[Thread Closed] Virtuous Queen of Han

The Virtuous Queen of Han is a 2014 Chinese Drama, starring the mainland Chinese actress Wang Luo Dan and the popular Hong Kong actors Raymond Lam & Niki Chow.

–Genres– Period, romance, historical, palace intrigue

–Drama Status– Airing completed. Uploading videos is in progress.

–Cast– Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Niki Chow

–Synopsis– This is the true story of Empress Wei Zifu, (Wang Luo Dan)
a woman who rose to become one of the longest reigning empresses of
China. Her name has gone down in history as “Wei the Thoughtful
Empress,” known as a virtuous and tactful woman. She was once a
low-status dancer, but she caught the eye of Emperor Wu (Raymond Lam)
and was taken into the palace as his consort. However, the emperor
already had an empress, who felt threatened by Wei Zifu’s presence.

–Opening Theme Song MV–


Channel status Unfortunately the fan channel for The Virtuous Queen of Han was closed due to copyright.

Main Cast Stills

Wang Luo Dan as Wei Zifu

Raymond Lam as Emperor Wu

Niki Chow as Princess Ping Yang

Jeremy Jones as Duan Hong

Drama Stills


The Virtuous Queen of Han channel has been closed due to copyright.

Such a shame the channel was closed. I hope we could get license for it, but it seems that viki hasn’t got license for any chinese periodic drama before either… : (

I know :’( It was a short-lived channel unfortunately. And yes it is really hard to get c-period dramas licensed.