Time Travel Historical Romantic series


On Youtube I’ve seen some Chinese web series about time traveling that are really interesting! So far I’ve seen Go Princess Go!, Oh! My Emperor, Cinderella Chef, and The Journey and I would love to see them on Viki, just to be sure they’re properly subbed! They are a nice snack in-between the heavy stuff, warm, funny and romantic :blush:

Does anyone know some similar series, completed, and with English subs?


Oh My Emperor may be coming:)


Cinderella Chef too
Let’s pray for Oh my emperor and cinderella chef! Please, viki! Please!


These all look so good :heart_eyes:


The Eternal Love 1 and 2. Really good


So the best drama by far with this element is Scarlet Heart then I would check out Eternal Love. If you are up for reading there a few translated novels online. This theme is pretty popular in China but regulation makes it hard to adapt into dramas.


I’ve only watched Splash Splash Love


this one is awesome, called kung fu traveler. I know some have asked about cyborgs, and also time travel. I won’t say too much cause I don’t want to give stuff away. future stuff, and almost a 3d type thing, aliens have landed, and they are defeating the earthlings bad. the story goes cyborg /robot, and “handler” I guess that is what she was called. seems like they go to the passt to get kung fu training from an expert in that time. anyway. with me it was really good. but thought I’d let you know about this one. both cyborg & time travel, what more can one ask, oh yeal love?? well you have to watch this to see. It is on Amazon but pricey. I did see it on another link, which I am not to say. but do find this it is really good. contact me and I will tell.


@adrianmorales Splash Splash Love is one of my favorites! I liked the theme about a girl who hates math, but can’t do without it in the past in order to survive. Funny and romantic too. I would love to sink into a mud pool if I could meet Prince Charming just like that.


@frustratedwriter Wow, thanx a lot! I found it with English subs, somewhere in Sweden lol. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


@maria_v_2 Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart made my hart stop, so beautiful and sad at the same time. Later on I watched the original version as well, but somehow the Chinese Scarlet Heart was easier to bear.

@danimspradlin_930 I’ve watched Eternal Love 1 and 2, and really liked both series. The first one’s still my favorite, because of the double identity story arc.


It’s a classic, alright. It’s also very popular on Viki. Truthfully, I identify well with the main character.


Best chinese time travel movies:
Best korea time travel movies:


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Well I would advise all those who love time travel movies like I do. Should go for the romance between tiger and rose, unique lady. Also I love movies in which the women are strong female leads with witty and funny character like Dr cutie, oh my emperor, princess weiyong, legend of fuyao , empress ki, so many more that I can’t really remember now. Moreover if you like adventure movies then watch arthdal chronicles