"Tinted With You" translation issues

I ended up watched episode 1 elsewhere because the Viki translation of Ep. 1 wasn’t really comprehensible. It now seems that not only will we be waiting days as the percentage of translation creeps upward, but in the end the translation might be little better than auto-translate.

I am resigned to waiting for the translation is over 90%, but now it seems that even when over 90% arrives it really isn’t translated.

I am not at all interested in any reply besides a plan for performance improvement and if episode 1 will be translated. Otherwise don’t reply.

I was wondering why you were so quiet all this time. Anyway, Happy New Year.

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Then you probably shouldn’t have posted this here, but sent a PM to the CM or members of the team. Or opened a ticket at Viki. I don’t know if you wanted it to come off like that, but your post turned out rude.
“I made you read my post, but I’m not interested in anyone’s reply unless you fix it the way I want it.”


the user surfaces on Discussions only when the user has problems related to Viki or something else.


Hi Edward,

I want to give you a round of applause! It’s really great to see you supporting Vietnamese BLs. I was watching through the end credits for Mr Cinderalla by O2 Production and your name slowly crept up the screen with a nice “thank you”.



I think BL productions have done wonderful things to make the world more inclusive of people of all gender identities. O2 Productions have been working very hard to create quality material. They’re definitely getting better and better with each production.

All the very best and I hope 2022 is brilliant for you!

P.S. I’ve just watched episode 1 of “Tinted With You” and the subs are excellent. I’m guessing that what you saw were not the finished product and were maybe some of Viki’s software translations or perhaps a stepping stone to the final subs.


Thank you for bringing these credits to my attention. I was unaware of them. I am a financial donor to various production groups which do Gay productions or plausibly Gay productions and sometimes have a social message.