Thoughts for you/us to ponder







nothing is impossible,with God, a piece of coal under pressure turns into a diamond. we are like that too. so we can turn into a masterpiece in due time! His masterpiece


y’all have a great/blessed day!:heartbeat::revolving_hearts:


I love sharing these tidbits, I hope someone is enjoying them


Yes, I do look at them but I can’t always heart. I usually run out of those. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! Here’s one I collected years ago!

Hilarious! :laughing:

For all the hunters in your life. :grin:


now thats funny!



A big hug to you :ok_woman:‍♀ :ok_woman:‍♀ :ok_woman:‍♀ (heart with arms)


thank you its much needed today!


Do you want to talk about it? My inbox is open if you need to throw a bottle in the sea :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I threw mine at a teacher and I had a great time.
I felt more connected with people, getting to know them better :slight_smile: it’s fun!


would love to if you don’t mind


Sure!!! Don’t hesitate! You’re always welcome :hugs:
My inbox:


I need this tapred on my computer to remind me of this. oh and feel much better this morning, again thanks piranna!!