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That’s wonderful I’m so happy and grateful you do that, and I do it too, even if they don’t smile or say hi anymore like they used to do. I hope more people start doing that too because the world needs to go back to what it was before. Everything this virus (evilness) robbed from us, we need to get it back. The hugs, the kisses, the laughter as we chat for a while when we crossed path, those are the things I long for and miss so much…:cry::cry::cry::cry:




As the saying goes: after the rain comes the sunshine, it may sound stupid but the simplicity always reminds me even the things we may consider a challenge will come to pass and I have faith the tide will turn for the better.


This Discus is nice, filled with beautiful thoughts thanks for making it. <3


It sounds beautiful, never stupid. Sometimes we concentrate on the bad so much that we never see the sunshine after the rain. Thank you for your kind words.


you may not believe it but I needed that today, tears today but the rays of SON shine creeps in. thank you


Spiritual lessons I have learned in life:
“When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away your ticket and jump off! You sit still and trust the engineer," said Corrie Ten Boom. I give my Higher Power control because if I continue being a control freak, I drive myself through life’s tunnel when I can’t even see.

“Why Are Fire Engines Red?” They have four wheels and eight men on board, four plus eight equals twelve, and twelve inches makes a ruler. A ruler is Queen Elizabeth, who sails the seven seas. Seven seas are full of fish. Big fish have fins. The Finns hate the Russians, and Russians are red. Fire engines are always rushin’ so they are red. We often think our judgment is right, our way is right, that we’re normal and others are abnormal. On this planet, normal means living on less than $2 a day. How normal is North America? In order to judge, we must have all facts, know the situation from each angle, and have wisdom. Who can claim to judge? I suspend all my judgments of others, and I am a much happier person with myself and others.

When we look down on people, we’re saying they don’t matter. Humans do this to elevate ourselves. Martin Luther King calls it prejudice, segregation, to see the other not as a person but as a thing. Once we do that to people, it brings injustice, abuse, discrimination, even genocide. I consider all people equal, including gender or preferences.

I wish to see everyone’s value, even the person we disagree with most, or the person who hurt us most! This is how I wish to grow emotionally and spiritually, although I don’t belong to any denomination or attend any religious affiliation. We see paint peeling and broken windows, but can we condemn the owner as lazy? Suppose the owner is invalid or too poor to have the house fixed? We can’t read someone’s heart! We can’t see through their eyes, only through our eyes so when we judge them, we actually project what’s in our mind, and we end up judging ourselves!

Our view of the world is a mirror. We project onto others what needs healing in us! When we judge another, we see where we put judgment on our self. A judge was interviewing a woman, “What are grounds for your divorce?”
She replied, “About four acres and a little home.”
“No,” he said, “I mean what is foundation of this case?”
“It’s made of concrete and brick,” she said.
“I mean,” he asked, “What are your marital relations like?”
“I have an aunt and uncle living here in town, and my husband’s parents.”
He said, “Do you have a real grudge?”
“No,” she replied, “We have a two-car carport and don’t need one.”
“Please,” the judge tried again, “is there infidelity in your marriage?”
“Yes, both our son and daughter have stereos.”
“Ma’am, does your husband ever beat you up?”
“Yes,” she said “about twice a week he gets up earlier than I do.”
Finally, in frustration, the judge asked, “Lady, why do you want a divorce?”
“Oh, I don’t want a divorce,” she said. “I’ve never wanted a divorce! My husband does. He says he can’t communicate with me!” Wouldn’t it be amazing if we took time to examine ourselves?

When I get old, I don’t wish to sit on my pity pot feeling why my children or grandchildren have forgotten me. I hope to send encouraging messages as I do now, or just a text saying, “I’m thinking of you today, and you’re special to me!
Love you forever, love you for always,
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
This book helped me heal my “inner child” as I read it to my children.

Our worth is not tied to our abilities. If I spend 12 hours a day practicing piano, I’ll never play like Mozart. I’ll never paint like Da Vinci, do science like Einstein, sing like Celine or write like Elizabeth Browning. We can’t be anything we want to be, but we can be our true self. Our world puts extreme value on appearance, athletic skill, education, fame. What if a supermodel gets older, Superman’s in a wheelchair, computer whiz gets a rare disease, a star gets addicted? Inferiority is like pride, for pride is self-focused. Feeling inferior focuses on self. There will be someone who does what we do better, but we do what we can.

