Top Edits I've Made This Week (or Day) -- Game

Top Edits I’ve Made This Week (or Day) – The Game
AKA: Funny Presubs We’ve Encountered (and how we edited them)

I know there has been a lot of discussion lately about presubs and I read kakashiandme’s comment about making it a game so I decided to do just that.

This is meant to be just a fun way to share the shows we’ve been working on and to perhaps give everyone a better understanding of the conditions of the presubs and why editing is so important.:grin:

Here are some of my top 3 edits I’ve made recently:

  1. Faithful (historical)

Presub: My Lady, I’m only here for some chit-chat.
Edit: Second Lady, I only came to share this amusing story.

– The use of informal words in historical/fantasy dramas have become increasing prevalent with presubs and I found this one particularly funny.

  1. Exclusive Fairytale (rom-com)


  • I’m on my period
  • Why are they coming again?


  • My relatives have arrived.
    (T/N: euphemism for period)
  • Why are they here again?
  1. Lost You Forever (fantasy/xianxia)

Presub: You don’t need to be so formal.
Edit: Sister-in-law, you don’t need to be so formal.

– In this particular scene, without spoilers, another character freezes up when hearing this line. The reaction to the line is specifically because of the word “Sister-in-law.” However, the presub has omitted it to fit conversational English. Without this simple word, the viewer loses the reason for a character’s actions which is really a shame if it were unedited.

You don’t have to follow my format or provide explanations. I just thought I’d add some context and commentary. Have fun! And I look forward to reading everyone’s contributions!


I really appreciate edits like this. Even though I know what some those expressions mean now without needing to see the subs, it’s handy for people who are learning the language.
One thing that annoys me is when you hear something that doesn’t match up with the sub. That’s when I appreciate the editors and subbers the most.

Of course it’s also handy for those who aren’t learning the language, to understand exactly what’s being said.


I’m glad to know someone appreciates them. :grin:


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