This has happened a few months ago and few hours later,l (its fixed!)

and I hate re asking. ok not able to log into Roku again,
this may just be a glitch, a one-time thing. so I disconnected and reconnected, also went to Roku to see if I am connected, which I am, but on the viki page says not able to connect viki, check connections.

so whats wrong maybe I should just wait a bit and try again. oh well I will come here & watch, nothing wrong here sorry to be a bother today, we got other things to think about, right? can’t be reinstalled from channel

sometimes deleting browser cookies help

already did that earlier, what I did, I re did the deleting browser cookies, noit just that, cleaned the whole computer, after that I went to Roku and it came on just fine! I guess waiting those couple of hours did it too!