Time Travel Kdramas/movies

Do you know some Korean Dramas or Korean movies that are Time Travel to the past? I don’t want to watch Faith and Dr. Jin, because they’re medical dramas, and I really would like that a modern person went back to the past (like upcoming Drama “Splash Splash Love”). Thank you beforehand!

Queen in Hyun 's Man


Rooftop prince
Love Weaves Through a Millennium
Love Weaves Through a Millennium, this is the Chinese version of Queen in Hyun’s Man


Nine times travel.


Thank you for recommeding me these dramas, but I know them, however, do you know dramas or movies that a modern person goes back to the past not a few days or years, but a century or era?

If you’re only looking for Korean titles, I think those are pretty much the only ones.

This mini K-drama is coming soon - today! Only has 2 episodes and it’s what you are after: a modern person goes back to Joseon era!
Splash Splash Love - https://www.viki.com/tv/29455c-splash-splash-love?q=splas

How far can you run away from the inevitable? Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) is a high school senior who hates math and has given up on her future dreams because it requires math! On the day of her college entrance exams, she becomes so distraught that she runs away from it. But Dan Bi has the supernatural ability to teleport to different places whenever it rains. On this particular rainy day, she jumps into a puddle and time travels back to the Joseon Dynasty, where she is immediately detained by palace guards and taken before the young King Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon). Can the 21st-century girl help the young king face the tough issues of that time period — and will she have to use math to do it? “Splash Splash Love” is a 2015 two-episode South Korean drama special written and directed by Kim Ji Hyun.

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

The only other K-Dramas I would recall are:

Thousand Years of Love
Ice Girl

But here the heroine is going from the past to the present …

Another Special Drama is https://www.viki.com/tv/29568c-old-goodbye?q=old
But it’s nothing like the drama you are asking for.

Maybe you want to try a Japanes Drama
Nobunaga Concerto?

P.S.: About Faith it is not that much of a medical drama … At least in my opinion.

Nine times travel.
This is an excellent & intelligent time travel drama. I loved it and have re-watched a number of times.

If you’re willing to branch out and try something different, Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (Startling by Each Step) will not disappoint. It’s a Chinese pseudo-historical time-travel themed drama.


I’d recommend avoiding Time Slip Dr. Jin (타임슬립 닥터진).
It’s essentially garbage … then again, sometimes garbage can be fun to watch, too :wink:


Thank you all for suggestions! I’ll be sure to check them out. :smile:

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I am looking for a asian drama like what you are looking for.
I still did not find it.

It is called NINE. It may have lost its license.


not mentioned that Ryho scarlet love, I think thats the title and the Chinese version too. they were quite good. some places quite boring, but still good., I didn’t understand nine times travel, these girls go back to a later period.

Another decent Chinese time travel is also: Palace: Lockheart

Palace: Lock Heart

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, which is the Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jin Xin.

However, Queen In Hyan’s Man is my favorite Korean time travel show.

You could also try the Goong series, My Princess, and King 2 Hearts while they are not time travel they have the premises of what if Korea still had a royal family.

Awesome to see the ones you all listed. I’m glad I came across this thread. I love time travel shows so now I have more to go on.

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Dr Jin, Faith, theres a new one out but at this time don’t recall the name, the guy cant die, that may not be a time travel one. there are a lot out there just have to search. yeah I like the time travel thing too. double universes(W) etc.

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I liked both these dramas, but to each their own. @simi11, Dr. Jin’s Antagonist turned friend in the end, is one of your biases.

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