The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


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Here’s where my dyslexia and my relative unfamiliarity with Discussion Board functions and features is causing me problems.

(Boy, talk about “wheels within wheels.” Take a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

My view of the page headed “Discussions” (bottom picture) does not look like @leerla73’s page exactly, and when I look under activities, I don’t find a category labeled “Drafts.” I just see all the discussions I am (have been?) part of.

Or is the page labeled “Discussions” showing ALL ongoing threads by everyone currently chattering like magpies about topics of interest to somebody? Whatever.

In order to “contrast and compare” the “Discussions” page and the “Viki Original” page, I have to have two separate tabs open. Because they look so similar (both the pages’ formatting and the tabs of each page), and because I can’t have them both open side by side, I cannot easily identify which is which.

I have to switch back and forth, and my brain, a kinesthetic-learning brain, does not do well without a hard-copy owner’s manual next to me to refer to while I am looking at two very similar pages and flipping back and forth between them.

If there were a well-written PDF file, “How to Use Viki Discussion Board Functions,” that I could copy, print, and pull out now, that would be very useful.

To cut to the chase (great old silent film idiom), I see what you all are telling me about a “Draft” folder, but I can’t see how to find it and determine if my post that “disappeared” is still available in some form.


This would be where it would be cool to be able to have a Zoom chat, but wow, talk about long distance learning. Coordinating schedules for that would be interesting.

At any rate, I need a bit more information about where to look for my “Drafts” folder.


I don’t do anything on my phone with the discussion page. I don’t think that’s even possible.


Go to your profile page (*❛‿❛)→👇🏾 it should look like this below.


Haa-ha! That’s all I have, so yea! :joy: It’s possible. :blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


How is that possible? I have the Viki app on my phone, and all I can do is watch shows. I don’t see any way to do anything on my phone with the Discussion Board.

Or maybe I have a blind spot about that because I hate trying to do ANYTHING on a phone other than talk and text. Trying being dyslexic on a phone. If there were no dictation feature, I’d be sunk.



Here you go:
Click on your profile picture and click your username on the dropdown menu. Then click on your drafts tab.


No, it’s not there at all. Found my drafts folder. It is absolutely not there at all. Oh, well.

Since posts about “Badger Productions” are dependent on a certain level of “on the spot” interactivity and improvisation, I think that I’ll chalk it up to practicing for some future post.

It was a good one though . . .


Solution number 1: Open the other tab in a new window so you can switch back and forth using Alt+Tab. I find this easier than having multiple tabs open.

Solution number 2: Open the two windows side by side

Lucky for you, Google is such an easy browser to manipulate. Click and drag on your tabs to put them wherever you want


Just to add to that, if you have multiple tabs open in the same window, grabbing the tab you want moving left and right places it in the order you want them in the same window.
As well as opening tabs in a new window, grab and drag the tab downwards automatically puts it into a new window (preserving what is in that tab) with which you can then snap to the edge of one side of the screen, then select the original window it came from to fill in the other half of the “split screen”. I find that to be more intuitive than the Move tab to new window method.


As soon as the bell rang, announcing the end of her Ninja Academy classes, Vivi ran over to the Badgers’ Production Office. Flinging her backpack onto her chair, she strode purposefully towards the center of the room.

“I HAVE AN IDEA!” she yelled, but Miss Willow and Onion-sama were too busy arguing over whose turn it was to buy that week’s worth of snacks.

Determined to get their attention(and desperate to create a sensation), Vivi created a pyramid out of boxes full of discarded scripts and stood on top of them. What was that she’d learned in school? Total English, Page 243: ‘To get the attention of the reader, start your essay with something to grab the reader’s attention.’

“LET’S SCRAP EVERYTHING WE’VE DONE TILL NOW!” she yelled. She was immediately assaulted by instant death glares from every corner of the room. Miss Willow crushed the pack of Bikkie Stix she was holding. She was hanging to her sanity by a hair.

“Okay, hear me out.” Vivi knew the staff would probably vote to have her run over by the White Truck of Doom anh minute. Taking a deep breath, she started to explain. “I got an idea while thinking of the way we practice Writing Skills in class. One assignment we have is creating sequels or alternate endings of stories. Why don’t we pick a popular drama and do a remake or parody of it, changing everything we scream about in the reviews? This way, we already have character names and personalities, along with a general plotline. We don’t have to come up with every little detail. Since it’s the first project we’ll be doing since the establishment of the Badgers’ Production Company, let’s start small. We could pick a drama everyone has watched before. Onion-sama can choose, Miss Willow can approve and everyone can get started!”

