Time to flood viki support with complaints

Por favor, terminan de traducir la serie llamada Historia del palacio yanxi Capitulo 53 en ESPAÑOL. quien podra hacerlo TT estoy algo desesperada :smiley:

Hi please write to camille she is from the staff of viki.

le envio un correo al nombre de CAMILLE, correcto?? y gracias por responder. :smiley: :slight_smile:

Tickets have been more and more delayed in their answer because more and more people fill tickets.
I hope that people could fill a ticket if the ticket is about a matter or a subject that is personal or unique.

If too many people fill a ticket for the same subject, not only it will delay the solution for personal or unique matters such as bugs on viki tools or scripts missing, not only for the people who read it, it’s just not nice and time consuming. They could have read and answered another ticket that you or anyone else have filled and we would be less complaining about the delay. But we’re not helping.

My tickets have been delayed by 10 d-15 d-1 month and remain open. A question, waiting, an answer, my answer, waiting.
And it’s not something that someone else could fill for me, it’s about scripts missing or bugs in volunteer tools or report. And I know already that my tickets will be even more delayed… and I must not be the only one, right?

So please, don’t flood tickets for the same subject, write on a topic like this one or the topic provided above, it’s winning-winning for everyone:


I hope that for this matter, people could be more thoughtful about the effects they have on someone’s else tickets or other problems that also need that someone reads them and finds a solution (and that Viki could recruit some more people). We’re a community.

Hope the languages will be back soon.


No, envie al gestor de canal o al moderador espanol. Camille no es responsible de los subtitulos en espanol. No puede dar una respuesta satisfactoria porque no es en el equipo de traduccion.

Puede encontrar al gestor de canal o al moderador en la pagina principal del drama “EQUIPO DE SUBTITULACIÓN”.

On the main page of channel you can click on the volunteers, you will find the moderators of all languages and the one for Spanish. Contact her/him first before contacting Viki staff, she/him might be short of subbers, if you ask, you might get to know subtitles are not as fast as you wish them to be.

@Piranna-- But I am one of the people who wrote a while back to the staff about the problem and I too got a prompt response from a community support person. But there has been no change and I know very well that community support is not able to solve this problem – it’s the tech staff which created the problem and it’s the tech staff who can solve it too. My reasoning is that if there is a multitude of complaints about the same solvable problem, then the engineers will solve the problem. I know very well that the tech support, if aware of the urgency of a problem can resolve it rapidly. For example in the past, all moderators could delete anyone’s subtitles. This was fine because the moderators were intelligent people. Then along came an idiot who deleted all the subtitles in a K drama which was extremely hard to subtitle – it dealt with political legal issues and we had wonderful subbers who subbed episode 1. A newbie moderator permanently deleted all the subs completed thus far in the first episode in every language which was already subbed. Within 48 hours after being notified of the problem, the tech staff made it impossible to delete all subs except for the Channel Manager.
I do sympathize with the community support people as they are on the “front lines” of dealing with both volunteers and viewers and their numbers have not increased over the years – they potentially are serving millions of clients. But they cannot solve a problem which is part of how the viki site operates. All the community support people can do in this situation is tell tech support about a problem. (And I do know in the past, the engineering staff from time to time changed the program and the community support people aren’t told in advance of the upcoming change.) .
By the way, I had a friend who can read Chinese go into by request history and choose English so I can look at my old requests again. I see I complained about a random switching of language for the viki site for me in February, 2016, in which I sent screenshots – so now it’s three years since I wrote about the problem which is marked Solved on my history page.

I just hope that people won’t flood tickets for the same subject, maybe it solves 1 problem, but if it causes a lot of other unique problems not to be solved at the same time, if we talk about the quantity of solved problems or solved tickets…

There are other ways that everyone used, making multiple post here or a post in the viki assistance forum, like, etc.
Why not making a poll with yes/no or contact the audience with this poll and post the results somewhere.
There are other ways to be heard from Viki and that don’t impact other volunteers requests.
It’s important that we have the site in multiple languages and it’s also important that other requests are also solved, right?

So taking into consideration other requests, I don’t flood them asking for the same scripts or reporting, but I can take some news after a while to know if there’s some progress.

