Thorn 2020

I’m writing the English subtitles, working now on ep.04, but i find nowhere to post them. I submitted them on Youtube but they don’t publish them.

Wait, I think you’ve got some things wrong.
Here is Viki. Viki hosts some TV-shows and movies, and there is a community that provides the subtitles by writing them directly on a special platform that Viki has put in place for that purpose.
People don’t write the subtitles on their home PC and then submit them or something.
Plus Thorn 2020 isn’t even on Viki.
You may want to have a good read on the topics in the Help Center.

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Wow! So negative… thanks anyway.

what irmar means is, the show your talking about is not on viki, so you can’t realy post them anywhere there, because the show is not on viki, you can’t acces the subtitle editor where you normally would put them.
where did you find the show on viki? because i can’t find it there.
i hope this helps.

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What do you mean “negative”? I just explained how it works here, because from your question I assumed you don’t know. There’s nothing wrong in being new and not knowing. Although … before I even join a community, I try to find out what this community does and browse the site for FAQs and info to get a feeling about how a place works - but that’s me.
It is true that I was a bit surprised at your post and I did think you came here a bit superficially without having any idea about what Viki is and not even searching whether the drama you’re interested in exists here. But hey, that’s not a crime. Therefore, I don’t think there was any negativity or animosity towards you in my answer because inside me I didn’t feel any.