Traditions -- old and new -- that you celebrate


The Holidays are upon us, and I would love to know how everyone plans on spending them. Do you enjoy the whole family get-together? Or do you simply wish to relax, forsaking traditions and all the stress and pressure accompanying them?



This was a thread I had during Lunar New Year might be fun to read!!!

I love hearing about people’s traditions!!! :heart:

I’m tradition CRAZY!!!


4th December - Saint Barbara’s Day
People will cut branches of willow trees, cherry trees or forsythia on this day take it into the house and if the room is not overheated the branches will bloom on Christmas.


Listening to :notes:Christmas Carols :notes:


One of my traditions for years was to go see the Nutcracker Live with a Live Orchestra where I lived. I probably saw it for almost 8 to 10 years every Christmas. With a NY prima ballerina who danced the sugar plum fairy!!!

Where I am now there is not a live orchestra so I have not gone! But I loved it while I did.

I do love to carol and used to carol 5 families every year that I would pick - and take them cookies!
I still try to make things for neighbors.

I always sing in Christmas Choirs - I love the music.


Wow, how wonderful is that? :heart_eyes:


For a lot of people the Holidays are a stressful, anxiety-inducing period. But that should be the total opposite. And I reckon it ought to start with these familiar and calming carols… :notes: :heart:


Will you be singing this Christmas as well?


I don’t know - we have not had as many choirs with the restrictions! I have sung in large, small, solo, trio and I have sung many many cantatas in my life…maybe! We shall see!

I’m a Soprano


My favorite hymn for Christmas because it has a story!!!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Poet


That was so beautiful! The words of a song I just sang with my mouth suddenly became so much deeper and touched my heart! Thank you for sharing that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, that’s impressive. I’d love to hear you and your choir play a few tunes. :notes: :heart:


Your Welcome - that song means so much!!!


So this is the 2nd year - 2019 and this year that I have helped a friend decorate a old historical site - we decorate the schoolhouse part - I also took pictures in the house!



That schoolroom is amazing! I love the greenery and decor you have added for the season. Is that chalkboard painted shiplap or are there just lines painted on the chalkboards? It’s really neat how the chalkboards go around the room.


I’m not sure - if those are original chalk boards - they were really hard to write on! I think it might be shiplap but I was not paying attention.


Right, but a loving and caring mother like you would never ever jinx her own kids. :hugs:


It’s finally starting to feel a little like Christmas! I’m very blessed to have close-knit family on both my paternal and maternal sides. I only get little snippets of the big plans they all make together, but the phones constantly ring as they plan our get-togethers. Family members who live abroad are all starting to land here in India, and everybody is asking everybody else where they plan to be on specific days. Though I still have two exams left, I’m already starting to get excited for all the cooking and crafts and gifts we’re going to start working on together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


6th December in Germany - Nikolaustag - St. Nicholas Day
When little kids (some older “kids” too) go to sleep at the 5th December they make sure to put some shoes (nowadays also socks - traditionally more known from the US) in front of their room’s door.
The next morning they will find them filled with sweets of all kinds (maybe some gifts too, but in the older days it was all the things sugary and tasty.)


Actually, I have a story for you…