The writers of dramas

I know I am the worlds worst by not giving out compliments. I finally learned about the plight of subbers, now wonder about the writers. I am a frustrated writer, nuff said there, but these guys & gals take the time to write these dramas, where how do they get the ideas. Yeah I am at this time facinated about those mermaid, merman shows here, but there are others, that I am facinated about, the time travel for one, yeah vampires, wonder when these myths & legends started. what about those Greek gods & goddesses, were there any in the time of Jesus, , Buddah, Moses and so on. 10,000-20,000 years ago Atlantis, Lemura etc. writers you are fantastic! do keep up the good work!!! stories galore in the making, huh? one that really facinated me me a few months ago W now that was a wow to me, again thanks writers!