"This content is not available"... Is there a list of shows that were available and now are no longer licensed?


It’s a terrible feeling when you realize you can’t finish watching a show. Worse that they don’t even warn you that it’s leaving… at least give us a “leaving in 30 day” notice or something so we can binge it quick. 90 days would be better for those epically long Cdramas!!


Good idea! That’s definitely enough notice if they’d do 30 days & 90 days😃 I was on episode 19, it had only 24. Oh well! This was my second time watching it, but it’s been a long while ago since I watched it, and so, I was not rushing my watch.


I was wondering about Oh! My Sweet Liar. I can’t seem to find it anymore and I’ve watched it lol too many times to count. Any answer would be welcome thank you in advance.


Based on this clip, posted on Viki’s YouTube channel, they did have it, it’s no longer on Viki. You can put in a request for it to get licensed again. Request a show form


Thank you for answering, I really loved that show. I went ahead and bought it lol. I just wasn’t expecting to see it go so fast lol. I’ve been collecting my favorite shows but certain one’s are hard to come by. Anywho thanks again.


Can you advise how I can subscribe to this list? Lately I seem to be watching dramas that suddenly disappear.


This is the website I usually find the lists at:

What's on Netflix - Your guide to what's new and what's coming soon to Netflix (

There are categories for what’s coming and what’s going. I haven’t looked into it enough to see if there is a way to subscribe to it or get notifications. I usually just check it from time to time.


yes thares a lot that has lost licenses, I requested a lot of them recently. and yes some I was just halfway through them