What if only the wealthiest person gave? What if only best musician played? If only prettiest bird sang? Use what talents you have; woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best. Look how much the world would miss! There’s no one else like you in the whole world; there is only one you. You look the way you do, you have exact potential, ability planned for you. In parable of the talents, would we tell the man not to use the talent because we think it’s not good enough?

Thieves broke into a jewelry store but didn’t steal; they simply re-arranged price tags. Next morning, expensive jewelry was sold as junk, and costume jewelry was sold as expensive. We live in a world where someone re-arranged price tags! Your value is not based on what you do, but simply who you are. We are not human doings but human beings. There’s always someone with more, but there will never be another you. You are a gift to the world!


Thats why I always say its a challenge instead of bad, I don’t know if this will work for you but to me it helps to lift up the mindset and see the difficulties from a different angle.


great messages there ladies

one more for the road



thank you for your words :heart:


thank you for the messages, really some good ones there!



Sometimes in life we may meet obstacles on our path that may feel as tall as a mountain, eventually even impossible to breach…

One: let’s call it the “oh what a beautiful mountain − let’s live with it”.

Sometimes in our lives we may meet with circumstances that may look like they are impossible to change or they need time and patience for resolution. Since you cant change it right away trough given circumstances, why making it too hard on oneself.

The challenge here as example, is to find a way to accept that somethings may not change, but also the kindness or compassion towards oneself that it’s okay that things are as they have become. It may sound complicated to be done but it’s possible.

After all sometimes “not moving forward” isn’t such a bad thing in this fast paced world. It allows for personal growth, resilience and eventually reforge oneself.

Two: Lets call it the "hight of hights"

Thats one is the most common one, actually everyone does just move forward. Constantly strife or chase for the things we deem to be a necessity in our lives, goals or dreams. We may meet with rain, storms, cold, heat, sometimes we fall but get up… eventually we reach the top, then we will maybe just look at the horizon and be like “gasp” that mountain over there is even taller − lets take it ON!

The challenge here is, when was it we eventually been there and enjoyed the journey or was it even the road we desired for ourselves.

the third: "With the head trough the wall − lets dig tunnel"

It’s quite a stubborn one, eventually kind of a prodigy would do, even innovative and leaves a clear path to return, or a road for others to follow. That one takes bravery, its never easy to follow your heart and it takes a tremendous amount of guts to strive for your ideals because it means you put yourself up against all odds society expect of you but you’ll know its that way you desired for yourself most and thats another way despite all the difficulties you may encounter on your road thats quite enjoyable.

Actually there’s a 4th a genius or dreamer may craft an airbaloon, to fly over the mountain.


I just want to add

No matter which road you approach in your life, they all prove the same difficulty and none is right nor wrong, they all are about the same difficulty but life is what we make of it at its current presence.

So boil a cup of tea or coffee, take a comfy seat in your chair and enjoy your nice view and as it is already said: its the little things in life that matter the most.

You all are great and beautiful as you are.


yeaaaa! reminds me of a song now gotta find it

Lord made me a mountain anyway think thats the title. yeah, He holds my hand, no matter what path I di choose, the well wornm or the rocky ptted one. He’s there holding my hand, and yeah seems like I heard no mountain high enough nor ocean too deep. love it!
thank you faywartune_545

image I watched it again, and wanted to cry. mountains to climb wow!!

p/s got my coffee and be sitting back and enjoy some of our dramas here again thank you for some great words!!

oh yeah I think Elvis Presley sang that song too


Here are some quotes that I really liked ,so decided to share them with you guys.



oh my goodness Jamjazz you are awesome!! all of you are doing great! this is what I want to see! not just for me but others that need inspiration as well keep it up!!



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wow awesome stuff there, hmmm, a butterfly dreaming of being a man, or a man being a butterfly, interesting stuff there!!


so I did this twice, thought you all might need a uplift