Timed Comments

Does anybody know of a way to delete or edit your own timed comments? I really don’t like it when somebody inserts a timed comment too soon before or after someone else’s, so that there is no time to read the comments. And I also don’t like it when someone double comments (says the same comment twice in a row). And I accidentally did both of those things today. I feel bad about it because I just stepped right on someone else’s comment that I was actually replying to. And now it doesn’t seem there’s any way to fix it. Unless someone knows something I don’t know? Any suggestions?

I don’t know if there is a way to edit them :’( Sadly I’m also guilty of doing the same thing LOL but I think it’s cuz we are watching at the same time and post within secs of each other sooooooooo alot of us are thinking the same thing!! :smiley:

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I think that only the Channel staff (moderators and managers) can erase the timed comments. If it really bothers you that much you could ask one of them to delete it.