These expiring licenses

I just thought of something, after I read one of these links. Now I see Faith is out(???) ok heres the question, can we buy these, be it faith or others like on Amazon? or somewhere else?

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Not on Viki, No. There’s no offline mode, either.

It’s also titled “The Great Doctor” and is available on KoCoWa and it’s available on Viki in my region which is the United States. I’m a VPP member.

I’ve purchased many excellent quality dramas and OST CD’s from YesAsia, based in Hong Kong. But make sure if you do order that you select a product that’s designed for your region, ie. DVD Region 1, 2, or 3


Won’t there be from next year on imposed import taxes as per Trump?? (He imposed some already this year, just Apple and others are not included (is there something that’s not made in China? I know there is, but majority is).

YesAsia offers free shipping for purchases over $39 (on the USA site).

USA Site:

You can select your region to get more information.

Amazon also has a selection of Korean dramas.

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I know Amazon has quite a lot of korean dramas, thats why I asked about buying them.

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too rich for my blood!!

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Some libraries carry kdrama’s on dvd. You might want to check there. You wouldn’t own it but you could check it out and watch it. Best part, it’s free.

sounds like a good thing, I will check that out. thanks