To all the up10tion fans out there // DO U WANT TO BE A MODERATOR FOR THIS PAGE?

Hello. The page I created for Up10tion has been approved :scream: :clap: :clap: I need moderators of any language.

If you want to help, please send me a PM!!

Are there any requirements?

Most, if not all, channels “require” you to be…

  1. A QC.

  2. Active on Viki.

  3. Able to speak the language fluently. (For example, if you want to be a French Moderator, you need to speak French fluently.)

I have encountered times where people who have like 500 subs who are moderators, so it could just be up to the CM.

Good luck!

Sadly enough I’m not a QC yet so I can’t help.

~ Missha