This is really dumb I have to cancel Viki

This seems really dumb I have to cancel Viki now because I wanted more unified billing
my sub subscription always renews on the 13th I wanted it moved to the 30th apparently I cant so i have to cancel wait and resume when we know they could manually override the payment gateway settings

You could cancel, wait for two weeks until it’s the end of the month, and subscribe again on the 30th, so that will be the renewal date.

Hi @asianmusicguy,

To clarify, we do not have the option to manually adjust billing cycle date as the system follows the date when your subscription begins.

Since your subscription is ending soon and you have made the cancellation, you may follow irmar’s suggestion and re-subscribe only on 30th so that it is set as your cycle date.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I mean thats not entirely true a individual with gateway account access credentials could make the change it is not worth the effort on your end lets be fair about that but thats fine it very frustrating as i have never ever intended to cancel