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Oh, no . . . don’t kill the kami! No, no, no! Kami are benevolent protectors! They range from tiny backyard protectors with tiny shrines where householders leave food offerings to the Kami of the Sun who protects all creation. That’s why there is a rising sun on the Japanese flag.

(Please correct me on details anyone who actually lives with this knowledge on a daily basis.)

To use a word picture . . . _kami _ are like Rottweilers. Kind and gentle with “their” people. Mischievous at times when “their” people don’t keep the world around them in good order (just a reminder). But benevolent.

Raging, however, against those who would presume to harm the natural world or to do injustice or commit evil.

Kami who chose to interact with the human world and take on that form are always slightly “out of kilter” with regular folks. Something hard to pin down. But in their “real” forms, they are also definitely not part of our humble existence. A bird with two beaks, a frog with ears.

They are, if anything “super-real” . . . or maybe “sub-real” . . . depending on their roles and positions in the kami hierarchy. But as I have come to understand it, kami are by and large considered gentle, benevolent, immaterial, very small AND very big Rottweilers.


YIKES! You’ve got to be kidding me? What a horrendous idea! That is like killing our world!
Kami are the spirits of a place. They are nature incarnate and not so incarnate. Kami are to be respected.

That’s why in that scene I wrote above, they came out because of the destruction of their place.


Precisely what the initial draft is for. We figure out the overall story arc and I was just throwing in possible endings. The way I understand it, is that they are a kind of spirit or energy of things and they can be benevolent or a bringer of misfortune.

I may have not expanded on it at this stage just to keep the post as compact as possible, but in the other example I use the word banish which is more fitting in that you can’t really “kill” something that is not physical but just to stop the crazy things that has suddenly started happening.

I left out the comedy of the couple having to battle a hotel bathrobe like the invisible man that was the manifestation of the Kami in physical form, and the fact that it could shape shift also opens up avenues of possible scenarios, even if strictly that’s not how Kamis function, but this is a fantasy drama not a documentary so we’re allowed some “artistic licence”

I did have another possible arc:

“So what happens next? They get on the next available flight to Japan, the Kami is happy, the happenings stop, The End.” Quipped OSPD-nim and tries to think quickly of a possible scenario along that route.
“They can’t get the Kami home, and because of that the happenings become more frequent and powerful, the couple enlist the 2 shamans to keep a lid on the chaos being generated until they can get the Kami home.” Suggested PD-nim.
“Hang on a minute!” Protested missWillow launching half her bag of Snax into the air as she formed a big :no_good_woman:
“How would the couple know that they have to get the Kami home?” Challenged MissWillow and proceeded to offer her alternative.
“How about, the paranormal events get stronger and more frequent as the days past. So the couple seek the help of two shamans to see if they know what is happening to them. They are the ones who explain to the couple that the source to the disturbance was the homesick Kami and that they must return it to where it came from?”
OSPD-nim concentrated into the distance for a few seconds, then his eyes lit up, “YES! That’s the kind of ideas I’m looking for!” He picks up one of the puffs that has landed on his desk and uses it to point at MissWillow “Your idea is better and fills in a plot hole! We’ll go with that.” He tosses the puff up into the air to catch in his mouth but it just bounces off his lip to only land on the floor.
“Then we can have, Japan is in lockdown. The couple can’t convince the authorities to let them in the country as only the chaos is happening to them, The shamans are the only ones gifted to see the Kami, and the authorities refuse to allow a couple into Japan because they claimed it was an emergency that they had to return a hotel bathrobe.”
PD-nim picks up another puff to try again and misses, “Thus, delaying the return of the Kami and it’s now down to the shamans to keep a lid on the Kami from causing more chaos for the couple as they try to keep Super-Wipe going amidst the continuing chaos.”
He picks up another puff but fails again to catch it in his mouth, there are now more puffs on the floor than there are in MissWillow’s bag of Snax.


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The bored, materialistic, modern - “NON-superstitious” authorities would gift them a one-way ticket to the asylum.


Nice share @misswillowinlove, good information, for our fans to be in the know, it does take the rose glasses off. . .
I got most of my information from Asian Boss - “Stay Curious” - who covered more in depth on several videos, the very issues we both posted on, when seen without rose colored glasses. So, Ditto!
Here is a few of those videos, for any interested fans.


Your humor rocks :metal:t5::joy::rofl::sob:

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Lol we were talking how viki is delaying the release of episodes in Penthouse 3 :rofl: :joy:


Lol! Yes, but this is the wrong thread for doing so. . .try one of the suggested threads, and then there are these threads

This is a good reminder :point_up_2:t5: Badger Production, and all drama A-ddict-s, and fans participating, either as leads, support, cameo roles, or staff, and crew. :wink:


Tried to PM you about the Baby Box videos, got a message you are not accepting messages? Is it a glitch in the system? Or have you overloaded Discobot in some way it doesn’t like?

Wonderful videos. Just wonderful. And what IS it about you that you will not stop posting things that make me cry buckets!

Seriously, Pastor Lee and his work is so special.


Yes, i turned it off, under preferences. :upside_down_face:

Nope, nothing like that, not their fault this time.

You made discobot cry :disappointed_relieved:

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OK. Here’s a question. I just wrote a response about kami and Badger Productions and the ongoing pursuit of a production worthy of the little-known but superior creator of K-dramas, and I accidentally clicked on the tab I had open (one of several related to Viki topics), and now it’s gone and all my work with it. Toast. Does not exist. I did not have a chance to hit “Reply.”

Can what I wrote be recovered? Is there some sort of edit history as with Facebook or other social media platforms? Otherwise, I just wasted an hour writing and gathering images and whatnot.


I don’t know if this will work, but on my browser, if I go to ‘history’, there is then an option at the top to go to ‘recently closed’ tabs. If you do that, I wonder if it will open just as it was when you closed it.


Try any of the below.

  • Normally your work is saved, and not lost. The way discourse function, it is automatically saved.

  • [quote=“my_happy_place, post:156, topic:38679”]
    go to ‘recently closed’ tabs.

  • Check your history

Absolutely sad to say that my potential post . . . is toast. I have checked everything. Oh, well.

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Ouch!!! I forgot, check your drafts.

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I had forgotten that it autosaves after a certain amount of time when you have the dialogue box open, so at least some of what you wrote should be there, @misswillowinlove


With autosave it would return to the same edit box with everything in it up to the point of where it last saved. I deliberately shut down the browser that I did this reply/post on without pressing the Reply or Cancel and on returning to this topic it reopened this edit.


@leerla73, @my_happy_place, @ninjas_with_onions

Here’s where my dyslexia and my relative unfamiliarity with Discussion Board functions and features is causing me problems.


(Boy, talk about “wheels within wheels.” Take a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

My view of the page headed “Discussions” (down at the bottom of my screen cap) does not look like @leerla73’s page exactly, and when I look under activities, I don’t find a category labeled “Drafts.” I just see all the discussions I am (have been?) part of.


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I am on my mobile. Are you on your mobile or desktop🖥️ ? Looks like you’re in desktop view.