Too much focus on Handsomeness sometimes


Almost in every drama, there are lines to emphasize the “Handsomeness” of character-- for no reason. Do people in real life actually keep telling people randomly - “oh you are so handsome! Good worker and so Handsome! You are a great doctor and on top of that you are so handsome …”
Sometimes I find it annoying that so much focus is on looks than character…


Stop watching idol dramas and you should be fine. Sure, you kind of lose 80% of content, but please learn to be selective. Avoid the popular ones that receive high marks just because hot celebrities star in them.


I’ve never heard it in normal conversation.
I would expect to hear it when someone is flirting at stage 2, when shopping for clothes or when a friend is trying to boost another friend’s morale in a bad moment.
I wouldn’t expect to hear it in a professional setting at all and I would probably find it weird if a neighbour said it.

I don’t hear it a lot in dramas but I guess it’s because I don’t watch romcoms.


Sometimes they use it to stress the point - “youre so handsome but so rude/useless/jobless etc.” Then you watch the charcter grow so he’s handsome AND has a good steong character. I’ve never been bothered by it.

Unless it’s a cdrama. Especially a high school cdrama. Then there’s no logic or reason, the ML is handsome and will have a flock of girls screaming after him for no particular reason and you have to shut up and deal with it. Or the ML’s character itself is so unnecessarily bland, stiff and one dimensional that the only compliment you can give him is for his looks.


They usually stress this point when the male character is trying to break that barrier with his character development. Like he’s trying to prove that he’s more than just a handsome face.

Also, agree with being selective with dramas. Idol dramas or cutesy/fluffy plots with a youngish ML will focus more on this point.

Some dramas do get annoying esp. if the ml isn’t ALL THAT handsome. It’s exaggerated sometimes.


Yes, I also noticed it. They do it a lot, and not only in idol dramas, and not only when the character is actually handsome.
In our countries it’s not done at all, but maybe it’s a Korean thing? I hear that they give a lot of importance to looks. I’ll wait for Korean volunteers’ input.


It is a Korean thing, I guess.
With us, people would say nothing at all, or rather: You are so smart/polite/nice as a compliment.