Top 3 K-dramas

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It’s difficult to choose but I’d say:
1# God’s Gift - 14 days
2# Special Affairs Team Ten 1 and 2
3# God’s Quiz

For now, my Top 3 will be in order :

  1. Queen In Hyun’s Man
  2. Big
  3. Boys Over Flowers (my very first drama -)

Till now my preferences changed a lot and at the moment I can express myself like this:

  1. Empress Ki
  2. Master’s Sun
  3. Fated to Love you (Korean version)

There is coincidentaly sageuk, comedy romance and a sad love story as well (FTLY still airing, hope we’ll have a happy ending).
But I am wondering how I could place God’s Gift or/and Cruel City? Damn good dramas as well and list could grow… couldn’t you asked for the first 30 dramas? :smiley:

This was six month ago.

My list now:

  1. Heirs
  2. Glorious Day
  3. Fated to Love You

Cruel City is one of my favourite drama ! I love the story and the characters ! And God’s Gift can be in my top 3 too. I love the male characters of these 2 dramas !

Yes, the main characters are awesome in both dramas.
But I have to mention Lee Gun, I mean Jang Hyuk from FTLY… great acting, great man.

Ah I couldn’t watch FTLY… I couldn’t bear his character. I think I love too much Ethan Ruan in this role :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re serious? Hm, I like it more Jang Hyuk. And just can’t get over this drama, watching over and over the scenes I liked most :smile:

For me, he’s too mincing in the way he speaks or his gesture… I can’t take him seriously.

That’s why I do like the character. But maybe one more reason is that I do like the actor’s acting in other shows. It was funny the way he acted in FTLY.

It’s hard but if I had to pick I’d say

  • The Moon Embracing The Sun
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • Boys over Flowers or Goong

“It’s Ok, that’s love”
“My love from the star”

(and of course, there are some others, clamouring for attention, squeezed in the no-man’s land of breaking the rules below the three who made it up because of perfection to the very ending episodes (a very rare thing in k-drama). Rooftop Prince was one of them, but it got kicked down because now I can not watch it again without thinking of hostesses in bathrooms.
You can see my recommendations on my profile page, though!

Since its impossible to really put only three i will do something else.
I will share with you three from every genre i love. I hope you won’t mind and someone could find it usefull.
Action & Adventure:

I can hear your voice
7th Grade Civil servant
City Hunter

Romantic Comedy:

Playfull kiss
You’re beautiful
My princess

Costume and period

Yi San
Dong Yi

Family and kids

Smile you
Super Dad 10
My baby

Horror & Supernatural

Master’s Sun
Arang and the Magistrate

Medical Drama

Golden Time
Good doctor


Angel eyes
Please come back mister


Dream High
Beethoven virus

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My love from the stars
Secret garden
Iron man


Dr Champ
Birdie Buddy
No limit

Web drama

I order you
Be arrogant
Jumping girl

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You have to watch the light in you eyes !!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This is so hard but…

True Beauty
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
There are so many more I love, but these are some of my favorites.

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My Favorite Dramas
He Is Psychometric
(Couldn’t pick a 3rd place)
Love Triangles:
True Beauty
Start Up
My Favorite School Dramas:
Love Alarm
School 2017
Live On
Accidentally in Love
Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Cute Romances:
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
Crash Landing On You
Run On

I love so many more, but these are some of my top dramas.

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