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ok now I am ready to regroup, to start again! hedre goes, wow 6 weeks has been a very long time!!


that is so good!!!


This is terrible, I wouldn’t be also surprised that it could be placed in restrooms… but when my wallet got stolen in Aldi they didn’t have any cameras, the manager even told me that people steal wine bottles and else and one guy tried to walk away with a tv screen but got caught that was in 2013 in Switzerland…

Unfortunately where can you feel today unobserved??


I really like the use of CCTV cameras all around us. Why? So many crimes committed lately has been brought to justice bc they were able to track with cameras the criminal as he walked around the area where he committed the crime.

The only place I feel is not needed in public bathrooms, and only sick men do that; so it pays to to check your bathroom stall before you start ‘‘your business’’ I do all the time.

I’m not giving any sick pervert the pleasure to post my be**** for money gain in sites that pay to see this inappropriate videos. There are too many sick ppl in the world lately.


A young 20 something year old man raped a 52 year old lady sick bastard that could be his mother

They haven’t caught him yet bc she didn’t report it out of shame; until the super of the building saw the CCTV, and spoke/convinced her to come forward

To me they are a blessing we have police huge CCTV cameras so I feel safer now since cops no longer walk the area bc of the covid situation.

PS. Forgot to add: I have 2 cameras inside my apartment bc they are not allowed in our lobby doors; for the other tenants ‘‘privacy issues’’


some a yes some a no, so many perverts now. but as you said they are a blessing, those guys are recorded so the police can catch them. I also agree, not in dressing stalls or bathrooms!!!


If a horrifying political system becomes a topic of biting, over-the-top humor, it is a sign that the system has lost its potential to frighten people, to manipulate people, and to degrade people, and it is on the way to becoming as scary as . . . a chattering squirrel. (Shoo! get out of my garden!)

If an amazing human being becomes a topic of biting, over-the top-humor, it is a sign that other human beings have let selfishness and ignorance blind them to their own humanity . . . and they are on the way to creating the necessary conditions for a horrifying political system to come into existence.

Humor with a foundation of true passion, compassion, gentleness, and joy is a healer. Humor without those qualities is a killer.

Viki is on the side of the angels in that regard. We have to remember to act in that way as well. And from what I can see, there are many Viki fans who practice angelic behavior.

The origin of the English word angel is a Greek world derived in some convoluted way from a Hebrew word meaning simply “messenger.” All the major systems of religion and philosophy that I am aware of include concepts of human beings (and other beings) bringing messages of hope and healing to people in need of those things.

I find that whole concept very encouraging, and that is why I value and talk about humor and silliness so much.


and you just keep it up!!!



this last one y’all, wow even with the fall and all, I am really grateful for what the Lord has done in my life these past 6 weeks, I guess we just don’t appreciate those things we do have. yes a wake up call here


Some things are only learned to appreciate when they are no longer there - toilet paper, for example.

It is so simple, isn’t it ? :partying_face:


A phenomenon that has become all too familiar over the last year and a half. The minute my state recently announced we would be reinstituting the mask mandate for indoors, toilet paper disappeared from store shelves. Somehow, through all the instances where this has been the case, we somehow miraculously come across a pack somewhere just as we are reaching a critical point in our household. Hopefully this will be the case this time around, too.


Google returned: “A FOLD OF CHAIRS”

Hoarders are so annoying. It’s basically a selfish act. “Me First and the heck with you.”


An unbelievable majority of people who think they are so infallible and then literally become primitive :grimacing:


I ran to the big discount stores bc they started saying in the news there was a shortage of TOILET PAPER but when I went they had different brands stacked to the ceiling so be careful is not a trick from toilet paper companies to have ppl buying toilet paper in a frenzy for nothing.

I saw a documentary very primitive and the guy had to ''go #2 in the jungle and he points out: Look all the toilet paper I got, and I also fertilize them too. I was laughing so hard bc I didn’t expect him to say that. Then came a memory from the past where my uncle gather around to say stories and the most amusing one was when their toilet paper they grabbed by MISTAKE a plant called: ORTIGA. We have a lot in the countryside (we talking back in 1930’s?

The Ortiga plant has thorns like the roses and I can just imagine their pain when they clean their behind…

General Description.—Ortiga brava means “bad
nettle” in Spanish. The species is known by a host image
of other common names, among which are:
stinging nettle, ortiga, pringamoza, mala mujer,
chichicaste, nigua, guaritoto, ishanga, manman
guêpes, and urtiga bronca (Little and others 1974).
Ortiga brava is a weak-stemmed woody shrub that
sometimes becomes a small tree. Individual plants
may have one or several stems, branching near the
ground. Probably the most recognizable feature of
the plant is the presence of many sharp, stinging
spines on the leaves, branches, and stem

WE CAN SAY WE ARE BLESSED to have toilet paper and bathrooms, too. lol:rofl:




Messages of power to ponder…



:rofl: I don’t know which would be worse, Ortiga or Poison Ivy. YIKES! Poison Ivy has nice shiny smooth looking leaves… uh… yea, that’s a nope.


TMI alert:

We have ‘taken care of business’ in the forest on a couple emergency occasions, either while hiking or on a long drive. Once, a person in our party squatted too close to some stinging nettle, and I got a couple mosquito bites on my cheeks (not the cute cheeks on my face :rofl:) It is seriously unpleasant. :confounded:


anghelight313_168, thank you I needed that!!!



I don’t think we have Poison Ivy in my Island, but my sister when she was a teenager got poison ivy here in USA when she went on a trip with some friends, and I remember it was very painful, and it took very long before it went away. She tried everything they told her, and nothing would work for her. From that day forward, I avoided walking through any kind of plants. The thought of going through that horrible itching and pain that last days… ughhhh


Those ‘‘cheek’’ every time that water hit it must have been a painful experience:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:I’m just glad it never happened to me. I would hold it until I got to a house that’s why I hated the countryside when I was young lol.

Oh, I’m glad i made your day, you got a good dose of medicine bc laughter is the best medicine for healing faster. I hope it brought a smile and laughter to your day.


I can’t speak for how horrible it would be to deal with poison ivy or the stinging nettle (I’ve had that on an arm, and it was bad enough), but having mosquito bites on your bum is no fun either. Every single move you make rubs it, and sitting is so uncomfortable. :unamused::woman_facepalming: