"This content is not available"... Is there a list of shows that were available and now are no longer licensed?

Okay, so I have an extensive watchlist. Very, very extensive. I’ve finished some dramas and started 10 more, but I’m realizing (and not for the first time) that shows I was watching/in the process of watching now have the dread " Sorry, this content is not available in your region." so I can’t finish them.

Do they ever have a “here’s a list of the shows on the chopping block watch these first” lists??? Because I really need a list so that I can finish the ones I actually want to see without it getting cut off in the middle like at least 3 dramas have in the last few weeks.

Viki if this doesn’t exist please create an option in the search - like a timer on how long the show is licensed for!!! It really is painful to have watched 20+ episodes in a 50 episode drama only to not be able to watch the end!


We have been asking for that and I think only the Channel Manager gets a notification, that’s all.


No, since years we are begging for such an option, …

Sometimes they tell about ending licenses at the help center, but most of the time not.

P.S. They have tried once to include a date on the main page, but it didn’t appear again after a test and it was never mentioned again.


I recently was working as a moderator on a project and suddenly, out of nowhere the licence expired :frowning: If I knew it was going to disappear, I would prepare myself for it… Unfortunatelly it wasn’t the case and it’s probably just really messy with translation holes and unetided parts :frowning:


They really need to make this work! I only remember once realizing a show was expiring and it was as I was watching it and it suddenly said “this show is going away in 48 hrs”!!! I had to binge watch the show to get to the end but at least there was something.

Something like “This show is licensed until [insert date]” and then have a search option to look for end dates for the license. Even better! To have in watch list the option to look for “shows expiring first”.


It expired in the middle of translating it?? Wow! That’s terrible. I tend to try to watch what I think are “older” shows first because I assume the newer ones will be around for a while… but that might not always be the case. :frowning:


That is weird. Why even bring it here to Viki if there isn’t time to translate it.


It’s not that the project is only there for one or two weeks. LOL But sometimes while looking for a project you find is not already translated in your language.
But to think back there was Lovely Horribly, I was not watching while it aired but waited till the last ep aired and started then. I needed a week to watch it, and it went off limits in my area. Things like that can happen.
Or, when they still had classic movies. I started translation for one at night, when I only had little time and wanted to continue the next morning, and it was gone. LOL
Other example, when old dramas get a much-needed edit and some adding on song lyrics. You will get back to your project and read sub after sub, editing and adding lyrics. I had this once and the last 3 eps are still unedited by me, since no more license in my area.
If I learned one thing it is everything is possible, when it comes to licenses.


Sounds like that experiment they tried back then. As we see, either they are still working on it or not, since we do not know …
We always said at least 3 weeks warning would be nice.


Knowing exactly when licenses expire would benefit us, but it would at the same time be very interesting information for Viki’s rivals.

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So, you rather upset your customers, does that make sense?


I, too, made that suggestion… Years ago. It is what it is. This is why I ONLY watch dramas that have already aired.


It was an older show, just noone volunteered to translate it or maybe the connection with the CM was difficult.
It was on Viki for quite a while, but I’ve just recently got the moderator position.
It’s the “Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa”, if you’re interested.

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I am sorry if my memory isn’t working quite well but… wasn’t this show on-air just a few days back and now I see coming soon.

Also, these two, came and went again and again?


Including subscribers should be a breeze!

@vikicommunity, @jeslynl

How so? Are you saying, Viki would not be able to get the license ever again?

Was one of the ones I was going to watch that’s no longer available!! It wasn’t long either I could have watched it if they had said it was expiring!!


It’s possible they could get the license again. You can request it but I’ve requested ones before and they still aren’t available. So isn’t it better to just tell us how long we have so that we can watch it if we want to? If I remove them from my watchlist and then forget about it and they get the license back then I might never see it because I removed it… I tend to keep them on just in case but then how will I know if it’s available again??


Well, doesn’t netflix say “leaving netflix soon last chance to watch”?? Doesn’t it just make sense to give us a chance instead of getting the dread “sorry about your luck it’s gone now!!!” message?


How should I know, I never tried n… :wink:

Yes, there is a notice directly on the show page as well as during the beginning of video playback that will let you know the date of last showing if it is about to leave. They also put out a comprehensive list every month of what is leaving and what is coming, so if you follow that, you will know which things to watch before they are gone. It would be really nice if Viki had this capability also.