Top 3 K-dramas


(Note. As happens, there may be spoilers below.)

I’ve seen lists of recs here and there, but… If you had to pick. What are your top 3 K-dramas? Hard to narrow it down, I know. But there’s the challenge of it-- ONLY three, please~

I’ll start it off. For me, at the moment, in no particular order.
Shut Up, Flower Boy Band, Story of a Man (The Slingshot), The Princess’ Man

Ahhh, that was so hard >.<


Picking only three is so hard! Mine would have to be:

  • The Princess’ Man
  • White Christmas
  • Coffee Prince

I can’t choose a favorite, but those are my top 3.


This is hard but…

  • Master’s Sun ( even though I’m not done )
  • Big
  • High Kick ( the first one )


In no order:
Secret Garden
Scent of Woman
The King 2 Hearts


I can’t tell 3. Sorry. Lolllll
(But… Gu Family Book, Warrior Baek Dong So, Bridal Mask…)
You’re so cruel… I have a lot more… Please, change your rules, do a top 10, at least lolll


I agree with Milie. Only 3 is very HARD!!! Can we do like 5? Please…please…please??? ^0^

  • The Greatest Love
  • Queen In Hyun’s Man
  • Pasta


That Winter, the Wind Blow/ I can hear your voice/Good Doctor. These are my favourite K-dramas this year.


My first is “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” my second is “Goong” but I can’t decide which will be my 3rd since I like so many.

  • The Princess’ Man
  • The Moon Embraces The Sun
  • Pasta (it was the first modern drama I’ve seen :D)

But I have many, many, many more. ^.^


Only 3 dramas, that’s really hard but I’d say : The innocent man aka Nice guy, The greatest love (first place ex aequo) and Coffee prince.


Its hard to pick 3 cz I have way more, but I’d say my first is “I miss you”, my second “49 days”, and for my third “A gentleman’s dignity” but maybe also “I hear your voice” can’t decide:/


Boys Over Flowers, 49 Days, and Secret Garden. I’ve thought about it before, but I still love You Are Beautiful, Scent of A Women, and Playful Kiss…This is hard… >< I’m out can’t pick!!


I’ll do my best not to go off topic :slight_smile:

Secret Garden
Flower Boy Raymun Shop
and… third one is hard, but I’ll go with Coffee Prince.


lol, I was kidding~

Ahh, the third pick is always the hardest XD


Hehehehe okay Good :slight_smile:


Coffee Prince
Gentleman’s Dignity
I Hear Your Voice


My top 3 would be:
Great Doctor/Faith
A Gentleman’s Dignity
Rooftop Prince


Gosh tough choice…okay i guess i would just go with drama that leave me with intense memories:
1)Boys before flowers
3)Reply 1997 /Secret garden/My girlfriend is a gumiho…

xxxYeah so i know my list is more than 3 but gosh i have too many drama loves!xxx


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

No, you broke the rules D:
Ha, that’s okay. You can be the rule breaker I guess…


LOL…Since I have broken the rules already, add coffee prince to my list XD