Yes, I rejoice what you say, the person who reads our complains is not necessarily the one who’s responsible, so venting out our anger on people who don’t deserve it or didn’t have something to do with the changes…

I think as volunteers, we have all lived this in our life, audience complaining about faster subs or editing. The people who read our posts are not so much different from us, they have to read our complains + hundreds of complains from the audience x 20 languages x 1K dramas. Imagine you have to answer to this every day, it’s just tiring, we all know.
Even if contrary to us, it’s a job, it’s not an easy job to keep calm, whereas we are free to not answer, to ignore or to vent out our anger in our answer, too. They’re not as free as we are.
So the sympathy I have for volunteers who try to answer audience pleas, I also have the same sympathy for the one who has to read my ticket and I have even more sympathy for them if they have to do it every day and with people who might overstep the boundaries of being respectful.
If I know the reader doesn’t deserve my wrath and is from the front office and not the back office or the tech department or the ones who decided to remove languages, why would I vent out my frustration on this person/the wrong department? I’m mistaken.
But if I’m angry, I make sure I’m venting out on the right person.

As Irmar would say, it’s not that the request is not legit or right or wrong, it’s the way we convey it, it’s the way we ask things or reply, same for the audience, same for volunteers.

All in all, I think we want the same thing (the languages back) and we have the same opinion about the front office’s not being the ones who are responsible, but we would do it differently to obtain what we want.

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So it was that old. I sent my request about that same problem 10 months ago. Languages switched after I clicked on Disqus messages. They also changed randomly to French, Spanish, Chinese and what not, every time I opened Help Center.
Quite a lot of messages were exchanged, including screenshots and also a HAR file (don’t ask me to explain what it is, I barely understood it then, it’s a sort of recording found in Developer Tools). The request is still marked open, thankfully.

This is the response one of my “other language” moderators received today about inability to upload her cover page in her language:
Dear ******
Thank you for writing the help center. Unfortunately we have made some changes recently where we cannot change the cover pages unless it is the language of:
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

We appreciate your understanding!

Viki Community Team

Viki Support|



no way! that´s… wow. speechless -.-


I have just seen this post :frowning:
Can VIKI PLEASE bring “All languages” selection content for the site back as it was before? :tired_face: They wouldn’t have touched that option unless they had communicated it to the community. :grimacing: I’m sure this is affecting a lot of current volunteers willing to help.

Since I only contribute to Viki in English, I haven’t noticed this before even though I know 2 other languages. But WHAT IF I know Dutch, Turkish or Polish and I want to contribute for those languages. Then I won’t be able to see the progress of subbing for any episode, the page design, the title or the about section of a channel? How come limiting it to 10 languages only?
Isn’t VIKI supposed to be Fun in Any Language, why only 10 languages since there are more languages out there willing to help this community grow… :sob: VIKI, you’re definitely limiting the fun for the other language speakers out your 10 language list. :astonished:

Let’s not forget that contributing to Viki is not only segmenting, subbing, translating or editing. We also like designing cover pages for the fans, now not all languages will be able to do that anymore?

Hope Viki reconsiders this and brings the all languages content option back soon hopefully.

Hang in there and fighting for the other 202 language speakers out there!

I just read this: :expressionless:


Now you can again see the progress in percentages for each episode, but the title, the description, and the wall still cannot be seen in other languages, asides from those ten.

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Since a week I don’t even see the subbing progress in my language. All in English, even if my side setting is German. And I know many from our community have this problem too

Den Stand der Übersetzungen zeigt das System an, wenn du die Untertitel im Video auf Deutsch eingestellt hast, dass die Seite auf Deutsch eingestellt ist spielt dabei keine Rolle.


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Das war vorher aber nicht so. Als man noch den Seiteninhalt getrennt von der Sprache einstellen konnte, wurde der Stand der Übersetzungen in Deutsch angezeigt, wenn man die Sprache auf Deutsch hatte. Jetzt kann man nur noch eine Sprachauswahl für die gesamte Seite treffen, aber dann wird trotzdem nur angezeigt, wie weit die englischen Subs sind. Dass man die Untertitel auf Deutsch umstellen muss, um den Stand zu sehen, ist neu. Ich gucke nie mit deutschen Subs, immer nur Englisch, also hätte ich den Stand der deutschen Subs auch nicht sehen können.

Ja früher war einiges anders, aber ob es sich nochmal ändert oder nicht liegt bei Viki.
Ich finde es auch bedauerlich und habe mich auch gewundert. Nach ein paarmal probieren war dann aber klar, dass das eine nicht mit dem anderen verbunden ist. Unpraktisch, wenn man was nachsehen will.

und ich schau in deutsch und dennoch wurde alles in englisch angezeigt. schon merkwürdig.

This is shocking. I didn’t know that moderators were able to delete subs some years ago.

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