The room was deathly quiet. Vivi wondered if everyone was contemplating her proposal or trying to remember the Truck of Doom driver’s phone number.

“So… uhh, could we—” The thunderous noise of boxes collapsing broke the silence. Papers scattered everywhere. Vivi fell right through the boxes, landing sprawled on the floor with a Range Rover catalogue balancing on her head. Onion-sama sighed. Miss Willow put another crushed Bikkie Stick into her mouth.

Vivi looked up expectantly, waiting for their verdict.


@vivi_1485, :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:
Your side story has done it again! :joy::rofl: bravo!

Uhmmm. . . She’s solved quite a few of Badger Production quibbles, nicely done! Macknae Vivi!:+1:t5::wink::ok_hand:t5:
However! I question the authencity of the titled “Viki Original” you haven’t seen yet. Yea, that part. Soooo . . . I think we still need a decision on what we already have on the table, or an added suggested story that gives a you haven’t seen yet vibe?


And was wondering if he would have to spell it out to the writers again about applying the overall story arc template to When Bonnie met Holmes and The Drivers of Destiny.
He began to smile, not only at the paper roof now sitting on Vivi’s head but also at his own thoughts. Standing up from behind his desk he tries to do his best Rex Harrison impersonation.

"What you have there, is exactly what I’ve been suggesting all along, the rough initial draft. Whether or not it was to Take Me Home,

Or the Kami-sama Kickass story that we came to an agreed baseline of not having the Kami banished
but went with the take it home route.
This way we’re not making things up as we go along, having to consult a fortune teller before each new episode. You see, regardless if it were any of our synopsis or your idea of taking an existing drama and changing it, you still have an idea of the ending that you’re working towards. The same as if the drama is based on a novel, webtoon, a remake of an existing drama for another countries audience, they all start from one place, a complete story. Of course, the 74,389,120 SKwon question is…"
OSPD-nim scoops up the puffs off the floor into his cupped hands and goes over to the flowerpot that was the hiding place of Vivi’s

which now has a Koala resident, he offers the puffs in his hands to the Koala, who takes a sniff and blankly refuse to eat any of it, instead staring back with it’s cold black eyes at PD-nim

at such a ridiculous notion that Koalas would eat such a thing.
“Can we make it original enough to the satisfaction our head of writing dept, MissWillow?” Questioned PD-nim as he tips the content of his hands into the waste paper basket.



Miss Willow had been sleeping at her desk, her habit due to eating too many carb-rich snax. However, on hearing the sound of tiny morsels of snack food going somewhere other than her mouth, her eyes popped open, and she sat up, looking at @ninjas_with_onions.

“Originality,” she snapped, "is the least of your worries. You have not done one standard, boring, easy-to-account for thing since the start of this project.

“Our money guru, @kdrama2020ali, has had to go out twice this morning for stress-reducing facial massage and aromatherapy because each time you walk in the door, you have an original idea that costs us money.”

She beamed at @vivi_1485. "Your idea has merit and strikes me as simple and inexpensively do-able.

“I propose we lock OSPD-nim in the bathroom, go out to lunch, plan an office coup, and come back with an completely redone org chart that has you, Maknae Vivi, as our Producer/Director and scriptwriter for this project. Then while Onion-Sama sweeps up crumbs and makes Niles the Koala a new tub of eucalyptus pesto, you can explain your concept further.”

“Did I hear the name ‘Koala’?” asked a mellifluous voice. Everyone in the office turned to see Lee Jang Woo peering in the office door. “Just thought I’d stop in and see how my favorite small production house is doing. I’m on my way to a committee meeting of the Hottie Posse Charity Ball Committee.”

There was a thud. Everyone in the office turned to see Maknae Vivi in a faint on the floor.

@leerla73 looked at @my_happy_place and hissed, “I thought you were going to tell her about how close we are to the Hottie Posse luxury penthouse! You know how impressionable she is!”

@my_happy_place glared back. “That’s not how I remember it!”

Miss Willow bent over Maknae Vivi with a wad of cotton saturated with Innisfree Men’s Cologne. She came to slowly and slowly sat up. Miss Willow patted her shoulder and stood up.

“I think we all have been under stress lately. We all probably should go out and get facials, aromatherapy treatments, and have grilled Korean beef for lunch. My treat.”

There was a clatter followed by a choking sound. Everyone in the office turned to see OSPD-nim lying on the floor next to his overturned desk chair. “You . . . you are proposing to pay for anything?” He pointed a wavering finger at Miss Willow. “You?”

Miss Willow turned and slid a small slip of paper off her desk and waved it slightly. “I won the lottery today.”

“Uh-oh,” said Maknae Vivi. “I think he fainted.”

“Then never mind,” said Miss Willow. “Let’s order in. Look in his desk and find his credit card. If we get double portions of everything, we can have a nice, relaxing afternoon while you give us more details on your idea.”

@leerla73 asked, “Should I call @kdrama2020ali and tell her to come back for lunch courtesy of the boss?”

@my_happy_place looked surprised. “You’d do that for your chief Hottie Posse rival?”

@leerla73 rolled her eyes. “Duh! Free lunch for the first time EVER! This is bigger than any silly rivalry!”

Maknae Vivi stood up and smiled. “I knew I’d like working here!”


I purchased a Penthouse for the Hottie Posse!? Geez! I need bell hops, pool boys, concierge, room service, massage therapists the Hottie employee list for the Hotties could get enormous! @kdrama2020ali taps her newly manicured fingers on the desk with a pencil in her mouth contemplating the recruitment she will hv to do in order to fill Hottie Posse Hotel & Luxury Penthouses with MORE Hotties! It could be exhausting but she is up for the task :fire::fire::fire:

And I’ll be back for lunch!:grin:


Clearly saving wisely through thrift shopping pays off. In the world of Badger Productions, anything is “Posse”-ble. Get it?



Vivi shook her head, remembering when life was peaceful and Vikians had to sneak into @frustratedwriter’s house to steal cookies instead of getting some from the classy Segue Cafe down the street. More construction had been done since then than an actual "Viki Original"drama they had set out to do.

While everyone busied themselves clearing up desks for the free lunch hosted by Miss Willow in lieu of OSPD-nim, Vivi handed a glass of fruit juice to poor PD-nim who had woken up to see his credit card stolen.

“Miss Willow tends to get crabby when she’s just woken up.I don’t even know who Lee Jang Woo is. I fainted because I had been watching one too many EXO videos. It’s all thanks to you, oh great Onion-sama-PD-nim, that we even started discussing scripts. You have inspired me, so please do the honors of picking the drama we could work on.”

She pulled out her laptop and turned to Scriptwriter Mode. “According to the oh-so-great Authority on Everything Dramaland, MDL, this is the most-viewed drama list. I’ve omitted the dramas I haven’t watched. Pick one and get Miss Willow’s approval.

  1. Goblin
  2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  3. Descendants of the Sun
  4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  5. W
  6. My Love from the Stars
  7. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
  8. Healer
  9. The Legend of the Blue Sea
  10. I’m Not a Robot—

Wait, whaaaaaaat??!!! MY FAVORITE IS ON THE MOST POPULAR LIST??!?!!”

OSPD-nim sighed again. Evidently Scriptwriter Mode never lasted long with the ever-so-distracted Maknae Vivi. She was learning that bad habit from Miss Willow.

Vivi had already forgotten about free lunch and the fact that they were finally getting somewhere with their project. Her pitch rose by two octaves.

“MBC’s COMMERCIAL FAILURE IS ON THE MOST POPULAR SHOWS LIST??!! HAHAHAHA THAT’LL SHOW YOU, SOUTH KOREA!! Jo Ji Ah and Kim Min Kyu are a FORCE to be reckoned with! LET’S REWATCH IT IN CELEBRATION OF THIS WONDERFUL ACHIEVEMENT! Miss Willow, give PD-nim his credit card back! I’M PAYING!” she shook the now-deaf OSPD-nim and did a happy dance.

Everyone looked up from their desks to watch the spectacle. No one could decide whether Vivi looked more like a victorious Disney villain or a crazed fangirl.

“She’s finally lost it. I guess everyone goes insane after their Eureka moment. Oh well, at least she’s paying.” Miss Willow said, watching Vivi nearly run into the delivery guy in her excitement to pay.

“I’m so sorry!” she said, as she took a step back and picked up a box Delivery Guy had dropped. “It’s all right.” he said. Vivi’s head jerked up and she nearly fainted again when she saw B1A4’s Jinyoung standing in front of her. “Wh-where did you come from?” she asked.

“Oh, I was delivering lunch at the Cutie Posse University and dropped in to deliver your order, too. Part-time job!” he said.

The world seemed to stop moving. A beautiful background OST started to play. Soft fairy lights turned on. “WHO bought those?” shouted Miss Willow, but her voice faded to nothing. All the staff members blurred in the background. The sound of Vivi’s heartbeat amplified.

The staring contest had begun.

“CALL @kdrama2020ali RIGHT NOW for disaster management!!!” @leerla73 yelled. OSPD-nim plucked the list of shows from Vivi’s frozen hand and began to choose one. He knew he could take his own time because Vivi probably would be, ahem— unavailable — for quite some time now.


This is great fun! But I see as usual OSPD-nim has managed to avoid spending any of his own money.

Here is something I think everyone will enjoy. It underscores the idea that true creativity comes from “winging it” more often than not.

One thing that occurred to me in terms of “winging” it or improvising or improving on reality is this . . .

After getting a roster of names for different characters, and after getting an idea of who those characters are, and after getting an idea of what genre would be most suitable for Badger Productions . . . what about a fictitious district in Seoul for the location of Badger Productions.

Hotel de Luna doesn’t exist, yet how high it towers above the city. The Devil Judge’s Live Court hearing room is only a great piece of set design, and yet how dramatic and impactful it is!

The house in Goblin that opens onto whatever reality the Great and Lonely God chooses is CGI magic, but it’s so effective and believeable.

What parts of Seoul could we borrow from to create the location for Badger Productions? And what kind of name would sound authentic?


@my_happy_place usually sits quietly at her desk, watching dramas on her computer in the name of ‘research’, but she is still absorbing all of the hubbub taking place around her. After hearing @vivi_1485 throw out the idea of retooling a previous drama and then the follow up discussion amongst the other Badger Production staff, she had a rare and fleeting moment of inspiration.

“Hey, everyone, I may have an idea,” she says timidly, probably not loud enough for anyone to hear. She looks around and realizes that she must have interjected in a brief moment of silence because everyone in the office is, in fact, looking at her with equal parts surprise and curiosity. Offering up creative ideas is certainly not Happy’s forte, and now that all the actual creative types are waiting intently to hear what she may have to say, she suddenly feels very self conscious.

Staring intently at her screen so as not to make eye contact with anyone, she takes a steadying breath. There’s no turning back now, so she blurts out in one run-on sentence without taking a breath, “Well, I like Vivi’s idea of using concepts from a familiar drama to retell a new story, and I was thinking that a related idea could be using a character that may have only had a cameo or bit part in a favorite drama and telling their story within the same universe of the original work.”

Happy catches her breath and feels her face redden at the fact that she really just did that. She fights the urge to run out of the room in embarrassment and instead sinks into her chair and steels herself for whatever critiques may follow.


Let’s just create a city that mirrors Seoul in the land called Dramaland. You know, that alternate world idea like the one in the drama W. You could have Seoul’s buildings and everything, but it isn’t Seoul. That way, we can manipulate everything, since we have built quite a lot of buildings.

The Badgers’ Production Office occupies the top floor of the tall glass skyscraper on Nodeulseom Island from Start Up so we can see all the land before us and get inspiration watching the Han River.
What a wonderful place to have our office! On the floor below the office, we have our inspiration library modeled after the one in Hotel Del Luna(Seoul Book Bogo)
Maybe we should keep the lighting like how it was in HDL for the mystery-fantasy feels.

Right next to our Office building is the lavish Hottie Posse Penthouse modeled exactly after the one in The Penthouse 2

with an extension living room from W for extra space to accommodate all the Hotties @kdrama2020ali keeps bringing in. Also, we NEED that personal elevator!

Somewhere down the street is our Segue Cafe, modeled after the elegant one in Goblin?
I don’t know, @my_happy_place can redesign it since it’s hers.

You have to cross the bridge to get to Cutie Posse University, modeled after the great Ivy-League Yonsei University.

I am in LOVE with this university, it is sO BEAUTIFUL! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Complete with the cherry blossom lined pathway from 18 Again and, of course, the Cuties.

P.S: @my_happy_place I love your idea! Can’t continue the story because I am exhausted after hunting down filming locations :joy::joy: