Timed Comments Issue

I have a problem sometimes when I go to create a comment where the screen flips back and the comment is recorded too early; or it plays when I start typing even though it was paused before; or the audio disappears after I type. They’re all interrelated, and I haven’t figured out why it happens. I can resolve it by clearing the cookies, but I’d like to prevent it if I can. Has this happened to anyone here before? (I tried to look for the form to report this to Viki as well, but I didn’t find it.) Have you figured out how to prevent it?

Hi @alienluvah, I’m sorry that you’re seeing this odd issue. It’s something that we’d definitely like to investigate. Could you please contact us through the Viki Help Center? You can do so here:

We’d love to figure out what’s happening here and get Timed Comments working for you again!