Thoughts for you/us to ponder


Talking to random strangers is not done anymore these days. Now it’s avoiding random strangers. :frowning:


Or talking in general, it seems. A friend of mine told me that she sometimes texts her kids to “come have dinner” when they are all in the house together. Lol


ok so I missed one, the talking tyo strangers that is, really weird how our time has changed!!


Not at all what we were expecting on New Year’s Eve 2019!


when they all are in the same area? wow! and weird, talking about communications here!


Yep. These are different times we live in now. It’s so sad to see a family dining at a restaurant with mom, dad and the kids each on their cellphones. I think the art of conversation is no longer in practice. Nowadays, not only is there less conversation but also too many acronyms are in use to a point where you feel like you are learning a new language. I used to be a Patient Relations volunteer at a local hospital before Covid and one of my patients, an elderly lady, told me that she thought “lol” meant “lots of love”.


Now I’m starting to wonder whether those kids might develop language issues if they hardly ever hear their mothertongue being spoken …

Btw, “lol” is also the Dutch word for “fun”. :wink:


I also thought lol was lots of love. enjoy this quiz

Come on, someone do this with me! Facebook is supposed to be social and fun, AND I’M TIRED OF READING ABOUT COVID-19, so let’s go!

Been to an NFL game? No

Been to Canada?Yes

Visited Florida? YES

Visited Mexico? no

Visited Europe? no

Visited Vegas? Yes

Visited Los Angeles? no

Eaten alone at a restaurant? YES

Danced in the rain? Yes

Gone skinny dipping? Yes

Ability to read music? yes (if not too advanced)

Rode a motorcycle? Yes

Ridden a horse ? Yes

Stayed in a hospital? Yes

Donated blood? Yes

Been snow skiing? No

Been Water skiing?

Been to Disney World or Disney Land? Yes

Slept outside? Yes

Driven a stick shift? Yes

Ridden in an 18 wheeler?yes

Eaten Escargot? No

Been on a cruise?no

Run out of gas?yes

Been on TV? Yes

Eaten Sushi? only a bite.

Eaten Chocolate covered ants? Yes

Went zip-lining? no
scuba diving?no
mountain climnbing no
cavce hunting
genealogy stuff exploring cemetaries yes
historical societies yes
all-around research of family yes

Come on; do this — Copy, paste, and change to your answer



Where? When? Tell us more! Can we find it on YouTube? :star_struck:

Yuk! Was that on that tv-show you were in? Did you have to eat them to win a price? :thinking:


the chocolate covered ants was a dare, if no one tells me what I am eating, I can do it, note octipus was a very long time ago son and me on a childrens showone too


How did they taste?


I wouldn’t want to do it again, crunchy no flavor.



Lol, not always. You cannot easily change your boss, colleagues, teachers, classmates, neighbours, family, landlord, employees of the shops at your neighbourhood, local doctors, etc., etc. There really are people you can’t escape from! :scream:


image did that help?



Been to an NFL game? No

Been to Canada? No

Visited Florida? Yes

Visited Mexico? No

Visited Europe? I live here, so yes :laughing:

Visited Vegas? No

Visited Los Angeles? No

Eaten alone at a restaurant? Yup

Danced in the rain? Yes

Gone skinny dipping? No

Ability to read music? Yes, but I have the feeling that this skill is disappearing haha.

Rode a motorcycle? No

Ridden a horse ? Yes

Stayed in a hospital? Yes

Been snow / water skiing? No

Been to Disney World or Disney Land? No

Been to any other theme parks? Yes, Universal

Slept outside? Yes

Driven a stick shift? Yes

Ridden in an 18 wheeler? No

Eaten Escargot? No

Been on a cruise? :no_mouth: Yes, but for a concert. Never want to go on one for an actual cruise.

Run out of gas? No

Been on TV? I can’t remember :sweat_smile: I don’t know if it was actually aired.

Eaten Sushi? Yes, love it.

Eaten Chocolate covered ants? No, but have had other bugs.

Went zip-lining? Only in a kid park

Scuba diving? No, more of a free diver

Mountain climbing? No

Cave hunting? No, I have been in caves before though.

Genealogy research? Yes

Exploring cemeteries? No

Historical societies? No


#… types in “feyfayer” in YouTube’s search engine … # :stuck_out_tongue:


And? What were the results? :laughing: