sama Kickass.

Using Celtex, which truly does everything except clean coffee cups, I took the mess that resulted from the open source script template and, with a few clicks, put it in “industry standard” format.

I find it interesting that folks whose cultures place strong emphasis on not being noisy and forward in public keep backing farther and farther off the more I point out how easy it will be to use Celtex and actually achieve the goal of writing a simple script with an app that could not be more user friendly, and could not be more collaborative.

Collaboration comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Collaboration requires writing, which everyone here can clearly do.
  • Collaboration requires proofreading, which everyone here can clearly do.
  • Collaboration requires editing, which everyone can clearly do.
  • Collaboration requires brainstorming ideas about dialog, “locations,”, hair color, food, names of all kinds of characters, the sky’s the limit.
  • Collaboration requires an eye for detail and consistency in format and in continuity of word usage and dialogs in flashback . . . which some people can clearly do . . . and others cannot.
  • Collaboration requires saying, when something doesn’t make sense and isn’t working, the chutzpah to be able to say, “STOP! This needs to be put in the scrap paper pile for re-use at a later time (which will be never)” . . . and some people have that awareness much more than I do.

Before anyone runs away and says, “Oh, but this was just for fun, and now things are too serious,” I wish you would let me send you an invitation so you can try out Celtex and see how much fun it is, and how simple it is.

I write because it is part of my training, part of my personality, part of how I justify my existence on planet Earth . . . but if I didn’t get a kick out of it and a sense of satisfaction, I would stop and do something “easy,” like sit on a couch and eat candy, and then I would end up physically and mentally in very bad shape, and I would be dead sooner rather than later.

This thread was started as an opportunity to have fun. The minute it stops being fun, the minute it starts demanding of anyone anything that they cannot do in their sleep, this thread is over.

In fact, if the opportunity to pay homage to our favorite dramas has lost its luster for those dropping in, that’s fine.

And if school, work, family, friends, and other “real-time” activities prohibit any but the most cursory involvement, that’s also fine.

Some people may think: what if we fail? What if we write a bad script? What if we take ourselves seriously as creative, thoughtful, idealistic human beings, actually produce a script that rocks, and some Viki flunky says, “I don’t think so”? Then what?

Then we laugh–because we know about how much Viki is aware of its volunteers and their perceived needs and concerns.

We know about Discobot/brat/bhat/snot.

We know about all that absurdity already. And we continue enjoying K-dramas and whatever other dramas there are, and shake our heads at the short-sightedness of some people, and we go on.

If there truly is not anyone who, after thinking it through, wants to see what Celtex is like and what collaboration looks like using it, I don’t mind at all.

But that will effectively be the end of this thread. If I don’t get any takers by EOB (end of business, 5 PM) my time tomorrow (Thursday), I will consider this thread my happy introduction to some really astounding people with some really big hearts and even bigger values.

And then this thread will be closed (with the aid of someone who has more badges or whatever is required, I’m sure). And the party will continue over at the ever-more inclusive and attractive Segue Cafe . . .

Because I can’t not post MEEEEEEMES and crack jokes and dream of perfect cups of coffee to sip whilst bawling like an infant.

A little light K-drama refreshment is welcome any time, anywhere . . .



ತ_ʖತ :point_down:t5: ತ_ತ

I’ve requested access twice, awaiting acces to the link in your above post.


Sorry for not paying attention. As you know, it’s hard to read intent and tone from text alone. Even with gifs. I have emailed you a link.